Chor Machaye Shor

Well not actually. It’s the one who gets robbed who makes the noise rather than the robber!

So the string of on-campus robberies continues and an innocent soul is tortured yet again. And this time that innocent soul is none other than the writer himself! Though after my recent outbursts many people in higher places would probably disagree with this description of myself! But hey, I’m going to be leaving within the next three weeks! Why bother me now?

Anyway, being on the receiving end surely isn’t all that great. When Hira lost her cell phone for the third time I said, “Awe…” And when Hakeem Saab lost his camera, I just had to say “you really are an irresponsible child”, given his natural tendency to lose even more expensive material! And now that somebody’s stolen two of my screens from the printing lab, I can’t help but yell “that retarded son of a gun! Kis zaleel ne meri screenein churayi hain?”, as if the person who did it would actually come up to me and say, “Jee meine!”. Oh, and by the way, those weren’t just any screens, they were an integral part of my final year design project, making matters even worse, now that I stand less than ten days before my work should be up for display.

What frustrates me even more is the casualness with which some of us step down the moral road. It’s almost as if these ‘some of us’ have forgotten the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Or maybe it’s their parents’ who have failed to teach them this difference. And then comes their ignorance to the pain which they inflict upon others! To the robber of my two precious screens, how would you feel if you were on the receiving end? How can you just take something which does not even belong to you, and then pretend as if nothing ever happened, and that it wouldn’t make a difference to my life? Tell me, how does your conscience allow you to do so? Do you even have a conscience?

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  1. chalo, tumhari screenon ka samajh aata he…somebody might want to use them for their thesis a year or two or three from now. but who on earth would want my two lousy cell phones which didnt even have fm radio??

  2. fm radio hira? i had a cell phone from the last 8 months that had a broken screen, i was only able to RECEIVE calls and i was finally going to get it fixed….but guess what! my phone got robbed in TIP!

  3. @ hira… kya matlab hai koi aur istemaal karlega…? meri screenein hain… mera design hai…
    agar chaar saal baad bhi doosron ki screenein chura kar hi thesis karna hai… to phir kya faida…? what good a designer would such a jerk be!

  4. Maybe your screens have been sold in the local market by someone who’s on the screen business?

  5. Or maybe its the professional jealousy of the current Publications Secretary who wants to stress you out with this.

  6. Poor, poor Arsalan, lost his screens!
    Now who’s irresponsible?
    Sometimes stuff gets lifted even when you take REALLY good care of it!!

  7. are you trying to compare a pair of screens which cost me 1400 ruppees to your video camera worth 30,000, a digital camera worth 10,000 and an mp3 player worth another 5,000 ? 😛

  8. just two… and mines werent the only ones… so were hinas… yes yes … i know… but that still doesnt justify someone picking them up just like that…!

  9. And how long had they been gone when you noticed?

    Just a thought. Comparing a 1400 screen with a camera worth 30,000 and 10,000!

    Just a screen? Or the gist of four years of intensive work and investment in TIP? I dunno man. I somehow see your screens to be worth a lot more than 40K. You know how that Visa add goes. Priceless!

    I won’t say no more.

  10. arsalan , i can assure you that who ever did this, did not take your screens in the back of his/her car…i’ve checked that myself…

  11. oh come on…! with the kind of guards we have at the main gate… its so easy for anybody to bring in a bomb and blow up TIP… i wonder why anyone hasn’t done that till now… 🙁

  12. maybe because the buses are unsafe to bring a bomb all the way to TIP…who would risk his/her life caring a bomb on a bus without breaks, aircondition, and a driver so fast-who has to pee as soon as he reaches the campus…
    i think its the same person who took away the thesis of the teacher living at the campus…we have real art collector at large at tip…he might sell it after you are dead and famous…

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