What Are We?


The philosophy behind the inception of The Book Club is to attract those who love to read and those who don’t, so that both groups could get to know what is unknown to them. This will require active participation on all the members’ part. Here are a few guidelines that will help you stay up-to-date with activities.

• Discussions/polls for selection of forthcoming movies/books will be done online at quack.offroadpakistan.com after the lists of have been uploaded.

• The book that earns the highest ratings in the polls will be declared the book of the month and reading schedules will be announced to facilitate the readers.

• All the movies played by the Book Club will be strictly novel based. Members will be requested to cast their votes online.

• All the members are requested to visit the website quack.offroadpakistan.com/book_club frequently so that they could participate in the activities.

• Suggestions regarding any of the activities can be posted online or contact us.

8 Replies to “What Are We?”

  1. Tha movie “murder on the Orient Express” was a well thought out choice. Thanks to the organizers for providing a nice entertainment!

  2. good work ali ! the movie was worth watching, i t would ve been much gr8 to watch if the translation would ve been in urdu;)

    anywayz keep up the good work!

  3. ali hakeem you were fantastic .. the movie program was a hit..congrats..for single handedly organizing the movie nite and the choice of movie was perfect.

  4. it should have started earlier, because we actually missed the climax (for those who hadnt seen the movie before or read the book, let me assure you that the unmasking of the murderers WASNT the end)
    but i’m sure the next movie will be even better managed. applause*

  5. Thank You All for Participating Our First Event for The Book Club! I am truly sorry that I hadn’t informed you all about the point leaving 20 minutes later then the usual time, since I had been really busy with setting up the Equipment (Even though It Seems The Computer Hanged Up in the Middle Of The Movie!!) Let Me assure you this is not the only event we are coming up with! But They will only be a success if you actively participate in them!!
    Thanks Once Again to those who participated and those who wanted to but Couldn’t (Many of Those I Belive!)

  6. in the end they all go free, the dude who headed the train ( i forgot his name) decides not to prosecute and they tell the officials that an unknown person entered the train and murdered Casseti

  7. bakwaas ending….
    could have come up with a better twist… like the ones in the K factor dramas….
    … a pregnant mistress emerges from within the dark jungles …

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