Leaving and Remembering TIP

Four years have passed and I now I am leaving TIP (not only I but also my 70 batch mates). At this moment when ever I get time, I recall the days that I spend at TIP, the hostel life, the TIP study hours, the nights before the hourlies (now exams), the TISF functions, BBQ night, musical night, carnival night, dramas, movie night in open air theater and above all the early days of the each semester when the fresh students lot come in, the ragging days and nights, the ISSB at hostel, the TIP evenings, the fast blowing cool winds in hot days. TIP for me is not only the place of learning but also the place for the enjoyments and I avail this opportunity. The time I spend at TIP, I would not forget never ever in life.

Here staying in staying in hostel and facing daily life problems when there is no one from your family to help u out. u have to resolve your problems yourself. The dealing with the seniors, batch mates, the juniors, admin, management, hostel, disciplinary and mass committee, warden and even with the guards is such an experience that teach u such lesson to survive in industry. The ragging days at hostel are the most exciting days, when I joined TIP I was ragged and then each coming year I used to rag the new comers. The ragging is the way to get interaction with new comers. When I came, my seniors took us to dinner at Quetta Saggi House and afterwards we have to pay the full bill of that dinner and next when we got seniors we ragged the students and have dinner at Mela (because in universe every thing is in balance). The ragging night at hostel, the songs, the rounds of the hostel,the national anthem early in the morning, the attendance at the hostel gate. All this is part of ragging but never meant to tease any one. One thing, which I am forgetting, the mishap with Khawaja. When I and Ahsan Bari fought in his room just for Bari complain at my home about smoking and then the compro-compro in the same room and the party from Khawaja (khun Khawaja shab) have you remember that or not.

Election days are the most busiest days at hostel. The direction all the political parties (in TIP’s not MMA, PPPP , PML(Q) or PML(N). Every body in the university is in fever of election. Hostel get into election campaign center and every body tries to get votes from hostel because hostel always played a major role of king maker. Hostel strength and votes count a lot and no body want to loose this bank and tries to maximize the votes. Some times, hostel plays the role of Mr. Nasr-u-Allah, make the alliance and get the candidates agree on the point to share their vote bank with some other post candidates for their mutual win.

Here the studies are not too simple as I thought four years ago before joining TIP. Here the TC phenomenon that matters lot in your grading. TC phenomenon is very simple but lots of students don’t have proper understanding (once Bilal from 2nd year came to me and asked me to tell him tips on TC and I gave him and now giving to every one, it’s very simple, if you want to get good grades and GPA you have to see your teachers a number of times in a days to get them memorized your name but this works when your are also performing well in class, this adds to your class reputation, if your are performing in lab then you have to have good friendship with the lab staff that matter a lot in your lab work grading. When I was in my first year have not got the facility of TAs but in my second year I got it and now TAs play a important role in your studies, not in grading but they can guide you in your presentation ands reports and if you have good relations with TAs then might be u got the topic of your choice or even the readymade report and presentation.

In coming 20-22 days we would be graduates and would transfer from Tipians to Texperts. How lovely is it? When you came in TIP four years ago you were nothing, and then become Tipians after four years you become a Texpert (textile expert). Now you are a professional. Be happy.