Man, let’s cut the crap and get to the matter.

Dramatips won IBA THEATRON’14 BEST SCRIPT AWARD. Yesterday, Dramatips went on a National Level Acting Competition and floored all others!! Isn’t it Awesome?! Here at home I am shouting Halleluiah *Hum jeet gaye!! Hum jeet gaye!!* The joy pouring out of me cannot be encompassed in words. Let’s just say that Alla kaam kar diya apne logo ne.

Have I seen the play? Was it good? So Yes and Yes. I have and it was awesome. Our people have this intense screen presence. They make it work and believe me it is not easy as they make it look like.
The best part is that everybody in the audience can relate to it.

The play voices corruption. It shows what is happening in Thar but in a unique style. Instead of men and animals dying it portrays a man who is stuck under a fallen tree outside parliament house and how the government responds to him. And man, it shows a clear picture of Pakistan’s government. How many times we hear the word, “committee” in news; it’s the same.  I shouldn’t leak more spoilers but those who didn’t see it, they SHOULD definitely have!!!

Sachai k iss aiyne me they showed everything and from comedy it went to seriousness in seconds. I saw this play in the auditorium; there I felt the mood shift in the end. The intense part is clearly felt by the audience. I applaud all the actors for their synchronization; for plainly showing all the moods and for producing something which is although seen by all but is unique in its essence.

One person I want to give a standing ovation here to is Alisha Hussain, the cultural committee head. Girl, you were awesome. Your acting was superb. Those who didn’t see her in action; man, What Loss!! Raveed khan, again, had a catchy voice. If he says something; you’ll definitely hear him. Other actors also did an Alla job. They were in element from being a clerk to a director; they worked their parts to the T.

When talked to Raved khan he was grateful to the cast. You could feel his elation from miles away and for this victory he didn’t forgot his cast. He looks forward to go to bigger platforms than this one .Saying that whatever they earned isn’t for the society but for our university. Adding; that TIP is exploding with talent but it isn’t channeled properly. One thing he definitely was: appreciative to his cast.

He lauded all his members in such ways:
Arbab Khan: He is the founding member of our society and my biggest supporter. I don’t have words to thank him.
Alisha Hussain: The most power packed and talented actor in the Dramatips. She is an all-rounder. One thing she always says, “Lao mujhay dedo main karlungi”
Saad Khan: One of the most experienced actors. I can say he is the man who can act anywhere anytime.
Arbash Khan: I was amazed when we were about to perform at theatron. Even I was very nervous on such A big stage and I heard Arbash saying, “Yar Tension hi nai hai Mast karke karunga, HILA DALUNGA
Umer Lodhi: His versatility is out of reach. From an 80 year old character to the 30 year old. He does it perfectly without a mistake.
Tooba Hayat: She’s a rising actress. She makes us say WOW every time.
Hussain Ahmed Geelani: This man always supported me, listened to me as he was my junior. This man knows how to act and give respect.
 Salman Kirmani: When I saw him, I never thought this boy could even act. One day he came to me and said, “Raveed bhai mujay bhi acting karni hia role do”. When I tested him, Wow an awesome voice throw and, most important, passion to do something
Asad Aftab: As we never had a manager, Asad is our life link. He manages everything very neatly. Everything single thing was on time and rechecked. I can safely say Dramatips got the best manager than any other society at TIP.

He was also thankful to Paintoos. Telling me that if they only had one external support it was them. They helped them throughout as an outsider and provided him with truth and reviews.

In the end, it does matter! Dramatips today showed Pakistan that they are not to be taken lightly. That if they are here; they will win it. Heartfelt Congratulations to ALL who worked for making it a success and spreading our name. Your work wouldn’t go unappreciated and unnoticed. I and all the TIPians wish you all the best for the future. 🙂






  1. Thank you so muchhhhhhh meera! I’m glad you loved it 🙂
    And raveeeed, I’ll be even better next time! You’re the guy behind our success. The best president dramatips can ever have.
    And I would like to second what raveed said, we went there to get some fame to our university not just the society.
    Its just the BEGINNING as we say it.
    We’ll bring in more IN Sha Allah.
    Thank you for all the support and encouragment!

  2. Ab mein r kya bolo sab kuch to bol dya he sab ne akhir me ye ke bas yahin jazba chaye INSHALLAH har competition jeet ke aienge ….. 😀

  3. Heard about this guy Raveed and about his acting abilities alot!!!
    i am sure you guys have done a great work!!
    Just let me know if i can see your drama somewhere..
    live or recorded!!
    anyways!! keep up the good work 🙂

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