Hours of Earth hours!!

“Pehle kehte they k economy drive hai AC 10:00am pe chalengay, ab tau kabhi kabhi chalana he bhool jate hain yeh TIP wale!!”.

Hearing a comment from a student about TIP’s air conditioning policy reminded me of a recent article by M. Zubairi in Dawn Letters to the Editor (31st March, ’09) about Earth Hour:

“I WAS quite amused to read a news report on ‘Earth H our’ in your newspaper (March 27). The report said that to demand action on climate change, major cities of the world will turn off their lights.

It also mentioned that people were being invited to share ways of spending ‘an hour’ in the darkness through a blog. Earth Hour was launched by WWF. The WWF should present a special award to Pakistan for observing ‘Earth Hour’ every day, thanks to the electricity distribution companies.

The WWF should also make a documentary on how to spend not an hour in darkness but hours in darkness. Pakistanis will be able to provide useful input to climate change enthusiasts.”