Filth Affairs

Hearing the name country club catering, one expects great tasting, high quality food along with excellent hygiene standards. As I write this article I’m asking myself if I should go on and describe the situation to my full potential of the thought that people might stop eating in the cafe altogether after reading the gruesome details that I have to offer.

My thoughts are scattered and I’ll try and make them as sequential as possible. Starting with the cutlery, is it ever washed? Ofcourse it is! Why it’s dipped in a tub of warm water every now and then. I doubt that there’s barely a student who will not bear witness to the fact that the forks and spoons have residues of the previous weeks food from someone or the other’s mouths clung all over them. That includes the resident cat that is often seen on the table eating from the food trays. Turn your head away for a moment and the next thing you see a cat sitting in your food tray staring at you in the face.

All right so what if the cat sits on the tables. At least they are regularly cleaned with a rag that stinks of rotting food particles. Don’t believe me? Try smelling one of the tables for yourself. It might knock you out of your senses for a while. A freshly cleaned one will probably knock you out cold. On one particular occasion I had to point out to the guy cleaning, to use a cleaner cloth because I could smell the repulsive odor sitting three tables across.

Take a look at the sink, the one located behind the counter, which seems to be permanently clogged so that it’s filled with stagnant water almost all the time. Every time I’ve gone there to rinse a spoon or teacup I’ve had to hold my breath in order to avoid the “want to make you puke smell.”

Here’s a chemistry lesson for the first years. Talk about immiscible liquids and surface tension. Ever notice a fine film of oil floating at the top every time you drink water off an oil smothered glass? Or perhaps the surface layer in one of those plastic jugs seen lying around the cafe. The cafeteria staff blames the water filters, the students, well they can only argue so much. After all I do remember several occasions when the water coming through the taps and filters smelled like diesel. It turned out that one of the trucks used to transfer water had previously been used to transport diesel. Which reminds me, when was the last time the filters in the water coolers were changed?

There is fright amongst the students that people are getting ill because of the water. One of my friends (a resident scholar) has just been admitted to Liaqat National Hospital because of kidney infection. Discussing his case with others I learnt about several students with similar diagnosis in the recent past. Our drinking water ought to be tested.

I could go on but I’ve said earlier that I won’t freak you out to the extent that you end up leaving TIP let alone stop eating in the cafeteria. The fact remains that no one person is responsible to ensure that things work properly. The responsibility is ours as much as it is of the cafeteria staff and the management. Each of us has to do our share to ensure that things run smoothly. And none of this is possible unless we c.a.r.e. Do you?

Enjoy your meals!

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  1. Damn!! This is disgusting !! ..

    Guys, bring food from your homes. Thats the only solution, I could figure being a student.

    And yeah, you forgot to add onething, the *amount* they charge for their *delicious* food?

    p.s. Whose to blame? Who are the concerned people? Where to raise our voice?

  2. i ve lost my appetite!so will any one else!
    i ve been here for almost a whole year now and have noticed caterers change every semester with hopes that things will change but we end up with same mess all the time…(and i ve been reading quack for more than a year!!) i believe its not the problem with the catering services but the way it is being administered by TIP…who keeps a check on them?? who ensures they r not violating the contract?? who makes sure thay dont forget that some ones watching and they will have somebody to answer to???i ve hardly seen any admin. personnel inspecting the kitchens… there used to be a cafeteria committee! i remember showing one of the memeber a nearly stinking stale sandwich!!who responded telling me beta bring ur sandwiches from home next time cause i really cant help this!

  3. I wanna share my experience!

    friday 16th September i payed a visit to TIP to collectmy degree..i had the oprtunity to have lunch there. Itwas chicken Biryani…aleastthaz wati was told..

    first of all..the tray where we cud get all the spoons and forks..was so ill managed that it had only forks and NO spoon at i decided to eat with a fork..which was again soggy and dirty!

    the biryani for which the guy charged me 40 bucks was pethatic! it had no chicken piece and the raita made it more awful to eat as it turned out lookin like a Nestle ka cerelac paste! Nannhay munnay bachon ki ghiza!

    khair i had less than half of my share and drank water from the cooler a lil while laters..

    when i reached home.. i had an upset stomach.. and i had to make a day off fromoffice on saturday..!

  4. well this cat wala scene happened to me…i and aasim were sharing food…i got up to get a roti and aasim went get shakes…when both of us got bac…”billi humari tray ko bare maze se chat rahi thi” and we both were like wathching that cat and felt sorry for losing our food…..aaaahhhhh …. what else we could do..blame TIP management or caterers….

  5. aaaawwwww!!dude..dat is sickening..n till now i thought it was just the bad taste in my mouth…:)..jokes apart this shud b taken really seriously n strict actions shud b taken against the caterers after there all playing with our lives for cryin out loud!!!n as far as the cat is concerned its not dat bad as long as 1 can acquire the art of shooing it..;)

  6. Thats why i’ve started bringing my home made sandwiches from this semester because previous year i had a severe experience with the cafe food. Its not that i am afraid of eating from cafe again but i am really health conscience and cafe food spoils my health. Used to feel sick all the time but now my sandwiches are like heaven to me.

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