AD-Fest 2011……Unleash Your Creativity!!!

After the success of YLES 2011, TIES once again took it away šŸ˜€

The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity- George Carlin

Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society brought together 11 teams to show their advertisement making skills on the podium of TIP on 11th May 2011. With an anticipated audience and anĀ honorableĀ jury panel, the event showcasedĀ advertisementsĀ on a variety of consumer products such as Milo, Ufone, Iodex, Elfy, Chilli Milli, Bata and much more.

With our jury member: Mr. Fariq Mukhtar
(Head of Marketing Department),

Mr. Javed Mehmood ( Assistant Professor for Accounting Courses) and

our beloved TEXPERT and an entrepreneur herself Sidrah Nadeem ( Owner of All Tied Up).

The event was sure a hassle but yet an amazingly enjoyable one as well, where participants got a chance to show how well they could communicate their message in just one minute and how effective it could turn out to be. We also learned that your medium and discourse of anything in life determines the value of the entity that you are propose will stand out above all.


CongratulationsĀ to all the winners and a very hearty thanks to all the participating teams and of course the jury members. We truly appreciate your effort in making these ads in this hectic routine of thesis, dissertations and course work. It sure shows how vigilant and proactive you all could be, that show a high spirit among my fellow TIPains, who put in a lot of love, care, dedication, will power and hope in whatsoever they do šŸ™‚ proud of my TIPains and my beloved TIP.








Hats off to our TIES team……..bravo guys!!! Hope to see TIES grow up andĀ progressĀ with much more zeal and fervor šŸ™‚



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