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  1. Aasim . ur information is very intersting , but see noboday have thier comments on ur article try to make it simpler . TIP is in Pakistan everyone knows it .

  2. Aasim . ur information is very intersting , but see noboday have thier comments on ur article try to make it simpler . TIP is in Pakistan everyone knows it .

  3. Asim ahmed and Sana khalid is going out….!
    poeple it’s not jokink this is very serious thing let put our hand together for new couple in the TIP.

  4. hey asim u missed a very valid part of the information… which is, TIP is in karachi n karachi happens to be in Pakistan

  5. Mazhar, its “are” going out, not “is”. Its a subject-verb agreement problem: The verb of a sentence must agree with the subject in number and in person. Hope this helps.

  6. wat the F*** is this. Hay buddy whoever and whatever you are why you’re using my name. If u have some personal rivalry with me then be a man come face me let me take you down.
    And for you abid i know the usage of “is” and “are” you dont need to tell me. what you need to do is rectify the errors in your site. Anybody can use anybody’s name…

  7. TIP is not in karachi, its 46 Km outside Karachi, if any doubt see the main frame information on quack starting(some 40 Km outside karachi). well i was astonished to know the information.

  8. Mazhar!! Don’t use these type of words on this forum, we do give everyone an opportunity to write everything but we do respect some sort of language limits.

    Secondly i know the person who used your name to put that Message.

  9. mazher, i have time n again scolded as well as guided people to remain in the circle dicipline… i am now fed up of saying all this…its time tht u people should realize this… or its time that i should do sumthin…all up to u people.

  10. Mazhar saab ! abid , saboor , and saad all are right u should not use an offensive language , or u can not criticize so much directly on an open forum , whatever they do is there own matter as u said ( ( AASIM ANS SANA )) . we can’t interfere them . plz try to comments relevently ok . dont mind

  11. Are you out of your senses alamgir. I’ve already explained it was not me somebody used my name..
    For saad: its high time that u start doing something or else this so called open forum will suffer.

  12. ok dear mazhar if anyone is doing so , its very bad he should come in front of u , so u might ask him that wats da problem with him .

  13. thnx for the “so-called concerned comment” of yours mazher… i commented on the word that u used…if i start doin something then do keep in mind that you will also be in the CIRCLE OF MY ACTION.

  14. wat was da original article to be commented , i think Aasim rote something abt TIP LOCATIONS >. and wat are we commentibg . plz have a look

  15. My friend Saad you better define this “circle dicipline” first. This circle sometimes expands for your classmates like “Sana Fidai” and reduces for pupils like me. When Sana wrote “sucks” in the title of her article nobody pinpointed her and the comments on that article were just awesome (go and check). So you better go through quack and then see whose in your CIRCLE OF ACTION and stop encountering innocents like me.

  16. hey u ppl !!! this article dont need ny comments…
    n saad n mazhar u can solve ur problem in university…not in an open forum….plz..
    asim..nice way to make us fool 🙂

  17. my dear mazher there r two meanings of the word “suck”… its the way u use it…oxford dictionary defines it “be very bad or disagreeable”…its your assessment how u use it…i know it has a bad meaning in the other sense…but sana wasnt using it in that way…as far as my CIRCLE OF DICIPLINE is concerned u r not the only 1… there are others as well… u wont b taken into action alone buddy there will b others with u….its time u better start checking dictionaries rather than people

  18. Don worry Mazher, soon we will get IP addresses of those people who comment on QUACK using fake names. No matter, if they use any kind of software which changes thier IP addresses, as the first three octates are always same for every IP address :>

  19. good spirit waqas bhai ! WHat can junior say its a upper lecvel case so they might handle it very well . and some body aslo forbidden us not to right so much on every topic . so we r just looking ur comments .

  20. Alamgir, usually when a discussion ends, people stop posting comments on it. Looks like you’ve singlehandedly restarted this topic! Congrajulations!

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