TIP honours employees this Eid

In a historic move to finally honour the hardworking, unappreciated, and hidden faces behind Textile Institute of Pakistan’s impressive machinery and formidable facade, the highly effective governing board has fired at least 18 staff members this Eid.

“TIP was my first job. I’ve served TIP for over a decade, and this is what they do to me. I’m literally being pushed out of the gates”, said one victim before breaking into tears.

A number of the diligent employees who lost their job had been serving TIP since its inception, while most had been rendering valuable services to the institute’s management and upkeep for over past 5 years.

According to reliable sources, majority of the employees who have been terminated under the pretext of ‘cost cutting’ were in the petty salary range of Rs.7,000 to 15,000 per month.

It has also been reported that none of the TIP employees have received any form of increment in the past two years. Despite this, the governing board which consists of some of the most well-known and successful names from Pakistan’s textile industry and elite circles, found it appropriate to start sacking employees to compensate their questionable organizational planning and management competence.

Under the American labour law this is unexceptable, as the law regulates the relations between employer and employee. California labor law posters can offer labor law poster versions that will guarantee that employer is covered under the state and federal compliance laws.

In an anonymous survey conducted within TIP during the past two days, the following comments were received from furious students and unmotivated employees:

Mera bas chaley tau is pooray board ko jail mai band karwadoon.

Ek mohtaram, apna itna bara F*r**q textile mill band karwa kar ab TIP ko band karwaney par tuley hain.

These elitist frauds in the board should be ashamed of themselves. They teach the students in management and HRM courses that layoff is not the way to make an organization in financial crisis recover, better planning is.

How come the sleeping management doesn’t fire people who sell TIP’s assets to buy luxuries without permission?

Mustafa bhai [faculty peon] had tears in his eyes. I could not look him in the eye.

As TIP heads towards the end of a terrible year, several controversial questions and ironies need to be addressed. For instance, how can a non-profit organization which has been systematically brought to the brink of collapse and finds temporary sustainability by disposing off employees afford an expensive president whose salary level matches that of the corporate world? Similarly, many questions have been raised about the justification and competence of some of the lavishly paid new appointments by TIP salary standards in the admissions and short courses division.

Indeed, these sentiments are heartfelt and must not be ignored how ever displeasing they may appear to top most tier that governs TIP and their well wishers. This is the voice of TIP.

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43 Replies to “TIP honours employees this Eid”

  1. First, no electricity…!! Then, no air conditioners after 2 p.m and now this….!! I m shocked and sad…!! seriously…!! it’s so disappointing…

    Once in our HRM class, our teacher told us that instead of downsizing people…the upper management should cut off their own luxury expenses and keep employees…
    These employees are those who were loyal…employees…who at hard times stayed together..and now when they are cost cutting….they are firing them…!!

  2. It’s really sad to read this. I was actually shocked. Thought TIP was a great institute inspired by the thoughts of Eqbal Ahmad. Where did all that go? Something should be done about the board before things get worse. Pakistan seriously needs good employment laws, esp. for those earning lower salaries.

  3. :O
    This is plain cruelty! It is difficult to accept such behavior from a place i’ve loved so much and been proud of.

  4. This truly is unacceptable specially considering the fact that Eid is around the corner. If you want to cut down expenses start from the top just to show how much you care about the establishment just like Henry Ford did. Once again it goes without saying that might is right.

  5. I always told everyone what a great university TIP was, now I know I wont be doing that anymore. I never agreed to the actions of TIP management when I was a student but this is too much.

  6. why am i not surprised ! the corporate moron behavior caught up TIP as well…this is terrible indeed, something should be done ! i look back and see that TIP has lost some really good teachers as well who more more passionate about actually preaching something good and not be involved in all this … i wonder where this institute will end up !

  7. TIP the great experiment, a utopian fantasy for textiles in Pakistan.

    Don’t mean to be a B***h and say I told you so…. but ummm… yeah….


    R.I.P. TIP!

    Maybe we can catch the reruns of this institute in SMA Rizvi or if it’s lucky NED will accept it because of it’s almost-new-unused Carding Lab!

    ha ha ha :))

  8. It is highly inappropriate firing employees without notice.
    Every organization has to at some point or another let go off people to cut cost, so this move can not be held against TIP. But doing so without notice and pay is just unkind and unfair. Tip’s management has really let us down.

  9. Makes me almost glad I got outta textiles…

    When a premier institute, imparting textile education in Pakistan is reduced to such petty actions to save face, well then I guess the only thing one can do is keep their distance and watch the Titanic sink!


    Cost cutting is the crappiest excuse anyone can give for firing minimum wage employees, that simply reflects lack of planning and foresight from management. Plus it doesn’t help when you do it just before Eid.

    I don’t imagine it will be a very festive one for them this year.

    Shame on TIP Management.

  10. This is extremely shocking!!! How can the management do such things without any notice and when the Eid is near…
    I as an ex-student feel extremely bad and ashamed about my university….

    BAD STEP TIP!!!!

  11. We have spent such wonderful times at TIP, and to learn that our alma mater of which we are so proud, is going through such troubled times is really sad indeed. Management issues were apparent in our times too, but reading this article, seems like things have kept spiraling down instead of getting better.
    I wish something is done to improve this downward streak. We want to see TIP returned to its former glory and then some.

  12. Devastating news 🙁 I had always admired my TIP. Cant imagine it going to ruins like this….i so wish the management would start acting a bit humane!!!

  13. If these kind of acts are done in TIP they are not just Closing the gates of TIP they are actully closing the gates of our Futures…..:(

  14. Really in a mood to destroy the TIP’s mgmt with my inappropriate words but then i feel it is going to be a waste of my inappropriate wordings and time. Loving TIP is something i cant get rid off but the way “PPL” handling the institute, simply pathetic!! I pray that Allah will give them the best from HIS treasure here and after!

  15. TIP’s faculty should take a charge, they should stand up today to support them and so alumni! You never know tomorrow the story is other way round!! so better stop the management today!!!
    Firing the staff and faculty is not the solution but the Authorities, not bothered enough to discuss this issue and can not face the students body. TISF should take a charge, go for the protest and prove them wrong.!

  16. This is really really sad and being a human i am still in a great shock and badly hurt that how our management don’t really have problem at all with firing people even when the EID festival is right there after few days…. being a part of TIP we, Wafa Zehra and Madiha Masood made a protest today in am-phi theater… we want your serious support for tomorrow’s protest please support us and help the workers who will be fired in few days…this is for each and every worker of TIP who worked not only for TIP but also for us…..
    Regards Wafa Zehra & Madiha Masood TDT-3

  17. This is a real sad news! I wonder what worse could get! Spent some memorable time there…dealt with management issues, hostel warden issues etc and it was nerve wrecking at that time…and now after all this time when situation should have improved- its the other way round! sad !!

  18. BUTTERFINGERS!! a retd. minister as “Mr. President”? you know…its in the blood.

    52acres of land and still they need to hide behind the empty-handed? things wont get much easier with the tears of the poor.

    best of luck T.I.P. darling.

  19. TIP is the place who taught us that old workers are asssets of the company…there are laws in which you cannot fire any worker without prior notice…taking off low wages ppl isnt a solution..

    whts the management doing have no idea!! feel in future TIP would also be like stories…..

    pls pls !! request management to better think for poor low wages people who are just serving their families for GOD sake…just for humanity atleast!!

  20. Considering the people who are running the day to day state of affairs at TIP, I am not surprised in the least at this news. They have sacrificed others, to hide their own incompetence in the past and its no surprise that they have done it again.

    I may not be in the textile industry anymore, but I mourn the plight of TIP and how all its stake holders are being treated. It has been hijacked by a few self consumed individuals who will drive this reputable institute and its name into the mud.

  21. During my recent visit of Pakistan I happen to be at TIP for a while and frustrated with what I heard and saw there, I wrote the following open letter to Mr. Tariq Ikram and copied it to the alumni forum but till today I didn’t get a response from Mr. Tariq Ikram and the open letter was not published on tiaf forum due to the gravity of allegations I put on, let’s see if this time round it gets published here or not…

    From: Abdul Saboor
    Date: August 28, 2011 6:15:57 AM GMT+02:00
    To: Tariq Ikram
    Cc: TIAF
    Subject: An open letter to Tariq Ikram Sb (SI)

    Dear Respected Tariq Ikram Sb (Sitare Imtiaz),

    Sir, I would like to put forward some thoughts which had been on my mind for quite some time but i always used to think that why should i bother about it but you know sometimes the love of somethings gives you the courage to stand and speak for them and we cant just sit and let it ruin….

    As by now you must have been fully aware of the fact that TIP was doing much better in rather more difficult times before you joined  more than two years ago. It was in Ramazan Sep 2009 that you asked the alumni to come to the city campus where we together did the SWOT analysis and based on which a detailed strategy document was presented to the board of Governors as to a vision for TIP in next decade or so. Did you ever review that document again to assess what YOU achieved in last two years and what TIP lost in those two years. Please do so as throwing lavish dinner parties to alumni will serve no good if at the end of the day the existing student body fears for TIP’s closure on account of financial challenges its facing as in last two years the number of new students coming to TIP is constantly on the decline and TIP today is at the brink of financial collapse as you failed to spearhead a strong and effective marketing campaign for it. Making committees will get you nothing unless you don’t take a personal interest in running them, you know very well what i mean with this mantra of committee for this and that…

    Mr. Umair Saeed have always been running the show as academic coordinator and alumni is well aware of his efforts but my question is whats the use of spending half a million every month in cash salary to you if you cant even contribute to teach the students for the vast management experience of yours, it has always been a practice from the former presidents at TIP, be it Mr. Irfan Hussain, Mr. Shakel Ahmed and Dr. Zubair. All of them used to sit in the lectures to assess the teaching methodology and also contributed by taking a course load of one or two courses. I request you to think about it so that you can get yourself aware of how challenging and demanding teaching is and you get the first hand knowledge as to know the capabilities of the teaching staff that you have said in your following email is world class today. TIP’s main reason for falling is its quality of teaching staff due to many reasons which you have to find yourself like unmotivated, or incompetent staff or whatever…why i m saying this, just look at the recent recent prospectus of TIP in which on the snapshot the faculty the empty spaces were filled by students and i request you to please count how many in that picture are the teaching staff… how couldnt u have at least have all the teaching staff present in one picture, how difficult it is…

    With cooperation of some staff at TIP, i am trying since last year for the recovery of NTF loans which amount to almost 4 million PKR, in this regard tell me what have you done on your personal ground to recover these loans apart from the simple instructions of “lets bring back the money”…

    Textile Industry in Pakistan last year had one of the best profit making financial year but what good did these good profits brought to TIP. Can you please highlight some of the efforts which have seriously resulted in making the financial condition of TIP any better. You know even LUMS has to put an effort in the marketing but TIP is going towards the strategy of offering walking in admission. You know giving unrealistic contracts to media companies like BBCL can never bring you students. Can you please highlight what was wrong with previous marketing material publisher that you approved to bring BBCL which we know very well not only wasted precious financial resources but also did a tarnishing job as an adversiting company. Now who is responsible… noone and TIP is at loss…

    It has been two years now that TIP is conducting summer semester and why so, i think i don’t need to explain…

    I don’t know how will you react to this critical email of mine, but let me tell you a joke which one of our alumnus cracked on Mr. Shakel Ahmed, President TIP while performing in front of him and all TIP, he said “Agar batein karne se bache paida hota ne to Shakel Sb ka planet hota” and trust me Mr. Shakel Ahmed’s tenure was one of the best in the history of TIP. So i believe that you will try to take this criticism positively and we soon should hear good initiates coming from your side.

    Last but not the least, can you please spare the TIP resources to make your personal garden better. I am sure its costs money to transport staff specially for this from TIP to your residence in Clifton. I am sure you can afford to have the staff hired from the half a million which TIP is spending on you every month.

    Best regards!

    Abdul Saboor

  22. That is really sad! This should not have been done this way, there can be other ways for cost cutting. Still in a state of shock!

  23. Crap !! How do they make such unrealistic decisions :s. Firing ppl of lower wages isn’t even what we call cost cutting !!
    In capable decision makers!!

  24. I am not surprised even, for the last so many days we have been blogging on TIAF, regarding the scope of new admisions and Alumni out from there really busy schedule agrred to spare time. Sadly TIP’s management doesnt bother to take ther inputs. TIP is already charging a premium price yet you are in losses. The only reason is lesser number of intakes year after year.

    In my view management has left the essence of TIP far behind, the essence that gave many of us alot. With a sad note I request the management to please take concerns from Alumni, they might not have a lavish experience as yours yet their ideas will be more practical and result orinted.

  25. Innalillah….

    We loved you so much T.I.P…but we are sorry we never tried…apart from those who C.A.R.E.D, we all were busy in our Carnivals and Stupid dance parties and the filthy TISF which never played its role as a forum.

    We are soo sad for you T.I.P

  26. ZARDARISM ruling our beloved TIP is all i can…..but what can be done apart from mere words to stop this injustice.

  27. bus sab yehi likhte raho…..
    bada afsos hua yaar…..
    tip ne galat kiya…..
    We are soo sad for you T.I.P..
    BAD STEP TIP!!!!
    R.I.P. TIP!!!!!

    hum in baaton k ullawa kuch nahi kar sakte……….
    shame on us all…………

  28. The shallow comments badmouthing presidents r pointless. President is just a face which represents the board’s shit mongering. This evil bunch was the reason why TIP could never diversify and expand. Farooq Sumar being main culprit with his ego, arrogance and attitude has never accepted anyone else as his equal, and worth decision making delegation. They made TIP so they cud hire its grads to work in their mills at pathetic salaries as slaves. This is why they never let TIP expand and diversify. Y u think Farooq Sumar never allowed airconditioning to be installed in the first place? The reason he gave was that these people will have to work on factory floors.

    If anyone is to blame, it is the visionless board. TIP was funded for inception by the government. This is why farooq sumar has no personal stake in its betterment, hence he’s running it as incompetently as he ran farooq textile mills until it went bankrupt.


  29. THIS IS CRAP !! and totally unethical decision of our stupid TIP’s management.

    After knowing all this, what can we do for our TIP who made us what we are now….??

    We have to think that, all recent students with TEXPERTS(Alumni) have to take some big step to save our Institute rather than spreading waves of disappointment.
    It can be gathering all TEXPERTS at TIP, contributing salaries to help, a protest or anything which can really make some difference.

  30. Agreed with what Abdul saboor mentioned! Please Tariq Sahab! step up and make a big decision in the favor of TIP, Faculty, Staff and Student body!!

    lesson from life:
    there is no market for our emotions, so never advertise your feelings, just display your attitude!

    Love TIP!

    (just got the news that mr.president resigned)

  31. After the interpretation of all the comments, I just had a question with my Management of TIP,
    “Where do we see TIP after 10 years?” VERY inadequately & disappointingly the answer is CLOSED
    Firing of staff and faculty will just make the backbone of TIP fragile.
    Before I finish I would like to conclude with I had learnt from my professional life
    “Raise your voice, scream out loud – Say what you mean, mean what you say -Your words are you own – No one can take them from you – You are your own person, you are someone who matters….There is much to learn from a pair of walking legs. The foot that is forward has no pride, and the other foot has no shame. Because they both know, sooner or later their positions will change.”

  32. hating the management n their policies rite now….it couldn’t be worst….TIP is our pride n love, its totally hurting to see its fall like this…. 🙁 plzzzzzzzz think of those who were not only earning their bread n butter but were SINCERE to this institution…this is wat they deserve??? 🙁 how will they be able to celebrate Eid bcoz of this cruel act…..????

  33. Yes this a strange and shocking step by TIP’s management and we all condemn this, but instead of criticizing this on this form, Lets do something, Though whatever we may do might not change the complete situation but could still make them think that we are concerned enough to take actions, My suggestion is that all of us TEXPERTS go to TIP on a single day to condemn this act of cruelty and Organized mismanagement.

    “It s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

  34. There are things you can do like scrap the Textile Institute Research Center and the Small Workshops on Personal Training and all. I think Mr. [edited] is to blame for all this because the downfall of TIP started the day he came to TIP.
    A) Scrap Textile Institute Research Centres
    B) Abandon short term courses started by Mr. Qamar Zaidi
    C) Finish off BBA Hons. in Apparel Manufacturing ( Iqra University has started this course, Sir Danish teaching there ), BSc Hons in Fashion ( Iqra University strength ) and BBA ( normal )
    D) Finish off summer terms
    E) Cancel contract of BBCL and expensive marketing agencies.
    F) Reduce TISF budget
    G) Focus on three strengths of TIP, Design, Management, Science.

  35. Let me start by wishing the TIP family Eid Mubarak!

    It was very heartening to read all the comments of protest and condemnation following the disturbing events at the campus last week. As some of you may know by now but the Board of Governors of TIP invited me to re-join as President and I am pleased to inform you that as of last Friday, I have taken charge.

    TIP is a very unique institution and this can only be understood by students and faculty who over a period of time have grown to know it and love it as their second home. Although TIP can boast about the beautiful campus facilities, it is the spirit of ‘community’ which gives it the strength to weather all storms.

    I have come back to TIP at a very critical juncture as it struggles to maintain its identity under severe financial constraints. However it is my belief that together we can all revive our institution back to its glory but for this I need your help and support. Through this blog, I appeal to all former and present students of TIP to come forward and give their suggestions as to how we can secure a sustainable future for TIP. You can email me on zbandukda@yahoo.com and it would be a pleasure to meet group of alumni to discuss this urgent matter at any convenient time and place.

    Finally, as for the untimely termination of number of staff members few days before my joining, on my request the Chairman NTF has agreed to convene a TIP Board meeting soon after Eid holidays to be chaired by our Chancellor to review this matter.

  36. I completely agree with Saboor Bhai Comments.

    Well rather than to cry over spilled beans the only way i think that we can do good is by making our institute get it churning money it self again and the best thing that TIP can do is start using its potential now and gagging masses …

    1. By making students use tools and coming up with creative forms that can then be displayed….


    secondly by collaboration with other educational institutes in textiles.

  37. Welcome Sir,
    Alumni has offered its support many a times. what ever time is convinient for you we can imeediately run a blog at TIAF, and many can come forward.

  38. It is indeed very sad and disappointing to hear so many negative stories that have come out of TIP in recent times and nothing has been more concerning than the recent events of the firing of the TIP employee’s that have served this institute since its inceptions and its beginning.

    I totally condemn this move from the TIP management ad i feel that both the current president Mr.Tariq Ikram & also MR.Farooq Sumar (Governing Board) are equally responsible for this debacle that TIP is going through and i am afraid that if things don’t improve then TIP will be closed in the next 5 years. Someone like Farooq Sumar who was not able to run one of the largest home textile companies in Pakistan, how can you expect him to do any better while running TIP.

    But we students and also the TISF is equally to blame for all this. TIP had started to lose its standard even during our final years and we students and the TISF never did anything about this. We were too busy in arranging those farewell parties and those stupid dance parties which was only a waste of time. TISF never did and never contributed towards making TIP a better institute and also for they never did anything for the betterment of the students except for the seldom few who cared like Saboor Bhai and Mr.Irfan Balooch in 2004, that was the last TISF that really contributed and after that all other TISF Members who have been elected by students have wasted the time and have done nothing for the institute and also for the students.

    Also increase in student fee’s and also hiring of in-adequate and in-capable faculty has made things worse for TIP. Infact this practice had started during our time when a couple of designers like Ambreen Khan and Imran Qureshi had taught us. Also TIP has never encouraged students to do things more practically and also arranging visits of different Textile Mills and different Apparel Factories and Buying Houses would have given the students more exposure to the Textile Industry. As a result the student batches in recent times who have graduated from TIP have failed to get into the top textile and apparel companies of Pakistan. I can tell you from my experience that i am working in the largest home textile company of Pakistan here in Karachi and sadly only one graduate of TIP has been hired by this top company from last 3 years. Whereas in the past ex-graduates like Yasin Yousuf, Hakeemullah Khan, Danish Wazir, Nadeem Qaiser, Aamir Pingal, Rana Suhaib, Atif Ahmed, Fahad Akhtar and other top students from TIP have worked in our company.

    Anyways we have to step forward and have to do something to save TIP. And i think it would be better if TIP and the current Faculty along with TISF can arrange a get togther of all old graduates to get their inputs so that this may help them in order to save TIP from being closed down. Plus the government of Pakistan and the HEC should also come forward and help TIP which has given this country so many great graduates who are serving this country in different fields and not only Textiles.


    Mirza Bilal
    Batch 2007

  39. In my opinion Mr Umair Saeed (Munna) is responsible for such actions as He was one of the powerful and notable personnel at TIP. And he is also responsible to put TIP in such a desastorable condition. He ruined Textile Sciences by firing Ms Faiza Saeed and not hiring good faculty. He shud admit his misdeeds in this regards. Shame on him.

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