If only they would speak

Many years ago on a street in my neighborhood was a pack of dogs. They would chase every car that would pass by. Barking and chasing until the car went past. Sometimes there were a few. Other times they were joined by friends from neighborhoods far far away. They would tire themselves out and triumphantly return back to the pack, perhaps thinking that they scared the car away.

No one knew what they wanted. One time we stopped our car and the poor animal halted dead in its tracks, its bark fading into a puppy like squeal, and scared out of its wits it retreated in its own tracks.

Then one day they just disappeared. Perhaps they were trying to say something.

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  1. nice piece of writing but,
    Actually when those dogs saw that “Bigs Kuttas” stopped their car from then they stopped barking coz the “Big Kuttas” started barking at much louder pace.
    so keep it up. ur job at TIP is secured.

  2. WOW look hows talking my friend,we all know where your loyalty lies boy and who can’t bite the hands that feed him
    About Aasim Ahmed
    Aasim Ahmed graduated from Textile Institute of Pakistan in 2007 with a BSc. degree in Textile Science. He joined TIP the same year as a Research Assistant at Textile Research and Innovation Center. Currently, he is in USA pursuing an MSc. degree in Textile Chemistry from North Carolina State University. Aasim has been associated with Quack! as an editor and administrator since 2003

    After reading such Golden history, one would expect you to be doing some IMPORTANT and NOTE WORTHY WORK there but darling all you do is post some goofy comments and write some dumb Witt articles…hmmm seems like you’re truly BRILLIANT and FIT for the job at TRIC my friend…Still growing on FATHERS MONEY eh BOY, GROW UP and RUN ALONG

  3. I’m not going to remove your comment on me which should go because nothing you’re saying is authentic. Please try and verify what you’re saying. For one, it shouldn’t matter to you what I’m doing at the moment but if you’re going to make claims at least make an effort to find out if what you’re saying is correct.

  4. you can’t remove my comments, for one you have no right to because your the ex editor, now get your hands off Quack and secondly there was no abusing in it, just mere facts so don’t mess with me BOY

  5. if i am wrong in anyway then make an effort, write some goofy article about the chilli’s fabric you made and prove to me how BRILLIANT you were

  6. Each author reserves the right to moderate the comment stream under their article. Just so you know.

    Also, if you’re studying/working here or abroad, or whatever, and feel yourself more competent, you can always apply for a job at TRIC and churn miracles.

    Furthermore, you can complain against the Chilli fabric here (or to TIP authorities directly) along with suggestions for improvement in case the fabric didn’t help your chillies much. Hope you were using it correctly. It’s meant for the fruit, not for nappy rash, or as a hat. I doubt if it works against cerebral contamination.

  7. farhan hussain and o ye MAKER of Chillies FABRIC, did you get a hysterical call from the daddy here at TIP that woke you up from your deep slumber

  8. Your precious Faculty won’t allow competent people at TIP, ha don’t want any competitions here, do we..they are happy with the chili FABRIC maker

  9. The BOY ain’t saying a word, and you siding with him..seems like he can’t even talk on his own now eh BOY but you can always write articles in support of FACULTY

  10. Fushan hussain and chili fabric maker are trying to play guinea pig for the faculty, bad move fella’s

  11. Here’s what was posted earlier today which I removed off my post. Between the quoted text were again baseless accusations which made absolutely no sense.

    “hehehe…. dude nice work done in my absence… Aasim, you were in faculty room for problems we are discussing here, is that so??? …” …[bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla]… “…Come on, you say we are dog, than are you?? and every person who is associated to TIP’s strategies, their Academic goals, etc…..”

    Based on the comment above (and those by other anonymous commentators) from now on if you want to post on anonymously my articles, then first at least learn to write English. It’s impossible to understand what you are trying to say!

    Just because we’re letting you comment anonymously doesn’t mean that you can go on naming people and keep accusing them of whatever you please. We know you hate certain faculty and apparently love at least one. What’s the point you’re trying to make? Your arguments are erratic, irrational, incoherent, pointless and utterly useless rants of junk!

    Try and understand what’s being said and if not that, try to make some sense or at least I have had enough of you. I don’t have the time to try and figure out what you people are trying to say.

  12. My next step would be to mark your comments as spam, at which point you will not be able to post on Quack! online at all. If at this statement you say that I can not do that, then yes, you’re right that I would probably not do that without consulting the editorial team. But if we do decide on doing so, we certainly can.

    You will still be able to post anonymously using other id’s but would have to go through the moderation queue at every comment which of course I will not approve until you learn to write in a language that’s comprehendable.

    So think hard and long before you post here and choose your words wisely.

  13. I am making this comment just to tell ‘The Voice” ( from hell I guess) is that Asim Ahmed is mashAllah one of the most brilliant students ever produced from TIP…. Even over here at NC State University, he is doing amazingly well and doing great work which would help humanity in future.

    As far as “FATHERS MONEY ” comment goes, mashAllah due to his brilliance, he is here as a research assistant, which is a big achievement by itself.

    And after reading the response by Asim on “The voice” idiotic comments, only thing I can conclude is that he is more cultured , humble and calmer than you in every way and since you are making these comments anonymously, it shows that you are ashamed of your personality and not proud of who you are. Enough said!

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