Look what I’ve brought to school today

Can anyone guess what I have in my bag? Hann hann, can dsc00115-large.JPG you?

No it’s not a spider man action figure.

It’s not a doll either!

It’s a TURTLE!

And look I’m going to place it right here on the table so that it can excrete watery liquid all over it to add to the existing filth!

And all this while we’ve been blaming the cafeteria for poor hygiene standards!

Happy eating. And I’m not going to tell you which table it was!

11 Replies to “Look what I’ve brought to school today”

  1. Well blame poor Simba (that’s his name)cuz he can’t defend himself. What about humans who don’t believe in washing their hands after using the toilet, and then use them to feel all the spoons and forks from the tray before they finalize their cutlery selection at lunch time, huh? huh??

    Happy eating. And I’m not going to tell you which human it was!

  2. Reminds me of Sir. Saifu’s account of a pathan dhaba owner’s multi-purpose cloth rag – it wipes tables, crockery, cutlery, nose, sweat, and all that your imagination lets you think of. When it’s not in use, it rests alert on the man’s shoulder =))

  3. “Rests alert on the man’s shoulder.”

    You’ve made the rag come to life. Sounds like the guys faithful, loyal pet. Ready to spring into action to serve his master whenever required.

  4. the picture should be called “shazi’s first look at simba”. you can actually feel the chemistry.

  5. Are you allowed to bring pets to university??

    Next we will have dogs and cats.

    Hellow some of us are allergic to these things and dont bring your pets.

  6. I hear Simba died. The owner should be shot dead on the pretext of cruelty to animals seeing the way he had kept the poor thing. There’s a way one keeps living things as pets. If one can’t follow it, there are plenty of plastic toys available in the market. Some even mimic.

  7. Simba used to be carried to school in the owner’s bag zipped in one of the side pockets. Some time last week the animal was brought to stay in the hostel and died when he was placed in cold water from the water coolers. Any cold blooded animal wouldn’t be able to stand that. When dead, the poor thing was flung across the roof of one of the buildings.

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