Our Misfortune Library

Have you seen any library where when you enter, you are scanned from head to toe. And then met with the same treatment on your exit? Is this not shameful for a sensible respectable man to be subject to such treatment?

The TIP library has treasure of textiles and other books, available for students who come after a long journey from the city to the campus to get the required knowledge for their classes, presentations, reports and other projects. When I joined TIP four years ago, I saw a magnificent library. But what I hated the most was the guard at the entrance door who kept his suspected eyes at me until I left. When I was exiting, he once looked at me and then asked me to show my bag for search as if I was a thief stealing a book or trying to remove a book without issuing at the counter. This happened not only with me but also with many of my friends and still happens. By a rough estimate, 5-10 % of the TIP library books have been stolen. These books are meant for the reference use only, or some of them are issued for a certain period for night studies. Some of my friends don’t bother to issue books, and steal them or remove them with out issue. Some of the books are returned after the completion of the course period but most of them are never returned. After every semester our librarian issues warning letters for the lost books as the result of which some of my friends took courage to return them but still lots of books are misplaced from the library. Likewise, happened two semesters ago, when during a production and operations management course (by Mansoor Ali Khan), five original books were stolen. A notice was issued, stating that the results of the course would not be announced until the books are recovered.

After these heavy loses, the TIP management have started to keep photocopy books for student use. The originals are at back of the counter under their watchful eyes. That mean students are not allowed to use those books. They can only access photocopies in which pictures, diagrams, real life snaps or even the text is often not clear. Sometimes the library takes a full semester to get books copied, and when the copies come, the semester has ended or going to end. Now these books are of no use. Next semester, new books are referred and the whole process starts again.

The result of all this discussion is not to discourage the whole student body but we have some black sheep amongst us. We have the responsibility to locate them and at least stop them from theft. We all have a responsibility for this.