I would begin by giving a heartfelt, well deserved farewell to the gone 4th years. Now that you have left, we know the true value of what you were. To say you guys were AWESOME is an understatement. Has been 2 days but we miss.

Miss the out-of-the-blue Narras(Shouting Society), the guide you have been, the politics, the fights, the introductions, the… everything. The new Texperts were the gems we have lost. Truly. We still are dealing with the fact that we won’t ever be as awesome as you.

To be honest after the 4th years went away we thought that TIP was in jeopardy. They were our biggest batch and chances of recovery were minute.

But here we are and I officially welcome the new batch which consist more than 80 *YES PEOPLE 80+!!* newcomers. Undoubtedly the biggest batch in 4 years.

Everywhere we go there is a new group standing. The café is stacked. Till last year a table could successfully contain a whole batch and now there is no table left.

Classes which had only a row full are now short of chairs. It is… overwhelming.

To the New, you are Welcome and seriously, don’t just sit in the café do something. TIP offers alot if you are interested in getting it. Be a part and dont be in the background. You have as much stake in it as any senior.

I would also like to thank the people who did it. The people who brought the meat back to TIP. You did it. Sir Zarrar Zubair(late),Ma’am Afshan, Sir Fariq, Sir Danish and those peeps who presented TIP in various places.

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  1. And wow 80 is a good solid number. Hope not too many leave till the next semester.
    Good to see posts already rolling in!

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