Selling our Mascot Team to Buy Liquid Soap Dispensers?

An uneven Cricket ground full of weeds, free water for which you probably need to go 400 feet underground and still isn’t fit for humans or plantation at TIP, unrealistic targets of bringing in 500 students (just to let you know they are invisible :p), free advertisements in in Thal Times (a newspaper in Bhakkar, I guess) without any prior approval from the management, here comes another one from our legendary Mr. Mazhar Jamil.


Recently, MJ has done some new value addition the Cafeteria’s washrooms; liquid soap dispensers. Not that bar soaps are bad, but this probably sounds nicer (and more luxurious). Unfortunately, if you look around, you’ll see something more important missing in the campus. Yup! You got it rite, our mascot, the Goose!Β All of TIP’s pets, the geese, (leaving behind only four,) have been sold to buy these unnecessary liquid soap dispensers.

Is washing greasy hands with liquid soap in the Cafeteria more important having our beloved mascots frolicking across the campus grounds giving immense pleasure to students, faculty and guests? Β On behalf of protesting students, I request TIP’s higher management to look into this serious matter. For a person who can sell the institute’s asset without any approval from the stakeholders, it may not be a wise decision to give charge of the entire fund of the student body for TISF activities. Can we trust him??

17 Replies to “Selling our Mascot Team to Buy Liquid Soap Dispensers?”

  1. Not ‘Goose’. ‘Geese’. Eight of them. Sad and disappointing. An opinion poll would have helped before making such a terrible decision.

  2. Zaalimo jawaab dow, Goose ka hisaab dow!!!

    I’m not gonna pay a penny to TISF fund if Majji is going to be the signing authority. Wish I could say this with my real name but I cannot risk my academic career, considering majji’s new found power.

  3. Sad……total sad!!! I wish somebody come forward and take some initiative to put a stop to things being done in TIP without a common consent!

  4. Mr Hassan and Maji the old rivals.

    People do you know why they hate each other, leme rephrase, why hassan hates maji……coz once in cricket match maji was leading the team as skipper and poor hassan was just acting on the orders of majji. He wanted to be the captain but alaasss…..” Maji you Rock”

  5. khuda ka khauff karuu bhai..itna shauk ha tu ghar say soap ley au…becharay goose ko tu maaf kardu..yahan bhe downsizing ha kia πŸ˜€

  6. Hahaha,
    Yaar yeh “majji (dexter) apnay sexy qissay sunanay key ilawa ab goose per bhi zulm kar raha hai.. Lagta hai “dexter” pora pagal ho gya hai.

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