The Beginning of the End

Around the lake at TIP, we have some lovely plants

The cure to writer’s block is Oreos. It’s only by consuming nearly a boxful that I’ve managed to begin this article. By the time I end it however, I’m certain we’ll all be comfortably sitting in our homes watching the latest episode of ‘ Kusum’ or whatever Indian drama is fashionable nowadays.

I’ll give you this though; the semester passed faster than a speeding bullet. I still recall the first day of university like it was a week ago. At this pace, I’ll be over with TIP before I know it and before I have any idea what’s going on. We first years only have half a year left as the center of attention. Soon another batch of straight-from-the-schoolroom boys and girls will take our place as celebrities. Sigh…all good things come to an end; the semester is ending, the year is ending, the Pakistan-England cricket series is ending and so is my box of Oreos. I wish scientists would invent something useful, like time turners, rather than wasting their energy in alternately increasing and decreasing the size of mobile phones.

I keep thinking…just one week left. That’s all. Maybe I am being melodramatic but think about it: time’s flying and not on fairy wings either, but on giant turbo jet engines. You can see every minute running past and by the time you eventually notice it, it’s over. And the worst part is knowing that what just happened wont occur again. The moment is gone, get used to it.

People say a lot about life; it should be enjoyed to the fullest, it goes on, it’s short, it’s made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles with sniffles predominating, and that if God had to live it, he’d kill himself. All I know about it is that as I’m writing, it’s passing me by. Even when I’m enjoying myself, it’s gong on and when I’m in the depths of despair it’s doing the same thing. And when you realize that the only thing in life you can be sure of is death; you wish you could stop thinking about it. It’s not a cheerful thought, but then, very few thoughts are. Except maybe thoughts concerning chocolate.

I read somewhere that if a person slept eight hours a day everyday, he’d spend one third of his life sleeping. Thus if he was thirty years old, he’d have spent ten years of his life unconscious. On contemplation, I guess he might consider that decade the most worthwhile time he had. When you’re asleep you’re not hurting anyone, intentionally or unintentionally. You’re not making those thousands of miniscule mistakes that will return to haunt you as you grow older, and most importantly, you’re not continuously eating and gaining weight (my box of Oreos has long finished and I’m on the search for something else). Life would be just swell if we could spend it sleeping. I know I wouldn’t mind as long as the dreams are nice.

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  1. Very nice! u reminded me my 1st day at tip… I was a bit scared when one of the volunteers took me with a group of other students to visit the whole tip… I was wondering how am I going to pass 4 years here!!! But now when I’ve cleared my 5th semester I realized that time is just flying!!!!! & The day when my 3rd semester just started, I had some very different feelings to see “”the new celebrities.”” 🙂

  2. Ha! Dude, you seem to get better and better .. :D! And I love you’re writing style,! You alwayz do a great job! ..
    Way to go gurl !! .. 😀

    p.s. teach me the art too :/

    Adding more:
    Sleeping, may just give you nice dreams but stepping into the real world, facing the real world and actually doing nice things, helping people would certainly please you’re soul more! And you’ll remain healthy with less weight :p ofcourse! :p
    Eat less, Work more!

    And, you’re weight would be just gone ! ha!

    No more! .. Need some sleep, will comment later on rest of the articles !! .. *Yawwn*
    Oh yes, I must say TIP has bunch of really good writers, Aasim, Abid, you Hira and rest of the people, Way to go people!
    You people are making a healthy contribution in running this newsletter, and bringing the affairs of TIP, but I truly doubt, if any of the faculty or admin, reads it anyway? :/
    Or do they even know about this newsletter? :/ Do even read it? Do they even care? :/ Do they even use internet? Do they even know the web adress?? .. except some of the teachers ofcourse I see here, infact, a single teacher, he! Where are the rest? IS THE VOICE BEING HEARD by any of the concerned authorities??

    Anyway, I’m off now .. No more to say!

    *Heads up* to all the writers, to the team, to the people running this forum, truly guys!!!
    And whoever has made any contribution to it! You people are an amazing job! Appreciation, all for you!

  3. Ofcourse the facutly reads Quack! So does the president. And the dean. And a lot of other people. Some people hide and read it. Some read and hide it. But they do read.

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