The Lollypop Culture!

dsc00097.JPGWhen some grown ups start behaving like babies, we without any hesitation can call them ‘semi-civilized’. Every grown up university graduation student is expected to behave like an adult and to exhibit characteristics that presents his/her maturity and developed state of mind. But unfortunately, TIP crowd, in addition to their frustrated behavior in the university, is now being observed with a Lollypop in hand. Shame! It seems that either we did not enjoy our lollies during our childhood or perhaps we do not have any decent activity other than this childish engagement.

It all started at Fall semester 2007, when our administration succeeded in arranging a tuck shop in the sports room whereas sports room was shifted to the past apparel labs. Our tuck shop owner in addition of keeping valuable stationary items, start selling little food items like biscuits, chips, chocolates and so on. Now, as an experiment, he initiated offering Candyland lollies at the cost of Rs 5 for two pieces. It was an experiment though but you know what happened? Semi-civilized crowd start buying those lollies and in a very little time, all the stock vanished. Considering the interest, shopkeeper arranged a bunch of lollies and amazingly all of them sold in the wink of an eye. Students from all the years are now often found with a lollypop in hand in cafeteria, class rooms, during labs, in studios, computer lab and sometimes even in the library.

Ahh! I still remember that I left eating lollypops during my primary studies and for me eating a lollypop at this mature age is some thing quite abnormal. I have no problem with anyone for these lollies but unfortunately this lollypop culture gives birth to a word called Lollz! Though every one has the right to buy and eat any number of lollies and I have no right to point towards anyone for this but a bit of advice from me is that it is very immature, irrelevant, abnormal, childish and also a psychological problem. This semi civilized behavior is not only limited to these lollies but we have also noticed extreme hooting on various serious programs and debates; we have observed the rejection from students for such mature activities by calling these events a ‘Sookha’.

University life is a time to enjoy and to do as many naughty things as you can, but it is also a time to inherit some civilized characteristics and to act mature enough to be a role model for your juniors as well. Obviously, we always have some visiting faculty, we do have frequent visitors, and we are also planning to invite other universities students in our programs. Therefore, without pointing or criticizing anyone, I request my fellow students to please start acting like grown ups and keep a big heart to accept serious singing performances, debates, dramas, quiz programs and to tolerate guest speakers. Plus, I would like to drift your attention again towards these lollypops-come on! Try to change yourself otherwise I am afraid that I will too start having these lollypops on a daily basis.

An anti Lolly Pop!

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  1. i don’t like lollipops that much, unless they’re chupachups. The tuck shop dude should get a few of those too… as well as candy canes.

    i thought Lollz was just a sloppy way of saying lol, or ‘laughing out loud’?

  2. Well to tell the truth I would rather prefer someone with a Lolly pop than a Cigarette! 😛

    So unfortunately I happen to be Pro Lolly Pop! 😀

  3. no, i kind of think smoking is hot too, but only if it’s a hundred metres away and the guy smoking looks like james dean. Since the second part is a bit unlikely, i guess i don’t like smoking that much either :S

  4. didnt u have any other topic to write on, ramiz … ???
    great way to increase ur article count .. 😛

  5. Rameez i really dont care of what the hell u write on quack but since i my self love to have a lolly i felt it my responsibility to give ur shit article a reply atleast……. rameez what did u want to prove from this article?…. may be u just want to prove that those who like to have a loolypop are abnormal, grown-up children, “semi-civilized” etc…. this we all have to realize that having a lollypop during classes and labs etc is not a decent act but this case is not true only for lollies but for all food items.. isnt it……. and having a lollypop out of class has no issue….
    (Ahh! I still remember that I left eating lollypops during my primary studies and for me eating a lollypop at this mature age is some thing quite abnormal.) dear if u have left eating lollypos it does not mean that every one should quit eating it…. and what is the relation between a person having lolly pop with those debates, mushairas and other stuffs that u have mentioned???….. u know what is the problem with u that people like u are so much pasimistic and frustrated that they just try to pull out legs of others without giving any sensible and logical reason….
    what is so much immaturity in eating a lollypop????? would u lyk to describe it?????

    Dear if ur writing skills are good it doesnot mean that u start writing ur frustrated feelings without any logic…. be practical and a bit mature it is just an friendly advise beacue this world is not for retarded people lyk u .. and yes if civilized people think juts a shit lyk u thn i fell proud in being called a semi civilized person…..
    i felt lyk writing more thn this for ur civilized article but thn thought not to waste more time on u…..

  6. yes, billu. many of us don’t agree with eachothers views but we believe in holding a peaceful discussion. don’t be the maulvi who says ‘believe, or get lost’. be polite.

  7. Seriously, I didn’t know that TIPIANS have so much emotional attachment with these lollies!

    Billu, I have just presented my view, what is wrong with that?
    Writting is my passion so I am doing plus the reason I have related these lollies to serious programs is to paas a message to all of you..

    You like Lolly, continue having these..I have already mentioned that I have no problem with this!

    As far your question about How this is immature to eat a lolly pop?
    Ans.. Sir, you can do whatever you want to do with your life, who am I to stop. For me, it is an immature thing, if not, then it is your view and if you think that I have choosed a foolish and unnecessary topic then again WHY YOU CARE SO MUCH TO WRITE A LONG COMMENT?

  8. Dude, it’s not your place to comment on what people eat and besides what civilized thing have u done that you are calling all these other people “semi-civilized”. It’s not your place to judge. Ive been reading your articles and surely you are a good writer, but still i never expected you to be so narrow minded.

  9. RAMEEZ i loved the topic of your article but not the article itself.However i do believe you couldhave wrote it in a more interesting way that is if you had decide to favor the positive side of having this culture in tip.

    i am sorry to say this by reading this article i think that now you have become semi civilized person rather than those who you intend to point out through this article.

    you could’ve simply wrote it in a more polite manner if you think to you this is something absurd. anyways you own all of them an apology as a friend my duty was to address you your mistake now its up to you to realize that or not. sorry if i said to much.

  10. Friends and Buggers, Lend me your ears….

    lollipops are good! Here’s Why:

    – They don’t kill you at age 36, even if you consume more than 5 a day

    – They don’t cause bad breath that would make cow dung smell sweet

    – They’re NOT addictive, and it’s not too difficult to stop having a lollipop

    – Plus put them in your mouth and looks like you’re smoking anyway :p


    *Continue the thread if you can think of anything more to add…

  11. They don’t kill you at age 36, even if you consume more than 5 a day

    They do if you suffer from an acute form of diabetes. Sugar shock can kill you in certain cases.

  12. Well, thanks people for all your comments and advices. I will sure try to change my view about Lollies! and if any how and any means I have hurted anyone, I am sorry for this!

    The only purpose of the article was to only ‘focus’ this Lolly Pop culture, I think I have explained this thing the other way.

  13. Oh quit being drama queens people and stop acting so hurt over a few words. What can you tolerate? opposing views about religion? (No) criticism? (No) humor? (NOH NOH NOH) nothing. Stop being little pink pansies.

  14. @ali he was being drama queens people or little pansies. he did the right thing and i admire him for that. A person who realize his mistake is sure to be admire unlike others for every mistake is an opportunity of learning something.

    by the way as far as i know him he is not a critic unlike others.

    The superior man can find himself in no situation in which he is not himself and this time he was trying to become some one else,but i am glad he realize it soon what he really is rather than someone who he was going to become remember these words rameez

    “Preserve the old, but know the new.”
    Better a lie that soothes than a truth that hurts
    What really matters is what you do with what you have”

  15. mr. rameez u should try some other ways to get famous, n Social… stop putting ur nose in other’s matters…. let us do watever we r doing..unless u r not harmed…. u simpll not have any rite to blame…! if u not like lollies. who forces u to buy it ?
    do u feel shy, to follow ur wishes?
    we do wat we wants to..! just stop making drama..! tht u r sensitive… go F*** with sensitivity! if u cant enjoy with us… feels lke a donkey, among horses… u may leave ! no one will stop you!
    Ali A. Says:

    January 18th, 2008 at 9:22 pm
    yes, billu. many of us don’t agree with eachothers views but we believe in holding a peaceful discussion. don’t be the “””maulvi””” who says ‘believe, or get lost’. be polite.

    ********don u think u belongs to the same category like rameez is ? giving illogical relationships? u trying to preach politness.. ..but wat u doing in next sentence?? do u hv any rite to taunt any one else without any proof? n i really dont care if u taunt me even reply to this!

  16. Mr.Asad, Quack! gives me the complete right to speak and deliver my views to others, even you have the right to criticize and pinpoint my mistakes. This is an independent newspaper and I have already mentioned and have said it many times that I did not mean to blame anyone.

    By the way, Why you think like that I am making this situation a drama? Do you have any proof for that?

  17. if u are so pissed off, than go ahead n take any legal action against me…
    F*** urself….
    u said its independent newspaper.. so i also did the same thing…you suppose to portray urself as a CIVILIZED person, but dont u have ethics to atleast ask permission from the person who’s pic u have displayed?? but it has been proved that u r not!!! i have prof of it!!

  18. Moreover, since I do not owns this picture, you cannot blame me for that and if that person(of whom I have put that pic) doesent like that than he can personally ask me to remove it. I never mean to humiliate anyone, that was all just to ‘focus’ the Lollies..

    Asad please stop being such harsh and kindly read all the comments where I have already said ‘sorry’ for those who didn’t like it and again if you have some problems, you can contact me, I will sure look towards your matter. Seriously, I am amazed that you people have taken this thing quite serious and you people are of the view that I have blamed that person,this one and that, but people I have presented a general point for all of us, including me too. I mean I dont like Lollies but it doesen’t mean I do not eat them, the article was nothing but a way to present Lolly pops, what message you have taken from this, I am sorry for that!

  19. bachpan main achay say lolli choosi hoti to kuch aur choosnay ka soochtay hi nahin ramiz A khan.Grow up kido.

  20. Dear R.A.Khan,

    it is completely legal to have opinion, and you must feel lucky that its also legal top not kill ones with such opinions.

  21. rameez since u have apologized there is no mean of furthr discussign the topic but i did think to just express my feelings as well…

    yaar u have complete rights to write on any topic on quack so i also have rights to comment on ur article whether being polite or nasty. i totally agree that u have ur perception about people with lollies but categorizing them in negative adjectives is not a civilized act. There are ways to deliver things … u have mentioned that writing is ur passion so keep on writing but remember ” be polite when u critize if u want it to be accepted by people’ but in this article ur criticism is not acceptable altest by me…. and yes i wrote my last post too long not just because i care about ur writing but i care about my self since through this article along with many other people i was called immature, semicivilized, abnormal etc if not directly but indirectly atleast…

  22. rameez, why should i contact u personally? when u have had chosen this public place for discussion? and second thing is , i know that pic is in quack album, n he allowed the photographer to take this pic, for his satisfaction, not for to be used, or u can say spoiled!!!

  23. billu. write in your daily diary instead on quack. waste a peice of paper but dun waste our time. ur aweful.
    (P.S: Ramiz the kiddo can also follow the advise, no charges, i can pay u if you dont write any more articles for this forum,i work for “NONEHAAL” u can use your skill to the utmost there,ur future rests there)

  24. @ karim kabir jaffar ali sethi balwana

    how does my post watse ur time???? i did not force u to read my post, u could easily skip that if u think it wastes ur time…… both my posts were for rameez not for u so i expect rameez to answer those but not u ……. if u have any issue regarding this article discuss that matter directly with rameez(writer of the aricle)… i expect from u not to personally comment on me for no reason or if the reason is to become a bit famous among the quack visitors……

    thanx 4 giving me an advise i’ll think on it … take one from my side as well….
    if ur time is that much precious u better keep ur self bz in ur “NONEHAAL” work, dont interfere the discussion and quit visiting quack…..this will help u save a lot of time… isnt it?

  25. uuulala some aggressiveness this guy has got, billu bhai not criticizing you or interfering just asking you to chill

  26. Billu, I appreciate your words and I will surely try to be as much polite as I can in my upcoming articles.

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