Eat TIP drink TIP

TIP,situated some 40 km from central Karachi, at Ghaggar Phatak, has its own uniqueness and distinct features. This 50 acre land with a population of almost 500 students and over 20 teachers has its own rules and regulations which distinguish it from all other institutes located in the city. Whether it is raining cats and dogs, or it is burning with 50 °C., whether it is a strike or the conditions of the city are not good, whether the terrorists are on the loose, or the enemy is preparing for an attack, you have to at all cost open your eyes at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for Tip and catch your point. This is an everyday routine of an ordinary Tipian. Some mad people like me are at the stop 30 minutes before the actual timings of the point�s arrival to be on the safe side, while some are just on time. And some! They are doing multi-tasking: writing SMS to a friend to stop the point for them, at the same time waving at a rickshaw to give them a lift and then they start playing �Pukram Pukrayee� Some of these latecomers are lucky enough to catch the bus while some end up lutkafying in a Thatta bus. For these people Shakespeare once said “better to be three hours earlier than one minute late.”

In the point, there are various activities going on. Looting the juniors, boys� hooting on girls, girls opening their Gheebat corners is a usual way of passing one hour and forty minutes in the point. Mostly after every 20 minutes you would hear a cry �Tape chala do!� By the time the point passes by FAST, everyone in the point is fast asleep and just when you start having sweet dreams, the point would land on TIP premises.

In TIP some are habitual latecomers. They arrive in the classes 10 to 20 minutes late with very intelligent excuses; “Sir Ghaggar Phatuk bund tha” or “�Sir! Aaj hostel ka point late ho gaya.” Once classes start, there are various ways of entering and exiting the classroom. Some enter through the door and leave through the window while some enter through the window and leave through the door. When it comes for the teacher to take attendance, some attend their roll call by waving their hand from the door “Sir, I am present” Some leave this task to their friends “Sir woh present thay abhi abhi bahar gayay hain!” Some students are present physically but mentally absent. Some times the teacher is also absent! When this time comes, it is like Eid for that class. Some times the teacher is present but there is complete “Sannaaata” in the class. And sometimes only the teacher is present in the class.

There are many places at TIP and how these places are being used is worth mentioning. The library for instance is a favorite place not for studying, but breaking library rules and chappering books because students of TIP believe Ilm ki choori koi choori nee hotee.

…Most suitable for all kinds of sports, playing cards and for smoking. And when you want to buy a mirchon walay chips, the cafeteria wala will tell you Bachon ko mirchain lagtee hain iss liyay hum nay mirchon walay chips hata diyay.

Designing studio is a different world altogether. It is like a TV studio where you can hear any kind of music, where you can find all sorts of actors and actresses, directors and writers, and all kinds of funny people.

The auditorium is a place where we take our weave design classes and bunk all the so-called important speeches of important personalities.

Lake is the place where germs live instead of ducks.

Hostel is a wonderful place where Sadaf and her friends live.

Classroom is a place where you can throw chalk at each other, eat Tuc biscuits and Super Crisp chips, drink water, sleep, laugh, cry, mourn and merely do everything except study.

So this is the beautiful world of TIP! A place without whom we TIPians cannot survive.

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  1. Why? Why? Why do you people remind me of TIP everytime by writing this kinda articles? 🙁 It sucks when I want to be with TIPIANS but I can’t be … 🙁 …
    Well, I had to say WOW when I read this article. Really, a nice one …

  2. yar kitney mazey ka article likha hai!!! itz really nice Aisha! :)… really liked it… gud! (y)!! keep it up… 🙂

  3. salaamz,
    hmmmm….a really nice article very well done AISHA….first things first!!uptil now i thought i was the only nut who used to wait for the point by arriving at the stop 10 mins before the actual time but glad to know that there is someone who is in the same row (or should i say in front of me) bcoz anything more than 10 mins is too much 🙂
    Being late in the class…i must tell you that its a really thriller you must try it once….but make sure that class is not of the gr8 B.D. sahab bcoz he certainly would change that thriller to a horror show & especially if you are a HOSTEL CREATURE..just imagine if 1 of the CREATURE arrives late in B.D. sahab class & says that “HOSTEL KA POINT LATE HO GAYA”…i wish i would be apart of that class if this ever happens GOD helps that poor CREATURE….

  4. regarding the places in TIP i must say that it has enough space to do any activity other than study (remember the # of classrooms in an area of 50 acres)….
    LIBRARY generally is the palce where you can find books to study but you are quite right that our library is a better place to have a nap or discuss everything except studies in the dicussion room & CHAPPERING the books but its totally acceptable in that part of the world & its not the thinking of the students but these are the words of our PRESIDENT sahab “ILM KI CHORI KOI CHORI NAHI HOTI” & the students totally agree with him 🙂
    THE STUDENTS CENTER.. a nice place to be in (excluding the meal time)….designing studio (the artistic part) is an area where many students want to go but they don’t & i cant understand why?? and i’m sure that there are a large # of students who haven’t yet seen the designing studios!! the only thing i can say is dont be afraid! go there you will always be welcomed by the DESIGNERS & i can say that as most of my designing friends asked me that why the students of other depts. feel shy to come to our studios…
    the auditorium..a part where students dont like to be but students like me are always there whenever there is a programme for a MOVIE ;)….only thing i would say about the LAKE is that it has lost its beauty & looks dull without the ducks….
    how can you say that hostel is a wonderful place you’ve never stayed in the hostel…i hope sadaf & her friends are enjoying their time there but alongwith them there are many harmful, deadly, mysterious, injurious, fatal, boring CREATURES residing there & i dont wanna be anyway near them….KHUDA TUM LOGON KO BHI APNI HIFAAZET MEIN RAKHE (for sadaf & co.)

  5. Hey truth seeker… iam 100% agree with ur design studio wala comment… i always think the same… i donno why students hesitate to come over the design studios… may be they feel like peraya peraya… for those students i want to say, “dont feel paraya paraya, itz a part of our uni, apna apna semjho…;)…:) and no need to afraid of the designers… we are not that horror, are we? 😉 :)” and for the article i can say “jitnee defa b perho face pe smile zaroor aati hai 🙂 very nice article!!!” 🙂

  6. HMMM….well INTELLIGENT all we can do is to make them realize that DESIGNERS dont bite & i dont know about all of them but i can say for sure that most of them (including you) definitely will welcome other students to their dept. this is my opinion as a NON-DESIGNER…. as a DESIGNER what do you think INTELLIGENT?? does any of the DESIGNER would have any problem if other students visit their studios???

  7. SORRY AISHA this is not related to your article but i just wanted to share this thing & want to know your views what you guys think about it……”the place in TIP from where we all drink water” all i want to ask is “WHY THE (SO-CALLED) WATER COOLERS ARE PLACED OUTSIDE THE TOILETS” i have asked this question from a lot of persons but unfortunately no one was able to give me a good, solid reason… doesn’t it look WEIRD to you guys that whenever you are thirsty you have to go towards the toilets (if you are not in the cafe)!!!!atleast it does look ODD to me.!!!! So what do you guys think??? should it be placed there or moved to some other spot..any suggestion what should be the new spot for the coolers….

  8. majority of designers (including me) never mind if anyone from other dept. enters into the studios… but as far as i feel there r a few designers who mind it!
    yeah u r right… yeah u r right abt that cooler spot… but i dono the reason of placin the coolers there… 🙂

  9. Thanks a lot for putting up such nice comments on the article. As far as some others ways of enjoying in TIP are concerned, the most wonderful thing you can do is to play Truth and Dare in the cafeteria with a group of 7 to 8 people. Believe me it is so much fun. I played it with my class mates last year and only Dare was allowed, we end up having fits of laughter. And about the water coolers i have some idea why they are located at such place becasue it would not be pleasing to eyes that a silver color filter is centrally located. Agar koi khoobsoorat see designing howee hotee tu phir unn ko aisee jagah rakha ja sakta tha k woh visible hon aur achay bhi lagain. so Let them be there 🙂 Is this the satisfying answer? Ramazan mubarak to all 🙂

    well AISHA i think those are supposed to be silver colored i mean they are like that if & only if any of our DESIGNER volunteer to transfer his/her skills on them what do u say INTELLIGENT 😉
    and if you think those coolers are so irritating that they should be placed in a corner where no one could see them, then i must say that there are the same irritating, silver colured, without design filters in the cafe & near the labs WHAT ABOUT THEM??
    finally i would say that i dont want them to be centrally located all i want to say is that there are many corners in TIP other than the TOILETS….

  11. nee tu the filters are not irritating . Tip ki hur cheez hee achi hai. I thought this might be the reason but u r right labs k bahar bhi hain

  12. Ever noticed the huge pools of water around the water coolers?

    I wonder how they would look if the coolers were placed elsewhere!

  13. good artical but contian some logical mistakes
    u said coming late to class and saying “Sir Ghaggar Phatuk bund tha” or “Sir! Aaj hostel ka point late ho gaya. u should correct urslf that ghaggar phatauh is now closed for ever and if u are coming from that way then u r late forever not for 10 pr 20 min…second thing there is no hostle point and if there is any — then only u come on that riding very comfortabely-yoyoyoyoyo– don’t mind if people take it -ve.

  14. TRUTH SEEKER… designers becharey hi hamesha tension mein hotey hain… aur un k pass wesey hi bohut kaam hota hai ab ager water coolers per apni skills show kerny ki responsibility bhi humien mil gaee tu hum aadhey ho jaien gey kaam ker ker key… 🙂

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