My Beloved Campus…


Love is a feeling rather it is a need for human to survive in this world. It is as much important as food and shelter. We love our parents, siblings, friends, relatives and sometimes those who has the same role in our lives as of Romeo and Juliet. Have you ever been in love with nonliving things? I guess we all sometimes start loving those objects which are materialistic or in other words lifeless. The same story is with our TIP campus and I realized this that how much I like my campus when I heard the news of attack on our beloved campus.

Since my admission, one of my fantasies is the romantic TIP main campus. Lush green grasslands, ever emotional lake, nostalgic corridors, crystal clear imported glasses, luxurious and well-maintained labs, expensive equipments and student’s cafeteria always filled with smiling young TIPIANS. In fact my campus was and still is a perfect place for romance-oh sorry! For studying I guess. I obviously in no way wanted my campus to be hurtled by anyone, any how and by any means since it is my love and I have a deep emotional attachment with it.

My emotions faced an extreme situation when I heard the breaking news of rioting in the campus. Morning of 28th December which was already a sad morning for the whole nation converted into a havoc for the hostel students and for all the faculty and students residing in the city as well. I haven’t seen the damage my self but have heard a lot and all that took me into an unstable position. Chemistry and environmental lab, where we just have finished our semester’s practical is no more a lab rather it is a place of chemicals, beakers, glasses and computer scattered on the floor. Can you imagine that the beakers, testing machines, chemicals which we just have used few weeks back with careful hands keeping in mind there importance and value are broken by some brutal people for whom all these equipments are nothing but a wastage of money. The similar situation is with our fiber testing, apparel and dyeing labs which are no more in working conditions. For designers, there beloved studio is a not to see place with scattered glasses and perhaps also the damaged design works. This was not over, mobs burnt Mr. Gamini’s car and destroyed his home.

For many people, I am acting very emotionally but that is what I can do since a slight damage to TIP is an up and down situation for me and I hope that for all of us. Why don’t such people realizes that releasing there anger on an educational institute is perhaps another mistake they are doing. A simple building could be raised within few days but to develop that building into an institute which provides not only education but also an atmosphere where one can groom and polishes his/her personality is one hell of a job. Honestly, feelings can’t be expressed rather they can only be felt and I can’t truly express my self as how much grieved I am for all the recent happenings. I, therefore request our boards of governors to do some professional security arrangements by hiring security professionals and also putting up a strong gate at the labs area to further stop these kind of incidents and to keep alive the beauty and nostalgia of our campus.

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  1. me toooooo………i cant even imagine all this …the article is awesome…its feeling to be felt by heart …u made me cry …

  2. our rameez sahab has such flare in his writting that can make a person emotional anyways no doubt at all tip is our beloved uni infact it is the best thing that has happen to us in history of our life’s and the day it was attack it felt like some thing very precious was snatched. anyways rameez amazing keep it up/

  3. hey nobody mentioned the plants…..those poor beautifull plants we had…bechari maalie uncle ki efforts also got ruined…or atleast that’s what i’ve heard..n our beloved deisgn studio..trashed!!…not to mention the weaving looms 2nd years had there final assigments still on them…gosh what were these people thinking…what good they got from all this drama..

  4. AoA,
    He is a great creative writer who knows how to attract the readers and keep them glued to his articles…
    this is a great one…
    one must think over it


  5. welllll… rameez is no doubt good to disclose his notions and emotions… n v’ld awll have the more and real love wid our capmus…. since we r awl TIPIANS!!!!…

    but one of the funny thing that rameez ha mentioned, was EMOTIONAL lAKE… is it realy emotional…. or were u jx kidding….

  6. The fact is, whole campus is emotional, but speacially the lake deserves to be emotional…atleast it had always made me romantic and emotional whenever I had a glimpsee on it…actually it all depends on your intensity of feelings…for someone lake is nothing but a pool filled with ammonia water and garbage but for some people(including me), it is a beautiful lake….

  7. well , i appreciate your love for campus ..and it shows that how much you value TIP … well written!

  8. i think my comments directly blast near your heart!!! RAMEEZ…

    Jani.. i was jx want to prominant the lake… so that management of TIP could bring some steps to cleans the garbage from your EMOTIONAL And Romantical lake!!!

    take it ezi man!!!

  9. iam very late for the reply,as i was not here n when i got the news i was in a grieve.its just the 1st sem but the emotional and the attachement we all stds have for our beloved campus is neve ending.its realyy well written.!keep it up!

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