There is a new thing around TIP now days that what’s happening in this career fair. There are many those who know what it is but doesn’t know when it is happening then there are others who doesn’t  even have any frigging idea what it is.

So lets us clear this confusion. Job Fair is for the fellow TIP-ians and the Texperts. It is being held on 11th May 2014.

Yes, that’s a Sunday.
Yes, it will happen at TIP Main Campus
Yes, attendance is mandatory.
Yes, transport will be provided.
Yes, you can donate one weekend to this .

What will actually happen in it, you ask?!
The answer to that is that it mainly for 4th years. Employers from various industries will be coming so one has a pretty good chance to land a job then and there. Then there are the Texperts, who have a chance to upgrade their jobs but come on, most of them will come to meet fellow mates and visit their university. And then there are those who are not 4th years or Texperts, for us: we can make contacts (yes, we can get that lucky!) and land internships for the summer.

So in conclusion there is something for everyone. Designers will be given a chance to present their work as everything cannot be shown on a CV and from what I have heard Designers of various brands are being called. It’s going good, isn’t it?!

Plus, for those who will be coming for tafree only. There will be stalls set up. What stalls? that’s  is something which I have no clue off.

What do we require from the students?
We want you to take interest. It’s a big event, and if the little cluster of students in TIP don’t take part then what will become of it. I always say, that the end of the day TIP lands down to being a community and if this community doesn’t help raise TIP then believe me, WE ARE DOOMED! And by “doomed” means:  100ft down the dry sand where you actually start seeing ground water.

Volunteers are needed for this, so register for it. Your presence on that day will be honored, we are at that point in TIP where one drop doesn’t just count but it is essential.  So Wake up and join in however way you can for on that day we will present TIP to those who were a part of this university and to those who should wish that there were a part of TIP.

Volunteers can give their names to:
Meera Moiz Khan AMM1B
Rabeea Fahim AMM4
Hina Baig FDM4


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