Life at the Hostel

By Sadaf Haque (TMM2)

Tip�after 4.00 p.m all right make it more like 4.20 p.m when actually all the buses, yes they are buses and not points, leave the premises of tip. For all those people out there who consider resident scholars boring people (the ones who have actually been thrown out or kicked out of their houses) here is a picture of what actually makes them stay.

When our so called fellows are half way to their homes, we hostilities with our hanging shoulders and drowsy faces are unsuccessfully trying to rush, reach the hostels and hence forth our respected rooms. Once you enter the room, the bed seems to be the most heavenly asset. By the time you realize the importance of the bed, you are half asleep. Moving on to the evening, Most of the students wake up at more or less 6.00p.m except for those who consider sleep as one of the most divine pleasures on earth (yes� that happens to be my roommate). Then comes the quick freshing up part when you rush to the so-called bathrooms teeny-weeny cubicles and have a cold shower. For those who our wondering that cold showers might only be limited to the so called hot weather, I would like to correct them � tip has no heating system for the water supplied. And then you finally want to go out of your rooms and hostel and have a breath of fresh air (ignoring the nerds who actually just leave their rooms at 9.00 to have dinner).

You step out of your respective hostels, miss call your friends and call them out since the phone at your hostel is mostly out of order or busy if working. You then decide on to either go to the library if you want to study or other wise the only option left is the cafeteria. YES! This is when the fun starts. Here I would like to mention that fun is only possible when you have amazing friends like mine. If you have friends and company like faizi, ather, aaskimz, kadoo jaaria you are bound to have entertainment till the clock strikes 12.00, oops! No it�s more like 10.30 for girls.

At the cafeteria you actually cry out loud daily for good food, but now after I have stayed here for an year all we care about is that the food is tender and well cooked, by well cooked I mean chewable and digest able. You then step out of the cafeteria since it is too early to actually even ask what�s for dinner. The first sight that strikes your eye is the sunset along with the complimentary titanic (the FJFC fertilizer factory). The sight actually makes you wonder that can tip (a jungle) provide you with such exotic panoramic views. Along with the sunset scene you might also notice a quite a lot of people actually sitting in pairs scattered along the lush green lawns and the amphitheatre and so called premises of tip.

We kewl people actually have developed a weird sense of humor, which is a necessity to survive at tip. And then just pass our time having fun or chatting.

The clock strikes nine. one has to follow the rule of actually having dinner before 9.00 p.m because as the clock strikes nine, the cafeteria echoes with loud irritating so called laughing sounds more like those of the hyenas and yes they are none others than the____-_I guess all those out there might have guessed who laughs out so loud. Its not only one or two people I�m talking about. It�s actually a group (one of the dominating ones at the boy�s hostel). The reason why one should also have food before nine is because if he decides to eat later then unfortunately he would be left with no food to eat.

So kindly have your dinner and step out of the cafeteria maximum at 9.20 in order to avoid stuffiness and unquenchable thirst for air.

Things you can do to have fun at tip:
 Catch toads and actually put them in peoples shirts
 Sing songs
 Play basket ball
 Sit at the lake side and enjoy the titanic view
 You can have one of those long walks
 Look at those amazing stars (the ones you would never be able to find in Karachi)
 Actually have one of those long conversations with your friends
 Easily and practically enjoy one of those chill pills after effects
 Play stupid games like king king, khoko etc..
 Play squash, go on a toad hunt, if u are lucky u might come across snakes and Scorpios or iguanas and maybe foxes too
 Its one of the best thinking zones for philosophical minds
 Enjoy play rehearsals
 Carnival or any event organization

What we guys enjoy the most is bringing up the weirdest topics and having a laugh at them. Playing our stupid games and yes that�s when the clock strikes ten thirty, the curfew time for girls.

I have a slight idea of what goes on in the boy�s hostel at night but what happens at the girl�s hostel you have no idea. Once you enter the hostel you are confronted by your hostel president who will more or less tell you to be on time next time even though your watch is still showing you 10.26. At times a meeting might be called which you have to attend but it doesn�t really matter because most of the people are asleep except the hostel president that is when you finally enter your room and take a deep breath, you suddenly remember that you have a quiz the very next day you pick up your book and it actually jumps out of your hand, which happens to be one of the repercussion of sounds like bomb explosions (the fire crackers). You might also be entertained by one of those TERE NAAM medleys, which continue playing throughout the night (by that I mean you close your eyes to them and open your eyes to them too). One might also come across one of those extravagant water-fighting sights too (which I m sorry to say are more like pool fights). The only fun part is when you have those dance parties� your seniors surprisingly come up with a song collection you have never heard before and leave you wondering. After actually tolerating the so called noise at the hostel you finally fall to sleep and yes keep your windows locked because you never know. An iguana or chameleon might be waiting to enter.

The clock now strikes 7.45 am�. you open your eyes to two dreadful noises. One the nokia cell phone asking you to jump out of bed (one you can actually get rid off. thanks to the snooze option), the second is YES! Those dreadful TERE NAAM medleys.. You turn and actually envy your roommate( javaria?) who is actually still sleeping with the most serene expression on her face, free from what is going on in the world. By the time you iron your clothes you realize that you roommate is now halfway out the door and actually still sleeping. You get ready and walk to the caf� to realize you don�t want to have those parathas with ghee and oil and find yourself attending the very first class with either a biscuit packet or a tea cup in hand.

Things you can’t do at TIP
 Net surfing
 Chatting
 No television
 No videogames
 No peace of mind in the hostel
 No study at times
 No good food
 No fun if you don�t have friends

Basically TIP isn�t that bad as most of us perceive it to be on the very first day of our academic year. TIP is what you want it to be. What you imagine it to be. What you wish it should be like and most of all one of the most peaceful exotic half resorts cum home luxury time saving shelter.

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  1. what the article is over?????!!!!!! hip hip horray. i am feeling very dizzy after such a long eyes are weepy not because of sadaf’s touching writing but because of my monitor. sadaf it’s amazing, apart from your roamate you dont have a friend who happens to be a girl. amaziing . on the other hand try to be more specific next time. and by the way those irritating sounds you mentioned are just from those who are just trying to enjoy there lives in this jungle, they are not showoffs like you. sadaf try to eat some food so u can make some jaan and dont forget to eat vitamins because your brain seems to be out of order.

  2. i hope someone will not delete my comment. maybe he will think that it is offensive. if my article is deleted than this article should also be deleted because some of it is offensive to hostelite

  3. H3lL0 gyz… being a hostelite the story is pretty true, SadAf has given a very true picture of wot hapens in the hostel.The ppl in hostel njoy the real Charm of TIP, n the company u get there (specially the one she mentioned) is a bunch of real kewl guys at TIP.Just there’s a lil difrence of wot happens in the gurlz hostel caompared to wot goes on in the boyz hostel, u can have fun all nite long with the seniors (on G_floor n 1st) n if u wana study u can go to the 2nd floor (freshmenz one),so guyz pack ur stuff n come to hostel if u really wana kno TIP.

  4. Congratulations to yawn for making it through the article. Dude, something’s seriously wrong with your monitor. Either that or you need to increase your reading speed. I’m glad sadaf didn’t mention the names of all her friends. Had she done that it would have taken you another couple of hours to read her article.

    As far as a healthy diet is concerned maybe you should start taking vitamin A supplements. They are good for the eyes. Don’t worry, if you keep reading regularly you won’t face such problems in future.

  5. offense?… do you even know what that word means… as to what I could understand from your comment was sheer stupidity and some thinking disorders you have!..dude you have serious issues!
    and no don’t worry no one’s gonna delete your comment/s albeit they make no sense and make no difference to sadaf’s life in any ways!
    I guess we’a gonna highlight these comments and put them on the noticeboards to tell everyone about the ‘so-not-8-gram’ grey matter in your skulL!

  6. superb venture sadaf, still our hostel life is yet not completelty covered but, brilliant one uptill now.
    Mr. Yawn, first of all your commnets does`nt hold any weightage coz u r “ananyomous”, & anonymous coz u r afraid. wether sadaf needs protein or not but u badly need to consult a sciatrist(dnt knw spelling ;)} to prescribe u ANTI-PHoIBIA dose.

  7. WoW! What a nice article …. This article reminded me of each n every moment, I spent in TIP. It reminded of the time I enjoyed with my friends, on campus or somtimes in Hostel as well. Ohhh it was funnnn …

  8. that was the most hon-est account of our dorm life……so true……….i wanna come baCkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
    amazing article sadaf-
    P.S: i still have a toad in my room!

  9. Mr yawNnnn…..
    you so need to get yourself a life dude…..
    and before that maybe you could get yourself a name too…….and use it at times……unless of course you’re chicken…..! and i thought the ducks were the only glimpse of wildlife we could entertain ouselves with; looks like we’ve got a replacement……….yeEeeeAa Eeeeee
    secondly….i quote
    ‘sadaf it’s amazing, apart from your roamate you dont have a friend who happens to be a girl. amaziing’ …..your point being?

    On a serious note though, i seriously don’t get why bitter people like Mr yaWwwwwn here bother commenting at all since their views aim directly at the author and not the subject matter.

  10. SALAAMZ,
    woooo SADAF now this really is a very long article but the good thing is its interesting & i think its quite right about the life of the CREATURES found at TIP’s hostel…after being that creature for a semester the first thing that i cant understand uptil now is how can anyone sleep from 5 p.m to 9 p.m as i have seen some CREATURES doing that….dont know much abt the permanent CREATURES but for me the BEST reason to hangout in the hostel is to have long conversations with my friends in such a quiet environment (definitely not the CAFETERIA) apart from it i think hostel definitely is a gr8 place to think over your problems & ofcourse the stars that makes the scene more DREAMY….can’t tell you about what happens in the boys hostel in the later part of the night (AQELMAND KE LIYE ISHAARA KAAFI HOTA HAI) but the time to open your eyes in the morning is not 7:45 in that part its more likely to be 8:30 & the first dreadful noise don’t affect us at all but the second one is not any MEDLEY but the RHYTHM of banging doors that can easily bring a DEAD back to LIFE..but there are CREATURES who still manage to sleep in such noise & all that i could say about them is “KHUDA hi unko uthaaye” 😉

  11. ohh God …i miss tip n my hostel soooo much …kash pardh liya hota :'( .. anywayz guyz n galz (freshman) i hv a msg for all freshman .. do STUDY otherwise u’ll b cryin like me .. wid no where 2 go ..

  12. ver well said sadaf ..ver well done :)….
    aur haan mr or mrs yawn tum aisa karoooo kayyyyyy ???!!!!…jakay soo jaoo..hmmm …its better 4 u …

  13. hey nice job of giving a pic of the hostel life 2 other guys n gals out there thinking hostel is boring!

  14. ahmm, quite interesting i must say, shall i get Sherlock and his team (the Hostel Committee) to investigate further means of pleasureable moments for you all.. just drop me a note..u can always locate my whereabouts b/w 9-4..

    By the way.. Sadaf was that ur room from where ur companions and u were screaming your lungs dry last friday?

  15. nice article-if any body want abid’s and omair’s trip’s snaps (i mean tasveeraan) he can contect me. i have some and also of some of other people who stay at hostle just to make there remainng day after 4 pm enjoyble….. contect me

  16. hey sudaf!! ur article is a blast and as for everyone else everything told abt the hostel is surrrrrely true come and witness for urself

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