People who C.A.R.E can finally prove it


The official meeting of the people who C.A.R.E was held on the 14th of February, a day where people care about themselves and sometimes that special someone, therefore it was a shock to see the turnover which proved that yes, people can come out of their self centered shells and actually C.A.R.E( no pun intended ☺) about people other then themselves. The main reason for the meeting was to actually discuss various ways to make the environment of TIP safer, while simultaneously fulfilling our quota of community service. It was to make people want to contribute and give something of themselves to the society.

The meeting started off with Asim or rather Sir Asim trying to prove certain allegations made against the people who C.A.R.E, wrong. It was said that their endeavors are usually a rush with complicated ‘angrezi‘ being the sole way to communicate. In defense Asim released strings of complicated Urdu words that left me confused, but made an impact that left no doubt that everyone would be ‘heard‘. C.A.R.E was providing a forum for everyone to give ideas and opinions irrespective of the language they wish to use.

In reference to the recent riots, as a result of the Bhutto death, and the 200 something people thrashing TIP, the people who C.A.R.E gathered to discuss ways that would prevent something like this happening at our institute again. At first the solution introduced sounded absurd, that instead of preventing it with the addition of security we should reach out to those locals that live in areas around the campus, and make them realize that we are not the enemy. But then it dawned on me that for the first time someone had talked about treating our fellow country men as humans, realizing that their retaliation was only brought about because they felt threatened.’ Retaliation and violence can be vanquished with love and care’, that is what we need to understand. And instead of sitting around and criticizing everyone who isn’t doing anything to make our country a better place, we should take a stand and learn to contribute towards the betterment, all the while keeping in mind that we are dealing with humans, and if we try to mess with them their instinct will force them to act inhumanly and perhaps do what they did to our institute.

Talking about ways to reach out to the community living near our institute, students came up with a lot of effective suggestions like medical camps and common prayer areas for students and locals so it is easier for them to interact. The teachers also actively participated along side the students. Lets hope that these suggestion are put into effect and a change is brought about, that not only will benefit our institute but also the community as a whole.

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  1. //The teachers also actively participated along side the students.//

    I beg to differ here, Rida. Only one of them was nice enough to show up. True, some had classes, but they were courteous enough to let us know beforehand that they would not be able to come, but what about the ones that were free!

  2. It’s all good if they didn’t or couldn’t show up. There were no compulsions and it’s important that we understand that people can choose where they want to be.

    It is now up to the ones that were present to spread the word and this article is the second step towards that.

  3. its really nice to see tht C.A.R.E. which started with a bunch of people mainly abid and Sir assim….now is whole family…and taking steps towards the betterment of society and TIP….now comin to the issue security concerns in and of TIP…i like the idea presented in the article but further the security of tip should strengthen they should atleast have some firearms…

    if you ppl ever need some helps…please let me know…

    Brougth to you by the people who C.A.R.E.

  4. a really good article.. helps people remain updated as to wats up at tip. the efforts being made to interact wt the locals sound reali interesting.. i wish my school would start sth like this, whr i can show how much i C.A.R.E about people around me (including the hot guys *wink wink*)

  5. can we have an initiative on the CARE working .. in the TISF slot as soon as possible … so that we can come up with some thing rather then just saying …..

  6. a nice thought!..i just wanted to share some ways to get into those living-by’s…we can;
    >raise some funds like we do to organize any mega event like a concert or something…run before some sponsors to meet the amount…n do some good for those poor souls. with the collected aid, we can provide them with water containers, bus stop shelters,sponsor some poor kid’s studies, pay a proper MBBS doctor to practice in this remote place so that poor sick people dont have to rush to hadeed n steel town for minor ills
    >invite the MUAZEZEEN’s(old respected people) of that town to the campuss at lunch n give them a tour around and pay them due respect.
    >hold a free vaccination camp for hepatitus(NGO’s can play a vital role in this regard, even i can work with C.A.R.E to point out some well funded NGO’s)
    >our students must come up with some ideas, how to mingle up with these people, caz our first step is not going to be easy, the residents are said to hold a very profoud resistance to any effort made to enter their society, based opon my experience doing social works with these kind of remote areas it was the major problem i came accross.
    we as alumni stand by C.A.R.E for every effort made to enhance the beauty and enchantment of our campuss and learning environment.this kind of meetings should become a regular part of students work week and we can then proceed for a monthly and annual meeting too.
    just dont feel like if teachers or others hvnt showed up..think like…atleast u were not alone…u share your feelings and concerns…with many of us.
    Ali kazmi

  7. yeah please such type of meeting should b arrange in TISF slot. i got invitation that was a nice way of inviting students for such meetings that was a good idea but i didn’t attend this meeting due to class otherwise i always prefer to attend such meetings.

    N Good Rida you should write more for quack

  8. i think the article is very well written..and the whole meeting is covered with alot of efficiency…keep up the good work rida..

  9. i think the article is quite good and the whole meeting was covered with expertise…keep up the good work and try to improve it more….

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