And the whining never stops!

By Zash

The second half of the academic year 2005-2006 marks the beginning of change in the Textile Institute of Pakistan. However what is surprising and at times alarming is the fact that these changes are taking place at a very fast pace.

From among many of the modifications that are soon to take place is the impending increased university timings. This was announced by the President TIP, Dr. Zubair Bandukda in the meeting held last Friday and if you are thinking that
it was decided solely by the numero-uno of the TIP then you are surely mistakened. In fact, this was prompted by the incessant complaints launched by some students that they are forced to take consecutive four classes which in turn:

  • Leaves them lethargic and sleepy till the fourth class i.e. they can not concentrate during the class on lectures.
  • And more importantly prohibits them from having lunch by the side of their sweet friends.

The authorities said “Lo and behold!”. The ideal remedy hence suggested was that either the students be given an extra half hour slot for lunch most probably between the 3rd and 4th class resulting the chutti-time to be delayed by another half hour, at 4:30 pm. Or an even BETTER option where the university will remain open for six days i.e. on Saturdays as well.

I must say I am speechless. At this point I just want to see that bunch of ingenious students and congratulate them on their achievement.

To begin with, how often in a five-day week do we have to take 4 consecutive classes? At max two days. But then we should not forget that there are other days when we have hardly two classes in a day. If there are days which are loaded then there are also days when we have ample spare time. And how long does it take to run to the cafeteria grab a cold drink or a packet of chips and come back to your class.

As for those who love to grumble and whine, doesn’t matter if you give them a 30 minute break instead of 10, they will keep whining and complaining. They will still be exhausted, they will still be suffering. But if this change is implemented it will generate annoyance in a severely large number of people especially those who reach home by 6 pm as they will reach their place another half hour late. Already students are thoroughly worn out by the time they reach home making them good-for-nothing and hence there is no point in extending the university timings. The idea of coming on Saturdays is far more infuriating.

However, it is essential to resolve the problem that this small group of students faces in a way that it does not adversely affect a larger majority. Firstly if the time table can accordingly be adjusted then it’s well and good. Otherwise, we will have to see how we can provide a 30-minute slot for break b/w 3rd and 4th class without extending time in the evening.

We at TIP start at 9 o’ clock in the morning and after each period there is a 10-minute break. If we begin at 8:50am giving a 5-minute break after each period then we can provide students a 35-minute slot for lunch b/w the 3rd and the 4th lecture without curtailing the 75-minute lecture time and still getting off at 4:00 pm in the evening.

To any person possessing a sound mind, it would seem more logical to start university ten minutes earlier rather than closing it another 30 minutes late. Having said all of this I just hope that the authorities will pay heed to what a concerned student has to say!

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  1. I agree with the author. We are generally lazy. If we were coming here for the purpose to learn we would be able to circumvent these minor hurdles with ease.

    However, it must be noted that these some issues might require extended time to be effectively dealt with. There are times we are oblivios to matters that the management has to consider.

  2. ooops…that oopar wala comment was mine…forgot to type my name

    and for the grumblers…. i hope you do realize that if you want a 30 minute lunch break between the 3rd and the 4th class, then you’ll probably be taught in all the other five classes five days a week beacause… YOU HAVE A 30 MINUTE LUNCH BREAK – WHY DO YOU NEED A FREE CLASS???

    oh…my name…

  3. 4 classes without a break is just too much……but coming all the way to tip on saturdays is ……(i dont have words to describe the STUPID idea)

  4. I’m in TMM-1 and we have a maximum of “TWO” classes every day!
    Plus the cafeteria doesn;t even have enough food, let alone variety of food and capacity problems!
    Or is that only for the juniors and seniors who have more classes? I hope the freshmen and sophomores are exempted from this bit of folly.

  5. @ furhan…
    “I’m in TMM-1 and we have a maximum of “TWO” classes every day!”
    hmm…lets rephrase that…
    you have a maximum of two classes per day…..muhahaha…:D

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