Sponser a tree

For the sake of the people, please, please sponser a tree!

Alright, so maybe the situation isn’t as dire as all that, but honestly, once summer officially steps in, every one of us will be looking for the nearest tree in sight and it will be tragic if all the shade is already occupied by twenty heavily sweating people.

Think about it.

This isn’t really an article. It’s a notice, and it’s on Quack with the hope that people will actually read it. People who’ll realize that sometimes things aren’t the management’s responsibility; but rather our own.

So plant a tree. It’ll be your own contribution to a place you’ll spend four years of your life in. A place you’ll laugh in, probably cry in (I already have. Twice.), eat crappy food in, and most importantly, learn about yourself in. Plant a tree. This tree will probably outlive you; it will surely outlive your stay in TIP. It will be something to remind you of who you were when you planted it. It’ll be a milestone, a memory, something you know you can be proud of for the rest of your life. Think of it as a work of charity, as a duty, as a stupid bit of fun, but at least think about it.

It won’t be that big a deal. We’re not asking you to go buy an acacia, sit with it in your lap throughout the two hour ride and then dig a 4×4 foot hole to plant it in. We’ve got all of that covered for you. We’re just asking you to spare the money, and we’ll do the rest.

So what are you thinking about? Go plant a tree!

4 Replies to “Sponser a tree”

  1. Mr. Salahuddin has suggested that we plant Eucalyptus around the basketball court to serve as wind shields.

    Eucalyptus because they grow fast and straight.

  2. Am glad to read that TIP students are keen to plant natural Air Conditioners and even in doing so can leave their memory well planted in TIP. Look for “Name your Tree” for the memory lane.
    Further, on Mr. Salahudin’s suggestion, the plantation would take a min of 4 to 6 months, we shall surely deter the wind from disrupting basketball and volleyball games.
    Thank you all for such a positive initiative. Hope it bears positive fruit.

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