TIP Top 5 “Ins and Outs”

Time is running fast, my second year has passed in TIP and it feels like just six months. People change, things change and so do we. Each semester brings new changes in our lives. During each and every semester our thinking evolves into new dimensions of ideas and innovations, making us more mature. As time passes here, you will realize that some of your best friends change into your nastiest foes by the time you reach next year. Trends change quite drastically here some times positively and at times negatively, but then this is TIP.

There have been many changes in the past one year in TIP. Many of our friends have left us and some very important rules have changed. Year old traditions have changed in TIP, again some are positive and others are negative. Top five Ins and Outs in TIP during the last one year are:

1. Suspensions are In, warnings are Out :
Gone are the days when you used to escape without getting penalized. Harsh punishment awaits you if you are caught in any mischief. Rumors are that the administration has printed extra suspension letters by mistake and to utilize them they are giving them to students. We all know how many students got these letters.

2. Hostel residents are In, Burgers are Out :
After the cutthroat scenario of the elections and its after effects, the burgers seem to be out of touch nowadays. On the other side of the town the hotel residents are gaining confidence day by day. They sure do follow the famous saying “Together we stand, divided we fall.” You won’t see a better example of unity in Pakistan.

3. Flirting is In, Hooting is Out :
There seems to be a drastic change in the approach of boys and girls towards each other. The ice has broken. The reason for this sudden change is still not known but this happened around election time. And the amusing part of it is that the same guys who used to hoot on girls and curse them of being liberal are flirting. I must say it’s certainly not a negative sign.

4. Nazimabad point is In, Gulshan point is Out:
The famous Gulshan point which was known for it’s masti and feared for it’s dangerous ragging is no more fun. With the passing out of people like Salah, Prince Faisal, Umair Tharkee, Adeel Shah, Batool and Sadaf the point seems to be out of fuel. The new guys haven’t really taken the position of their seniors. In Nazimabad point people like Adeel, Umair, Mazhar, Omer, Faraz baji, Asran, Uzma, Ali Mehdi and Ali daddy are messing things pretty well for the perfect recipe of fun.

5. Boys are In, Foxes are Out :
After that “elfi” and a number of other incidents the administration has decided to lock the door of boys hostel after 12:00 am. No one is allowed to take a deep breath of fresh air. Even the gate to the roof is closed permanently. The hostel residents had to stay inside in the hot conditions during the final exams with no fresh air . Looking at it from the other angle the administration had to take this step to ensure security of the campus.

Note: These are only a few of many Ins and Outs in TIP. I have excluded some of them because they were too controversial. No offense is made on anyone intentionally in this article.

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  1. No doubt ur article is marvelous Masood and you hv pointed out some good ins and outs. I would like to point out some major mistakes u made. You mentioned the name of ALI DADDY(whose real name is Mohammad Ali)and you did mention the name of Umair(who is now known as UMAIR MUFTA- bcuz of his begging habbit-Yaar mugha koi choose to pila do..). WHY… u should have mentioned UMAIR MUFTA or U should hv mentioned M. ALI.
    I think Mazher is an hostelite. He never made ppl laugh; infact many of junior as well as seniors (including the 2nd year) are always trying to get rid of him bcuz of his annoying attitude(MA dant kat lon ga…,unghti nikal ker maroon…,or is ka pet jumla yaar mara suffer se log english wala suffer kun kerta han)Adeel no doubt makes ppl laugh and we all really love him(don’t extract the wrong meaning out of it plz…). Omer bhai, adnan bhai,faraz baji, and Arsanlan bhai really worked hard to get all of us together. Including the Faraz bhai (3rd year) through nashtas of halwa poori. The one I think who really contributed through out the year was Talha of 2nd year, who really made the long distance of TIP covered so easily through his dazan dazan and his romantic songs and good sense of humor.
    I tried to write in easy English though it was difficult for me.

  2. Masood, it’s awesom …. I never knew that u cud even think this way …u nigger 🙂 juz kidding

  3. i think the word begging is not suitable coz umair jo bhi kerta hai just for tafreeh … everyone has his/her own style … i think if umair will read this us ko bura lagay ga … aur lagna bhi chahiye kyunki begging aur ragging main bahut difference hai … so plzzzz keep in mind .. right selection of words
    waisay very good article masood …

  4. What does Mazhar’s inability to crack good jokes have to do with the fact that he’s a hostelite?

  5. Is anyone liable to tell you eveything Aasim? about mazher and abt any other senior … u junior … be in ur limits.

  6. Asim I think if someone is in hostel, then he cant be in the point at the same time….
    and Adeel I m sorry to say SACH HAMASHA KARWA HO TA HA. wasa Umair na, tum(Adeel) or Mazher na bohat son ka dil tora hon ga… is waqt sochna chayia tha.
    Tum log ragging kerta waqt bohat personal ho jata ho. Speciallly with girs. And i m one of those girls. Masood na bhi to Ali ko Daddy likha ha. kiya is na socha tha ka kahin wo bora to nahi mana ga..

  7. woo hoooo! look who is talking abt the selection of words, correct me if i am wrong>1 of r senior>wel the word “ragging” is always been there to help some seniors; i may say to get away with their wrongs acts>or personal attacks!!and tafree the 2nd word which sounds amusing but indeed be quite pinching 4 it’s victim>well when this tafree word is applied 4 the senoirs then the word ‘Limits’ comes into use and mannerisms r been defined!..so pls stop taking help of these words and learn to speak without them!……..

  8. woo hoooo! look who is talking abt the selection of words, correct me if i am wrong>1 of r senior>wel the word “ragging” is always been there to help some seniors; i may say to get away with their wrongs acts>or personal attacks!!and tafree the 2nd word which sounds amusing but indeed be quite pinching 4 it’s victim>well when this tafree word is applied 4 the senoirs then the word ‘Limits’ comes into use and mannerisms r been defined!..so pls stop taking help of these words and learn to speak without them!……..

  9. hmm… Masood u r back! :)… itney dinon baad article post kia hai… the article is really gud… and keep sendinf more! 🙂

  10. sorry forgot to praise me felow masood 4 the article in my previous comment >nice narration>good work!:)

  11. Nazimabad point is definitely active on quack too.I guess unzi khan has got my point wrong in the case of Muhammad Ali. Till now i did’t knew the full name of Ali. We all say him Daddy and it’s not a bad nick. He has’t said anything about it and he never minds it, so i guess it’s ok. Umair is a very nice person and he is not a mufta. I know him very well, he’s a very jolly person. He makes people laugh and that is the only thing he wants.

    Talib i know i have pathetic speaking skills but it sure does not stops me from thinking 😉 . You know what, you are not the first one who thinks like that. People who don’t know me well often ask me ” yar ye articles tum khud likhtay ho kia”, aur meray dil chahta ha kay shoot them but then it’s not their fault either.

  12. Glad you clarified that. At first it sounded as if you were trying to say that hostel residents have a bad sense of humor. That’s the only reason I pointed out your statement.

    As far as the article is concerned, I support the author. He’s tried his level best to give the pros as well as cons of each “In and Out.” In fact there is even a note at the end that says that no intentional offence is made on anyone.

    There’s no harm in voicing one’s opinion as long as it doesn’t unnecessarily target anyone, with deliberate intent. And I believe that the author has made it quite clear that his intentions were positive.

  13. Hey Machud …. come on u have got skills man. I never meant to say that u haven’t got skills or somthing like tht. I was juz kidding as I mentioned. Come on…. I miss u ppl

  14. hey masood by the way u knew that me name was ALI that was enough >now u know so next time we will see and khabi khabar jalta hai smjos;) not always:)

  15. nIce article masood!! all five aspects you mention are marvellous. Ya, i m not agree with 1 & you knw it;) but averall good selection of words for ideas.


    NONE of the above comments by Uzi Khan were from Uzma of TDT-1

    nice try though who ever did it on my behalf not not good enough

  17. Wonderful biography of the incidents that took place in TIP. Well about Gulshan Point i must tell u that Masti is Still there with (SOHAIL MAILA) there and our KAMAL, they all do really good stuff. Lets hope better for the Freshmen. in gulshan point now adays its not much TUfreeeeeh but watch out for the next batch. GULSHAN POINT RooooooooooooLES!!!!!

  18. masood, second para of yr comment is the reason why i v posted a comment here.

    keep working.

  19. nice masood kia likhtay hoo tum. mujhay tu pata hi nahn chala k mera bacchha itna bara ho gya hai k wo surroundings ko mahssos karta hai. that was a joke massod anyways excellent work yar where were u when i was writing my 150 speeches.Atlast nice work dear and wish u best always me iftikhar forget me not

    ary wa masood tum tu bhot acha likhany lage hoo mujhay pata hi nahin chala k mera baccha itna bara ho gaya hai k wo surroundings ko mahsoos karney laga hay. anways that was joke nice work massod highly appreciated by me that is iftikhar forget me not once again excellent artical. keep it up

  20. yaar, i don’t know that, if the co-ordinator of sciences is student of science, co-ordinator of designing is a designing girl then. why isn’t the co-ordinator of TMM and AMM is from these sections??????? amazing MANAGEMENT.. YAAAR..
    anyhow, its a seriouse matter, one should think about it… ok guyz, enjoy ur voccations,,

  21. good article masood laikin thori contro wali batain bhi batata . to chaar chand lag jaatay. Well anyway a fantastic article.

  22. Nice article…its true people change..well evertything doz coz change is inevitable…wht i think is tht people should go on seeing the positive changes n dont let the negatives ones get in their minds…look always for the positive changes… i know the negative one leave a lasting impression on our minds than the positive ones n they r more painful…to overcome all these depressing chages u must keep Gandhi’s sayin in ur thoughts “Be the change that you want to see in life”

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