Lakir kay fakirrr……..

Have you ever fallen in love? Three years ago I did!

For those of you, who after reading the first line, have already started to imagine me singing love songs for a girl? GROW UP! I am talking about TIP, a place which majority of us never loved.

I know it sounds a little cheesy, But I swear the first day I came to this place I fell in love with it. My infatuation continues, but when I see students following the same old BAID CHAAL and proudly following the mistakes done by their seniors, I regret coming here. I regret coming here when my friends tell me about the Societies and Events they have in their universities. I hope those of you who are not a part of the fieuking dirty politics may understand what I am trying to say.

How many independent student societies have we made here? We converted the poor old TISF, which was meant to a platform for these Societies and for voicing our issues, into a mere event management society which organizes an annual dinner, a carnival, a sexy beach party and of course Hazrat Valentines Day. And don’t take me wrong. Do organize these events, but not by compromising over the basic purpose the students were supposed to play. Have we ever questioned the constitution of TISF? Why should we? Hain nah? Because all we care is whether the president or the General Secretary is from the Sciences or the management? Section A or B? From the city or the hostel? How many lights and fireworks did we have in this carnival?

The poor freshmen fall in the same pit the day their brain washing starts. A few days back I was passing by the smoking area, or rather the 90 of TISF candidates when I heard a few freshmen and they were damn serous.

Fresh politician 1: why are you not supporting him? He is from the sciences and from your section too! 🙁
Fresh politician 2: he doesn’t have a good FACE VALUE! : P
Fresh Politician 1 Again: come on… (BEEP)…become united. The guy from the management has already thrown a party???He even went to the DESIGN STUDIOS kall!!!

Now you tell me what’s the future of this place? I think its time we should start thinking!

End of lecture.

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  1. well said sarim
    this was the hot topic today in the university
    i was talking abt this topic in my class when one of my class fellow said keh yeh nahi ho sakta kyun k aisa howa hi nahi hai .
    well the thing is that we dont want to change and dont want be the cause for change
    just bcoz we are afraid ,afriad to be called “fool”

  2. Time to ponder people… its high time we figure out that what’s happening in TIP on the face of TISF is nothing but crap…. the whole sole purpose of TISF is to organize some events which are dated since the foundation of TIP was laid…. Constitution, the word seems meaningful but is based upon conventional responsibilities which are set as a goal for the TISF members, that under any circumstances they have to achieve…. Sarim I remember when I was in school we had 12 registered societies. Here in TIP, “mashallah se” we have only 3 societies “jo ke bhi bus allah allah kur ke chal rahien hein”… people can u imagine a university without a literary society? Wakeup refuel your minds and think constructively. Please…..

  3. Very nicely summed up Sarim. Good to see you here after a long time.

    Thank you for reminding the masses about how TISF which was supposed to be a platform for harmonious liaison between the management and student body has been converted by us into a mere event management organization.

  4. soo true…. if only the entire student body realize this fact and not just demand events from TISF… may be TISF’s office bearers really want to do something constructive but they are also bound by the stupid legacy of this so called forum.

  5. exactly..that’s what needs to be changed..along with creating an awareness our students..

  6. well analyzed by all of u guys. in fact most of the people here have a limited thinking. they just see what is seen to them. students’ minds are encapsulated in a shell of ‘tip soch’ that is fed to the new comers and it goes on. they dont even know, what n how s happening outside in the renowned universities. truly, our tisf has become merely an event management body that it was not supposed to be when it was established. why? because none bothered to ask such things regarding tisf. so people plz ponder over it and channelize your energies for some betterment of tip.

  7. I agree with you Sarim. We need pure partcipation of students in TISF decission making. Unfortunately, we never had idealistic students coming for the President or GS post. We need to invert this trend. Give empowerment to societies.
    TISF is more than these carnival, galas and picnics.

    Where is the interaction with other unversities students forum? Where is the seminar society? Why we didn’t invite students from other instituions to our events? Why can’t we invite big bands like Junoon, EP and Strings at TIP? Why is there always a bugdet problem?

    @Shoaib Wahab
    Please note that now we have a working literary society but we need more and good people to run it in the future.

  8. Now answer my question…

    Why we didnt had a single candidate for publications and debates in the last two years? And I guess the same thing is happening again…

    Provided there are students who are more than interested in these debates and publications stuff.

  9. well written sarim…..a really true thought.
    To bring a change….i personally believe is an act of great bravery and valor……
    we need to think dat we can bring a change and make a difference, we need to have faith in ourselves and dats wat i think we all lack.

  10. Dont have time to write a whole lecture..but would definately say this:-


  11. khali jagnay sa khuch nahi hoga khuch step laina sa hoga!!……lol!!……… sarim go ahead!!…its da time to bring som change

  12. dude i cant go ahead alone…i want the support of you guys…each one of us can play a vital role in this movement..

  13. but for this it would be really good if get people into a discusiion so that we can channelise everybodys ideas and get them into consideration and therefore come up with a unanimously accpeted solution.

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