TIP Catering?

Where else will you get such a considerate president who on the call of the Hostel President can scold the caterers on poor quality and quantity of food served during Ramadan?

I feel we should always have a back up catering service just in case one goes poor, we can switch and this will eventually result in competition between the suppliers and we will be able to enjoy good food every year with taste changing on a regular basis and contracts getting renewed every 2 years? What do you think?

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  1. where else? probably at any one of the two thousand universities i know off. food is a basic human necessity, and TIP already does too little to provide us with a well rounded diet. when was the last time you remember fruit being served in the cafetaria?

    meanwhile, i’m worrying about what i’ll be doing for lunch when i start staying on campus next week. the 50% premium at country club doesn’t exactly suit my pocket!

  2. Instead of making hostel a students’ dream come true to enjoy the TRUE CAMPUS life at TIP, TIP management is making it a nightmare. i don’t know what we are waiting for, whoz cumin to make a change. Its now the mid of fall and TIP Management should do something to get something really done. Its “Karachi” not “Jamshooroo”.

  3. *** i really comply with the comment writer. thE CATERES aRE really putting nothing in the meal which they cook really that ridiculous. WEll the price and the quality differs vastly.********

  4. U got that right!! Our catering does suck!!!
    I hate the catering as well as the boy (the tall and slim one )!!! It looks as if he’s drunk or something!!! he doesn’t even listen to a word we say to him!!
    I swear one day I’ll kick their asses to TIMBUCKTU!!!
    I’ll choke them to death!!!

  5. SAy No To Food ……Say no To CAFE TERIA ….bring supper from GHAGHER as u all did that day… atleast for this week…lets see if they r going to be screwed….advice will work only for hostilites;)

  6. i dont think this is a good idea coz getting and baring 1 caterer is hell of a problem… and it will become even more disasterous to have 2 of ’em. i say we have 1 and a very good 1.

  7. eat bromo benzenes believe me its much better than the cafeteria food and it’s cheap too.contact dr.a.j for further details . iam eating and it’s gooood.

  8. ooh people dont listen to masood. He’s gone mad after studying chemistry. You guys better go for benzotrichloride. Because it’s marginal utility is much more higher and its variable cost is low compared to bromobenzene..

  9. oooo… nooooooo.. that really a bad idea of changing the catters reguly just to change the taste… we should not try to change the catter just for this thing .. rather we should try to improve them ..that’s the spirt …. i think u all have understodd….. else we will see just the new faces with same taste and quality…. afetr one and other…..ok boys

  10. Really im ramadan ! we had no such type of meals in cafeteria . but i have heard of the standerd of sahre , aftaari and dinner . Let see what happens after ramadan

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