Poster Display Sucessful

The poster competition held on March 29, 2007, was successful in terms of the fact that that a display was arranged and every student from TS4, TMM4 and AMM4 managed to put up work. Since this was the first time something of its kind was organized there were of course glitches in the posters and well as the organization of the display. But the overall impact of the exercise was very positive.

Such displays are good for academics as well as people from the industry. They lead to a positive exchange of ideas as students get to display their work while the industry gets to choose professionals based on their evaluation of students’ knowledge and research.

As this was the first time many of our students have heard about such displays let alone participate in one, a lot of people were confused about what was required of them and some, in spite of having really good projects were not able to present the right matter in their posters. Shujaat Alavi rightly pointed out that almost all the presentations were made trying to encompass the entire theme of the project and therefore were not been able to record recommendations in light of conducted research.

For me, participation has helped to evaluate where I stand with my project and what more I need to do. I also got some great ideas from the students and faculty who came to view my work. Though the projects were evaluated by an external jury and results are expected to be announced on Wednesday April 4, 2007, from what we saw, members of the jury never had a look at all the posters. Neither do we know anything about the criteria to select the jury. For all I know I too could have invited a few guests to evaluate the work.

Regardless, the true purpose of the display has been served not through the competition but by what each participant has gained individually as well as the initiative to present the projects being prepared by the students at TIP to the industry. Word is, that the display was highly appreciated by whatever little attendance there was from the industry including the texpert community that came to see the display.

It is expected that the display will get better in the coming years and has the potential to become a major attraction in the industry. Suggestions have been put forth that it should be organized somewhere in the city so that more working people are able to attend it. For the class of 2007, I would recommend and request that another display is organized at the end of the semester so that people are able to present work derived from completed projects and rectify mistakes made earlier.

I would like to thank the management at TIP for taking the initiative of organizing the display and supporting the cause and of course the final year students for their timely efforts and participation. Mr. Saqib Sohail, especially deserves and applause for putting the entire show together.

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  1. Aasim the part where you wrote on your poster that if the industry likes your project then they contact you..that was good..aggressive marketing..
    Heard you sent your research project’s labtests to some hi fi lab in Islamabad. Was it so technologically hi fi that it could not be tested in our karachi labs.
    We discussed your project and are of the opinion that you are probably thinking 10-15 years ahead as (thats only my and few of my of other friend’s opinion)industry is not ready for a breakthrough of this magnitude.
    Is that really a breakthrough ..Plasma stuff that is?
    Please clarify.

  2. To be honest, the bit about contact was meant for everyone and not just the industry. There was a typo there.

    My project’s nothing about hi-fi. It’s the simplicity of plasma that’s most striking. It’s just ionized gas. Unfortunately the closest plasma treatment system I’ve been able to find is in Islamabad. If you know of some other or are interested in building one, do contact me.

    As far as this research being 10-15 years ahead of the industry is concerned, you never know. It could be much further than that. Or might never be implemented at all. That’s why one does research. Not just to figure out how something can be applied but also if it should me applied at all.

    I hope I’ve been able to clarify your concerns.

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