An open letter to the Country Club management

Dear Sir,

As students of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, we are happy to have the services of your reputable club managing our catering services. I’m sure you are already aware that catering to a university is far different from the services required for a club or other organization. And especially so for a residential university.

Many of our students live on campus and rely on your catering services for more than our basic nutritional needs. We’re very happy with the staple diet of one sabzi and one ‘meat’ dish offered at every mealtime. It gets us through the day quite nicely, sustaining us through our classes and extra-curricular activities. But sometimes, only sometimes, some of us think we could be happier. Wouldn’t a more balanced diet consisting of more vegetable, more fruit result in a more content student? Maybe a choice of some fine desserts after meals, and the availability of snacks and juices during the day, a selection of off-the-shelf chips, biscuits and candies? But that’s probably a distant dream, and probably not your responsibility.

Maybe what your responsibility should be, as a university cafeteria, is to ensure that your patrons receive their daily nutritional requirements with a well balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, mineral salts and fibre. A balanced diet is a diet that includes a combination of several different food types, including grains and pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products, fats and oils. Do you think your meals are well balanced?

The easy answer to that question is that the students can and should look after their own requirements themselves. After all, Ghaghar is inches away, and we could walk there and pick up fresh fruit and vegetables. And once a week we could head to Gulshan-e-Hadeed and get other food items. And maybe cook them ourselves. But then, what about the cafeteria? What’s that going to be for?

Lets work together to establish some guidelines as to what the TIP cafeteria stands for and what it aims to provide for its students. And when we know for sure, we can concentrate on achieving that goal.

Sincerely yours,
Abid Omar
Representing the People Who C.A.R.E

5 Replies to “An open letter to the Country Club management”

  1. hey….lets not talk about a proper balanced diet……lets talk about having proper food!!!
    i mean…..parathas soaked in oil, an omelet(however you spell that) without any onions, dhaniya and salt, chinese rice minus the ‘chinese’ and saalan that tastes the same – no mattter whats in it…!
    oh but wait…i barely have the food in the cafeteria… i guess i cant really say much…….ooops!
    maybe its just not worth it…….yea… i guess… that makes sense….

  2. haay ABID where the hell is the CARIVAL PICS and ARTICLE …. oiee we ppl working away from karachi can just enjoy through reading on quack…… Do check ke article kub post ho raha haa aur suna teraa final year kaisa ja raha haa

  3. i have a serious problem with the forks here. why do i always see something small crawling on the prongs? oh, and the stuff that’s stationary is even more disgusting.
    I’m really not delusional! i actually see things moving on the fork!

  4. abid i so agree with u…the balanced diet is not an issue..right now proper food in time availaibility n hygiene are the core issues to be paid heed to by the country club! the balanced diet comes in when there is food availaible n not just 3 dishes around which the entire menu revolves.

  5. U missed out the part where they take ages to get u the french fries. And what’s with them making those fries AFTER 3:00pm?? They got major MAJOR issues man!!
    And has anyone ever thought of improving the cafeteria interiors? the cushion covers are torn, the tables are never cleaned, it all looks so under construction. It has so much potential!!
    It needs proper lighting too!
    Hand it over to the designers and tell em to practice their creative skills there, anyone can volunteer..make it more lively!!

    oh, and arsalan, it’s ‘omelette’.. i think!

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