It’s Election Time Again!

by Javaria Said TDT2

It’s election time. The time of the year, again, when the entire TIP student population becomes imbued with fervor rarely witnessed. Students never seen before participating in any event are suddenly on the forefront. People are being extremely nice and free food is the order of the day. People are seen fighting, dealing, bribing and wheedling votes for all they are worth. Votes are sold, promised and snatched. The atmosphere is tense and everybody is seen busy. People are approached, convinced and campaigning is carried out on full scale. People who you don’t even recognize come up to you and act as bosom buddies. And then there are the personal attacks, the venom and the counter attacks. The amount of importance a ‘seat’ holds is unbelievable. It becomes a matter of life and death. Meetings are held, promises are made and deals are struck. Will people please lighten up?!

These are not elections for the president of the country, they are just TISF elections. People vote for absolutely worthless candidates just for the sake of dosti and end up suffering. Students every year complain that the TISF doesn’t do anything. They say that it’s useless. But do they do anything about it? NO. Why is it that when election time comes, people vote for the wrong person. It’s pretty evident who is worthy and who is not. Why all this dealing?

Why aren’t worthy candidates allowed to participate in the elections? Why do their peers discourage them from participating? Why are they themselves not willing to take part? Who would want to dig one’s own grave?

The freedom to vote is the freedom to choose someone to represent you. The person you vote for is the person who will eventually become the collective voice of TIP. So you should vote just a tad more carefully. Sure the person standing may be your best friend or he may have promised you a dinner at Sheraton but if his competitor can be a better member of the TISF, wouldn’t it be for your own long term interest to vote for him?

Remember, once the votes are cast, no one has any right to complain that the TISF is useless, these are the people you bring in therefore the least you can do is put up with them.