Disciplinary Committee: Should it be for students only?

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bridge-play1-mediumBy Ali Ahmed Khan, TS4

To begin with I would like to give a brief introduction of TIP’s Disciplinary Committee.

Well, this is a panel of ‘cream of the crop’ faculty members of TIP. Although one member of this committee always remains there and i.e. the highly respected Mr. Umair Saeed. The intention of this committee/panel is to take action against any misconduct or wrongdoings in TIP by any ‘student’.

Yes you read it right, S-T-U-D-E-N-T.

Well the reason for writing this article is to ask the panel members, “Are students only responsible for any misconduct or wrongdoings that happen in TIP?”

The above questions sounds silly to many of you guys, but I will elaborate more, and make you understand why I have asked this question.

I know a student who was fined by this committee for using ‘abusive language’ in the cafeteria. I admit, this is not an appropriate act and should be punished. But my dear panel members, what would you do if a teacher uses words which a Master Saab of a peela school uses in a class of 25-30 students.

Is maintaining the discipline of TIP the job of students only???

Sometime back, a student was called in front of the panel as he had fought and wrangled with one his classmates.

Mr. Umair Saeed said to him, “Hum 400 log yahan pe pyaar mohabbat se nahi reh sakte to bohat sharam ki baat hai!”

The verdict for this issue came, and the student was fined Rs.1000/= and some other harsh action was also taken against him.

Taking another issue comparable to this, when two faculty members started quarrelling during the thesis presentation of final year students when one of the faculty member disapproved of a certain thesis topic, and both the faculty members started ‘arguing’ with each other without showing any level of maturity and respect for their stature in front of the students.

The story did not end here.

When the students asked one of the teacher that what had actually happened? The teacher answered by saying that, “I don’t want to talk about him, he is mentally sick. He knows nothing about my subject.”

Now here is the joke, one of the teachers who was involved in the above argument is a member of DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE (isn’t it funny??)

Let me ask you another simple question. If a top class faculty shows this kind of attitude, then what would you expect from their students???

My dear panel members, aren’t they accountable in front of any disciplinary committee for violation of TIP disciplinary rules? Or is maintaining discipline the job of students only? 😀

Now coming back to what Mr.Umair Saeed said, “Hum 400 log yahan pe pyaar mohabbat se nahi reh sakte to bohat sharam ki baat hai!”

Sir, you talk about 400 people. I talk about 25-30 faculty members. How united are they? Do they have ‘pyaar mohabbat’ in their hearts for each other? The whole university knows that the faculty members are divided in two different lobbies.

(I have written these lines by witnessing certain proofs.)

I just want to say that no super hero of this world can impose discipline on any student. It can be adapted by surroundings. Please eliminate the loopholes and start listening to students also, because it is the student who knows his/her institute better than any faculty member.

I am extremely sorry if I offended someone but my intention of writing this is to make clear that, it is not always the student, who does wrong.


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  1. Please note that this article has nothing to do with me. Whoever has done this thing should be considered anonymous.

  2. Thank you Ali for clarifying. We have taken your complaint to our notice and will make sure this id not entertained in future, and scrutiny for all future anonymous mails be increased even more.

  3. Abid, Quack! serves many purposes however it’s primary one is to be a platform that can be used to bridge gaps between all those associated with TIP and academics in general.

  4. @ AO

    was that a trick question?

    cuz you of all the people should be knowing the answer to the question you’ve asked.


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