Keachar Feature IV – Industrial Sludge Makes Keachar Couture

Ahhh it feels good to be back after D!’s D!sgraceful D!ownfall and a prolonged voluntary sabbatical!

A job hunt can sometimes be quite a dirty experience. Who might have ever though that even the oooh so sacred textile and fashion industry is full of gossip-able idiots as well! It just doesn’t stop getting better does it?

The first handful of them came along right after I graduated back in June. I was called in for an interview at the well-renowned [Ed: Company name removed]. Now for those of you who don’t know this, a designer whenever called for an interview is supposed to take along with him or herself one’s portfolio. Of course if you’re a guy it is a must because that’s the only way the saiths of our textile industry would actually consider hiring you! For the women, the criteria differ. I being smart and tech-savvy, I took visuals of my work in a flash drive rather than carrying the entire pile of workload that weighed more than a dead cow.

I was interviewed by two men – the saiths, or some relatives of the saiths, and a woman – the head of the design department at the company who happened to be from the enemy clan; Indus. She was dressed in white from head to toe as if she were some chaste angel – so pure and innocent… yet conniving and devious. The interview went well but when I told them that I had brought pictures of my work in a flash drive instead of physical evidence, they refused to take a look at them. Jeezz… whatever happened to pairing up the words ‘digital’ and ‘portfolio’ together and that too in this era of technology. They make a better duo than ‘old’ and ‘fart’ at least!

So they said “we’ll call you in a week”. And believe me… when they say that, you’re better off interpreting it as “yeah… get lost!” Now if I remember correctly, all of my classmates had been called in for an appearance in front of the same trio yet nobody was hired… I wonder why! Trying to steal ideas without having to hire someone?

Anyway… coming back to the mud stains on our textiles which we prefer not to get rid of by Ariel out of sheer amusement, my next rendezvous was with the talented NA. Yes this PSFD graduate and winner of Pakistan’s prestigious Lux Style Award for best couture designer has built quite a repute for himself. And I being a talented upcoming couture designer thought that working with him would be a fruitful experience.

There at his display in a nicely decorated house, I sat with a few classmates who had also applied for a job at his set-up. The place was crawling with pretty girls… who were also from the enemy clan. Yes… they’ve spread everywhere like a deadly cancer! And after a five minute interview being covered by Aag TV, all Nomi had to say was “I like your work, but you know what your problem is? You use too much sequins”. Now since when was there a quota on the number of sequins to be used on an outfit? Dear N, are they your Daddy Jee’s? As far as I think, every designer has his own preferences and style; right? Oh well… you’d know better… you’re the award winner after all!

Stupid tales of what goes around in the workplaces of these designers who cater to the city’s rich and famous don’t come to an end just now. Through a Texpert I got to know that increasingly popular Funkasia, a.k.a Junkasia, was starting a formal women’s wear line and were on the lookout of a designer to head the project. It is true; if God closes one door, He opens another. But one must still be wary of potential hazards in the form of a dumb interviewer.

Now this incident took place right after the downpour of heavy rains this August; so the AA set-up in Korangi industrial area was literally surrounded by keacher. You can imagine the trouble I had to go through to reach there only to receive a pile of more dirt thrown at me. I was first interviewed for the wrong post. The dumb interviewer being PSFD blondie, thought that I had applied for merchandising and had no clue that I was a textile designer. Upon displaying my proficiencies which I considered ideal for the job I had applied for, I was made to hear the same old “Okay, I’ll get back to you in a week”. Yes well… life is sad and full of surprises! Anyway, I consider it your loss A and not mine. I hear the opening is still vacant… hmmm.

But hey… it’s not all that bad; I did get a job eventually! A month and a half ago, yet another texpert sent an email on the alumni group on the lookout for freelance designers. I responded and was successful. The company’s name was… hold your breath… a little longer… D! Corp International… ooops sorry that’s a De… still pronounced the same way! Anyway, they designed and manufactured women’s sleepwear for the foreign market; another similarity between De and D! – women. I was obviously there to design prints for their upcoming collection without being provided art supplies; well… until yesterday that is. De Corp got cropped, suffered some heavy financial loses and decided to shut down. Ahhh what a fantastic relation between the letter D and the word ‘downfall’.

So yes, after one and a half month of facebook and flickring at De Corp, here I am rendered jobless. Any vacancies?

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  1. I suggest you to hide from the letter “D!” from now…that D! could make your life miserable and may D!estroy your career.


  2. Lol….

    Well I D!o Truly Feel that you are at a D!sadvantage here!

    We should come out with a movie for you like the number 23. 😛

    The Letter D!

  3. okay stop it with the D!s… i wouldnt want to outrage them another time…. though i’d thoroughly enjoy it… 😀
    … and… ali… since when where you in australia…..?

  4. I wasn’t 😛
    My lovely ISP shows that I’m from Australia even though I’m in Paki-land!!

  5. Did you know that Pakistanis abroad consider the use of word ‘Paki’ insulting, offensive and derogatory? The same way AfroAmericans or Black people feel about the word ‘Nigger’ or ‘Negro’.

  6. no actually….. Paki-land is equally offensive….
    my sister refused to talk to me for over two months just because i said that…..!

  7. D!idnt you knwo that D!esigners frm inD!us are the only true D!esigners! its not too late to find out! D!ont D!espair! 😉

    its alright, some times job hunts take time, but they are usually worth it. i think the actual problem that a lot of people in the industry have is that they consider guys who dont do weaving in textile design not worth hiring, as in they think only females are up to the ‘real’ designing bit. myth really!

    secondly, its natural that if ure from a certain institute, you will give probably give preference to graduates from the same institution rather than someone from a different institute. most of the industry has designers who are graduates of indus
    ( well obviously, indus’s textile design dept. has been around a lot longer that TIP’s!) so they do prefer to take in other indus graduates. yes its unfair. for one, its like favouritsm. two, it also means you think you’re the best. three, it can also mean youre actually scared that the designers of TIP n other places know a lot more about textiles than you do and you dont want to be in an awkward position thanks to hiring them!

    it will take some time for the industry to recognize the talent n intelligence of the TIP designers, and we all need to work towards that, by making TIP’s name a legendary one. and when the industry does accept us, there will be nothing any seth or any other graduate of the enemy clan can do to squash our talent!

  8. @ali

    Dude, snap out of that pop-culture-is-SO-cool syndrome, will ya!!


    lol @ the beginning. thanks to you and arsalan, a certain part of tip will also make sure your lot remains jobless 😀

  9. That’s weird!! My Cousin was born, bred and lives in the UK and he doesn’t really find the certain word offensive!?

    Pop culture Syndrome! Since when have our words been registered?

    You’re Fired! 😛

  10. hello aasim… how are u doing… how is TIP treating you… 😛

    now we all know that ive written on quack after a very long time….. so can the focus be me and my article instead of this … Paki…

  11. We’re talking about ‘Paki’, and not ‘Pak’. And I wonder why they say ‘Pack’ when it’s printed ‘Pak’ on the carton.

    Yes, now coming back to Arsalan.

  12. lol yes….
    well… i wasn’t un-famous over here….. i pretty much am….. infamous rather…..
    but…. more attention wouldn’t hurt… would it…? 😛

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