First TIP band in the making!

A handful of students, with ample support from seniors, are striving to make this venture a successful one. The band already has a couple of keyboardists, a guitarist and perhaps over 300 prospective singers. Anyway jokes aside, all those interested in joining us can contact either of the following people:

* Shalim Ruben (TMM2)
* Khalid Khan (TS1A)
* Aasim Ahmed (TSIB)

15 Replies to “First TIP band in the making!”

  1. Every one is invited to TIP on Monday night for an impromptu performance by the Singing Textures! Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

    Waitaminite. Now you know. It can’t be impromtu then. So you kids gotta be prepared.

  2. DOn EvA….FOrGet ……..i can ArraNgE a ROaD ShoW At GHAGHER….it IsnT a bAd IdeA At ALL…..:>

  3. there is a second man here on guitars so better watch ur self for next time.

    and if its not in ur knowledge so u dont have to write hollow articles .
    u piss me off .so be carefull next time……u…..

  4. auditions for muzic club on friday the 10 .so peeps interested keep in touch with the notice board

    common peeps we`re gonna rock tip

  5. Hey… No need to get offended dude! The idea is to get talented people to join us. It’s not my fault if you’re not able to comprehend what’s written!

  6. hey who ever u are “king of the world” plz don’t use this kind of language next time for anyone.ur comment is very aggressive.

  7. Key Player for the song are keyboard players and the main aim of the guitarists is to provide with a backup of bass(minute), but the keybord has to tickle the keybord regularly for the song to become passionable and hearable

  8. ***** Nobody remebered me so plz let me identify myself well just put my name in thelist i m a shy person so wont be coming front so just add that name >*************}

  9. Hy !

    First band in progress so lets pray 4 da best .
    the best men we have right now in the band is MUNNAWAR RAFIQ (TS1-A) . He is master in piano playing .


  10. HY :

    Munnawwar what u said , u r shy , acha . to shy saab . IF U HAVE PERFORMED WELL SO EVERY 1 WILL REMEBER U . Beacuase I think u have the right place in the band . dont u think so .


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