TIP’s Personal Bermuda Triangle

An open letter to the person (persons) who stole my cellphone, wallet, pokerchips, and book from outside the library.

Dear (insert expletive here),

May you go bald, cross eyed, bow-legged and may your girlfriend (or boyfriend) dump you publicly in a highly humiliating manner. Amen.

Cursing you profusely,

Hira Saiyed (TDT 1)

It seems that orange, flowery, over-sized bags are the main targets of all the thieves in TIP, because mine has been hit not less than 3 times. The cubicles outside the library serve as the happy hunting grounds of all of this tiny community’s lowlifes, and it also serves as an irony that though the library itself is covered by security cameras, there’s not a single one outside where most of the action takes place.

So while our librarian enjoys reality television, anybody can open up somebody else’s bag and help himself to whatever he/she pleases. The librarians blame the management, the management blames the idiot who was stupid enough to leave their bag outside the library (hel-lo? What are the cubicles for, then?) and the idiot blames the world in general for being greedy, callous, and so friggn’ thoughtless.

I guess there’s no point stressing the fact that most of us are Muslims and know perfectly well that stealing is against our religion; it’s also futile pointing out that basic moral values dictates that what is not yours is not yours to pick up and take away. Aren’t we taught that much in kindergarten? “Stealing is bad…stealing is wrong…stealing leads you to hell…”

Like I said, there’s no point telling people who are already aware that stealing is a sin that it’s a sin. But I’d like to warn people

  1. not to leave anything valuable outside the library cubicles
  2. keep locks on their bags if possible, and
  3. not to carry a lot of money around the campus.

Also, I think it’s about time the management did something about the area around the library. If we’re forbidden to bring our bags and folders inside, the least they can do is ensure that our belongings are completely safe outside. A properly placed security camera would at least provide an identity to the nameless, faceless specters haunting our campus halls.

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  1. I hope that greedy creature also reads this article and gets affected by your wordings, promising never to steal again otherwise i pray that may all your prayers come true (Ameen)and shame on you Mr. or Miss thief or thieves it’s people like you that give Muslims a bad name!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also agree with you. My expensive Mp3 Player got stolen along with “2” of my Books. And when we bring the folder inside the librarian tells us we’re filching books!
    Talk about irony…

  3. i lost my bag with my also expensive disc man in it too….





    but i found it the next day next to the other door that leads to teh ,ibrary infront of those dabbas… with my also expensive dic man in it too…

  4. Agreed! I lost my only USB, which I bought with my Eidi, a 256mb USB with an mp3 player,my only way to give me entertainment while travelling, my only survival option while coming here and going back home, ofcourse. Alongwith that, used carry my assignments and other things, but it got stolen from Computer Lab. My mistake, I left there and when I came back in 30 minutes later, It was taken away. Having done enough questioning to the Lab Incharge and everyone, no success after that!

    We all come from a good family background, I’m sure .. I wonder who do that. My dear thief friend, You can ask people for money but please don’t steal thse things man. I’ll give you money, if you want :$ [If I do have, that is :/] but please, RETURN ME MY USB and Other people’s STUFF, I request or YOU SHALL BURN IN HELL and May all you’re dreams NEVER come true and You encounter all the FAILURE in you’re life, Amen! [together] Ameeenn !!

    Thank you ! :$

  5. sorry my things were not stolen but i misplaced it, so i found it. And Mr. Hassan i have pick ur usb so take it from me as it is useless now.

  6. I found my things actually they were not stolen they were actually misplaced by me dumb me. and hassan u can have ur USB back its useless.

  7. After reading this post and then the title again, I had a good hearty laugh in ages. The title is so well-chosen, couldn’t have been better.

    All the victims have my perfect sympathies, this really is a very serious issue and I hope that TIP introduces a coin-lock system on these cubicles. They coin lockers work as follows:

    When the locker is open, the key is stuck in and you cannot get the key out or lock the door without a coin. You buy a (returnable) coin worth (say) 100 rupees from TIP, place your things in, shove the coin in the slot, lock the locker, take the key away. Once you are done in the library, you either keep the key or else get your money back by emptying out the locker, and returning the coin for an instant refund.

    Money for the coin would ensure that the locker rights are returned to the general public and not acquired by a particular person forever. Watching the trends this can be iterated and improved by different tests, like increasing the money or by making it mandatory that all lockers are returned by the day’s end.

    I was also quite taken aback to read that the library is littered with cameras. Wowwowow @@ !!


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