Donating Life – Blood Drive 2008

Blood is life and life is blood. We can live without water and food but we can never live without a certain amount of blood circulating in our body. This red liquid, if lost, can bring living human to death and the same liquid, if inducted, can bring a dying patient closer to life and existence. Donating blood is donating an amount of your precious life which can actually bring a change in someone else’s life. For the love and care of humanity, Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan organized a blood camp on 3rd November 2008 at Bin Qasim campus.

Here comes the morning of 3rd November, everyone packed their bags for the university expecting the same old boring day. But on reaching, each one of us found a huge banner indicating the presence of Burhaani blood bank inside the campus. Upon reaching the Iqbal Ahmed Student’s Café, we all saw few people from blood bank with some necessary medical equipment and material. It just took a minute for us to realize that today is the day for donation. However, since we were busy with our class schedules, some of us went to our classes and some of us remained there waiting anxiously for the turn. I was very busy the whole day and when I reached the spot at lunch time, the wonderful response from the students at the site was worth mentioning.

All the beds were already filled with the donors with a long line waiting to get on task. Bags and bags of human blood were collecting and the registration lady was having a tough time accommodating so many people. On the other hand, Rotaractors were also seen busy not only donating the blood but also with grabbing and persuading other fellow students for the noble cause. People were seen fainted, consuming a huge amount of Tropicanas (I guess), eating a lot and also feeling a joy in themselves for the noble work they were doing. Few teachers and staff members were also observed at the camp.

Finally, the spirit of whole day came to an end with a total collection of 70 bags. Woww! The credit goes to Rtr Ahmad A. Rehman and the great thing which we all are proud of was that some of the new club Rotaractors showed great enthusiasm and contributed to the cause. Very special thanks to Burhaani blood bank for taking out their time and coming so far to collect donations. We would also like to mention few names for their extraordinary work and efforts including Rahim Jindani, Mohsin Madad Ali and specially Ahmed A Rehman (It was his consistent hard work that made this all possible and his motivating speech given to every person that persuaded them to donate blood for this notable cause). We look forward to same passion and hope that our little effort will help mankind and will also motivate others to join Rotaract since we all are here to MAKE A CHANGE.

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  1. Thank you so much rameez for posting this report. I am also thankful to all the tipians in helping us achieving the target of collecting 70 bags of blood.

    up till now according to some rotaractors no other rotaract club is able to achieve more than 50 blood bags so hats of to tipians.

    secondly would also like to thank rahim jindani for organizing the whole blood drive without him this drive was far from possible.

    n finally would like to admire the passion of moshin butt of amm1 towards rotaract the whole time this guy was with me in this drive. convincing his class mate friends and point friends to come n donate blood. he is masallah very hardworking rotaractor with a desire to uplift its activity therefore wish him the best n look forward to see the same passion in other rotaractors as well.

    in the end would like to congratulate all the members for the success of blood drive hope to see the same spirit in creating a difference in near future. INSALLAH

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