Reporting 10/20

It started with a series of conflicts in the boys’ dormitory and culminated with the Warden and his family packing their bags and leaving the premises. Quack! brings you the true inside story:

The cold war that started it all, began a month ago, with a meet outside the cafeteria. The tension built, the very air was electrified, the slightest spark could have triggered off the inevitable. That spark finally came after sundown, immediately after Magrib prayers, this Wednesday, 20th October. Two students started throwing fists at each other inside the entrance of the Boys Hostel. Another boy in gallant effort intervened, but all in vain! The original two felons walked away practically untouched, and an unruly mob jumped the hero.

And what followed is a scene worthy of a horror story, a story so gruesome, with blood shed and tears. A story that is indescribable, unthinkable. And no one else intervened. They just sat there, in the dull manner they always acquire, watching the events unfold from the safety of the hostel cafeteria.


Moments after, two more fights followed. But in the scale of things, they were minor. However, everything happened under the hostel guard’s very nose, who was alone and helpless against this extremely large and agitated group. The Warden, who appeared in due course, was also unable to subside the situation. Oh, the horror of it all.

At midnight a compromise was reached between the warring tribes. Meanwhile, in the Girls Hostel, the Lady Warden blew her top (again!) at a simple freshmen girl for not submitting an application for a friend of hers to stay in the hostel, and bluntly refusing to do so. A crowd gathered, voices were raised, unpleasantries were exchanged, and the warden, complete with wife and family, called a cab and took off to Gulshan-e-Hadeed.

About a dozen girls proceeded to boycott the dorms and moved out Friday. This weekend only three girls stayed at the hostel.

And the conclusion to this gruesome tale? Will this story ever end? Quack! will tell.

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  1. well thats a really horrible incident . baichare ko lianai kai daina par gaye.
    why doesnt the president take any action against the ones who r responsible.
    waisai to bohat ramzan ramzan kartai hain all day long magar kissi ko marnai ka time aaye tou sab bhool jatte hain

  2. well thats a really horrible incident . baichare ko lianai kai daina par gaye.
    why doesnt the president take any action against the ones who r responsible.
    strict action should be taken by the disciplinary commitee against the mobs for Gods sake this is an educational institution not an MQM headquaters or something.

  3. assalam-0-allikum

    i m an eye witness of all things. and also have the pleasure to know the story of both sides. it was a total misunderstanding. or u can say roza lagraha tha dono ko. hostel residents got better of your so-called “hero” because of his own actions and attitude.
    and about the girls hostel accident. warden should be expelled due his behaviour and harsh words he said to the girls. he is a complete jacka**.
    so what if she didnt submitted the application us nay koi terrorist tu nahin rakha tha.
    stupid warden! just plain stupid of u and shame on u. i will be very surprised if warden is not fired by our president as he is very effiecient to expel our fellow students,

  4. horrible!!! warden ka tu phir b semajh aata hai … uss ki level of thinking… but u ppl donno the level of thinkin of our very own *president*!!! :@

  5. its all the stupid behaviour of JUNAID MAILA.. junaid maila is the bad boy of hostel .and he shud be expelled from hostel .

  6. I heard all that Phadda was pre-palnned by hostilites because of incresing influence of day scholars in hostel. The ridiculous way to keep away day scholars from hostel. Yar this is Khulli BUDMASHI!!!

  7. one thing thats bugging me from many days is that why has’t our !!respeccted!! president taken any action against the stupid wardon. Evvery one knw that he is a culprit and he has no right to say anything to the girls. he is a male wardon and should take care of only boys (which unfortunately he donn’t). Come on Mr. president get some life!!! the matters of girls should be handled by the lady wadron.
    Carriers and livies of many students have been destroyed when a student mis behaves and when this bloody wardon do something he is not even suspended !!! hail Mr. president ……….
    what was the fault of poor students when they were suspended last semester ….. destroying their lives for petty reasons…..

  8. yar actully itna cheap wardon president ko kaha sa millay ga, 16 thousd main wife & husband. hai na aklki baat!!

  9. salam to all……
    actually me & my frindz was there(phadda place) and i knew abt da pahdda b4 phadda…..da only reason of phadda which i realized,1st!juniors ki nazar main seniors ki respact kaam hoo gai hai lakin iss ka yeh hargiz matlab nahi hai kay sari ghalti juniors hii kii hai, iss main khain na khain humari bhi ghalti hai,…..2nd! yeh kay har aik koo apni gardan main say “loohay ki rod” nikalni hoo giiii chay woo jun. hoo ya sen…
    but finally yaar kay sub kush rahain …hansi kushi

  10. yar this should be stopped. there are some elements in the hostil(the permanant ones) who are making lobbies in the hostel so that their influence in the hostel is kept high. this is indded a very bad policy by the dagga group. some one should stop them

  11. yaar itna sub ho gaya aur kuch logoon ko tu iski khabar tuk nahi hoi!!!!!gud 1 fellas!!!!
    well i think it was really unjust of the girls hostel warden 2 behave like this!!!

  12. bhai agar warden aur TIP PRESIDENT sahab itnay immature hongay to phir, students se kaisay expect kar saktay hain ko wo maturely act karain.

    aur aik baat sumujh main nahee aatee ke yeh sub kuch kyun horahaa hay!! punjabeeon ke saath to wo Mulla Sahab baithtay hain jo sub ko naseehut kartay phirtay hain!! kiaa ab unhay nazar nahee aarahaa keh kon kitnaa islaami rules and regulations ke khilaaf hay?!! AAj tuk humaray PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H.) nay (nauzubillah) kabhee aisee hurkat nahee kee aisee aur sukht naa pasand kiaa hay “GHUROOR aur POWER” ko.!! To phir yeh hum kon hotay hain itnay bhurum dikhaanay waalay!! koi Is ke khilaaf kehay to wo mairee nuzur main intihaa se zydaa manhoos aur zaleel shakhsiat kaa maliq hogaa!! aur mujhay afsoos hotaa hay yeh kehtay hoaay ke in cheezon kee sub se baree jur haumaaray punjaabi bhai hain!! mujhay yaad he ke mairay 1st year main AMIR, LAHORI, aur doosray cheap personalities ke log raat ko khaanay ke waqt cafeteria main aatay thay aur in ke 4 taraf Punjabi juniors nach gaanaa aur taalian bajaatay hoaay aatay thay!!ajeeb ahmaqanaa mohal bunjataa thaa!! aisaa lugtaa thaa ke baalon main juain kood rahee hoon!! aakhir yeh sub kuch kiaa hay??!! yeh hee wo hurkatain hain jin closely study kiaa jaae to pataa chaljataa hay ke kon kitnaa ghalat hay aur kitnaa sahee!!

  13. tum karachi ka Mammi-daddio, we people are here to teach you a lesson. As far as hostel is concern, if any one in future tries to increse teir influence, HAM Un ka Essa HI hAAL kara ga jaisa Junaid aur Ahsan ka kiya tha!! Agr issa DHAMKI samajh ta hoo to DMHAkI sahi..

  14. o mr hostle wala…. come to room 123 i will tell u who is karachi ka Mammi-daddi…… i will teach u a lessen and reme,ber tthis dont forget ever in life otherwise u have to pay for it

  15. “tum karachi ka Mammi-daddio, we people are here to teach you a lesson. As far as hostel is concern, if any one in future tries” ……….Comments like these been written by some 1 who is reallly tryin to instigate the hostel _city thing…..i have stayed in the hostel and even stay sometimes over ther… …but the love,affection,sincerity that i see among the seniors and juniors over there is examplary….but if some 1 crosses the limit then he has to pay and itss a rule of thumb!I really respect the way the seniors of the hostel deal with us and inreturn if we dont pay heed then we deserve to be battered…because senior is everythin…..i have realized this when i have now moved to my 2nd year in Tip…or more specifically when i am also a senior…..and when some junior illtreats me..i feel like killin him…..and junaid was right to pay for his ill deeds….he deserved…

  16. what ever happened in the boyss hostel was classic…..yaar agar hostelss meiin aisaa naa hoo too kiyaaa humaree gharr parr hooo…this is the mast way of livin,fists,kiks,bullets,……i have a thinking that the hostel walas are really some greek God type of thingsss…..baaqiii hum sub tooo buss “Na poocho”…….infact we love to be “burger” and the hostel greekos know how to tear us a part…..keep it up…….plz also teach us how to gather our guts…pump our balls to be manly ,egoistic,gallant like u……

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