Psuedo evil geniuses at work

How about…. Umm… Ok this really ultra genius friend of ours keeps messaging people stuff making really really nice jokes about our friends…!” – Rida, TMM1

So that’s for our sad long story. We still don’t have anything to write so we pester freshmen to contribute. Unfortunately or fortunately they are quite the evil geniuses themselves and come up with extremely creative ways to avoid writing for Quack!

And so shameless they are. This one keeps standing right here, interested, intrigued and curious about whats happening, happily giggling away in the bubbly mode she always acquires as I continue to type my saga of nothing much.

So we promptly ask her to join our team telling her that Quack! is all about you and us and the wider world and she soon tries to slip away by saying.

“Ummm… when does the third class start? 11:50 na?”

Don’t you worry, it’s 11 25 and you have ample time at hand. Poor Rida, can’t walk away or do anything about what’s happening with her. Anyhow, We’re running of space. Seems like Rida’s prophecy has come true. She has been spared because we’ve run out of space. But beware…

There’s always a fresh page

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