New Classrooms Eat Science Labs!

The growing student population has made the TIP administration finally realize the lack of classrooms. Steps are being taken for the development of new classrooms. These new classrooms are being built inside the Wet Processing Lab, hence shrinking the already small area shared by our Prayer Area.

In other news, there are more extensions in the campus lab equipment.

Update: The Prayer Area has been shifted to the hostel cafetaria. That should accommodate our larger student body.

The four classrooms being built on the side of the Wet Processing Lab are nearing completion.

6 Replies to “New Classrooms Eat Science Labs!”

  1. hello dear tipians and texperts
    here i got the new that the exiting processing lab which was used as the mosque by the momin tipians is now have converted into class romms
    its a interesting and positive news that TIP managemaent have relised that the new class rooms are required for for the next session but at the same time they shioud not for got that the place that thay used for meant for the lab nor for the lass room or the mosque
    but they should build some class romms and mosque some where else in the TIP boundries

    the un planned and nonproper construction in the existing campus will destry the tip campus modle dreamed by the designers

    with best regard
    raghib ali khan

  2. Raghib and Nabeel, your concerns are understandable, but I’m not too sure about whether the Prayer Area has actually been affected – I got the news from Saboor that the classrooms are being built there, so I assumed…

    Raghib, your comments are totally valid – whatever happened to the TIP master plan?

  3. WHat will happen to the once existed wet processing lab. Suck encroachments should be at once demolished. I am of the view that the concerned authorities are charging monthly bhatta and thus allowing them to exist. This is is a very serious issue that should be taken into account 🙂

    by the way..what ever is happening i am confident will be happening for the betterment of TIPians. Abid you are doing a great job!! keep it up and will love to see you soon on my trip to Karachi.
    Miss TIP a lot!

  4. It is not the matter to shift the prayer area from the wet processing lab to the hostel cafteria. It is the religious matter. there should be some appropriate place to offer Namaaz. We are spending lot of money on the places like cricket ground, volley ball court so Why don’t we spend the money on MOSQUE. Just Like basketball cannot be played on volley ball court. Similarly Jummah prayers canot be offered on the places like Wet processing lab and hostel cafetaria. We are lucky to have a vast area so I think it’s the first and foremost duty of the concerned authority to build the mosque so people offer their prayers in the right manner.

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