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Dear Umair Saeed,

Regarding your notice regarding notices on the notice boards, you say that students cannot post notices anywhere besides the TISF notice board. I have some points in contention:

1. What about student notices that are not TISF notices?

For example, the TISF has declared that Quack!, the student newspaper, is not a TISF publication and this the TISF does not recognize Quack! So where does Quack! go?

Moreover, with Quack often running into 6-8 pages, there is very little space on the notice boards to put up much.

There are also other student activities that are not recognized by the TISF as student activities. For example, if I, as a student, want to make a film on campus, where would my poster asking for auditions be placed? Ideally, as the TISF is meant to be a student representative body, all students activities are automatically student activities, thus negating this very question.

As a suggestion, could the students have an extra-large notice board in the cafeteria to put up Quack! and other ‘junk’ notices (like birthday announcements!).

2. There are also some notices that are not really “announcements”, but are nice to have around campus anyway. Where do these go?

For example, some students recently started a student comic strip. This consisted of 14 pages. Imagine the kind of space that would take up on a notice board.

There are also notices that are planned to be put up regarding environmental awareness. Some of these are planned to be put up in the cafeteria, such as the ones asking people to return their food trays to the tray stands, and to eat clean. These notices won’t be very effective in the TISF notice board. These notices are best placed on the walls in the cafeteria itself.

These kind of notices help liven up the campus.

Your thoughts on the notices on the notice boards are appreciated.


Abid Omar

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  1. TISF does not recognize Quack!!!!
    as far as i know TISF does not fund Quack….i dun c ne thing wrong with quack being put up on any notice boards….its better if its on the so called TISF notice boards coz its a students forum which makes it a students notice board and quack is an independent students newspaper……

  2. as the current Publications secretary… i too say that student notices should not be confined to a small notice board placed somewhere down a tiny corridor.
    rather they should be placed upfront, BIG and clearly visible so that everybody takes notice…. i mean there are times when even i dont bother about the normal wood/glass cased notice boards because theyre just too bloody crowded with administrative notices……. and usually four pins are used to pin 40 notices at one go…!
    moreover, printing notices on white paper should be banned…. the hot pinks and bright yellows make the campus walls look good…

    and yes…. please be careful with the words you use…
    the TISF does not fund Quack! but that in anyway does not imply that the TISF does not ‘recognize’ Quack!
    all notces should be treated the same be those TISF ones or independent student newspapers….. put up where ever people want them to be put up…. (only so that they could be torn down the very same day….!)

  3. and just off teh record….. something seems to be wrong with the website…. i see that ur(abid) message too has been posted twice…… or did u do that on purpose…..?

  4. Hmmm, about the website, I too got a comment error though it did go through thr first time.

    About the notices, I agree that they do liven up the campus. Even the ones about birthdays!

    Lets go see Umair Saeed about this sometime next week.

  5. TIP admin should consider the students problem in a sense that they shud run regular half day points so that students who wish to leave early shud hav a tip point to travel to the city!!
    it was too embarassing that we standing n waiting for the public bus and one of the tip points so called Shuttle was passing by and the most pinching point was that it was empty!!
    so i wud request our president to assign a regular point which may only move from tip main to city!!
    thank you!!
    we look forward for ur cooperation!! n hope something positive wud be done asap!!

  6. ok… so whoever you are….
    i dont mean to be rude but i dont see anything about’ notices’ and ‘notice boards’ in your comment/message…..

    ok lets ignore that….”freedom of speech”…. as some would put it
    the point is that if the administration were to run a bus(its not a point) from teh main campus to teh city campus, who should go in it?
    i bet half of the student body would be killing some relative or teh other or woyld be coming up with fake illnesses. if you get off before 1, so whats teh big deal…? cant you wait another three hours to go homw..? ghar kahin bhaga to nahi ja raha naa…!
    then there would also be alot off people who’d start to skip there after 1 classes just to go home early ….. how would you tackle that with teh excuses…?

    so chill, relax, stick around and make yourself more useful.

    u could right something for Talking TYextures or Quack! in those three extra hours couldn’t you…?

  7. yeah, i guess u guys shud really go and talk to umair saeed but be carefull he is the most stubborn teacher i have ever met,,i know people will disagree but when the time comes to save his own a– he can blame anyone.this happened with me,, no names,, but mr umair U really need to grow up and stop being such a munna

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