TIP defeats FAST in six-a-side Futsal

In a nerve wrenching encounter, playing against a team of six and a home crowd of hundreds, TIP’s Futsal team defeated host team FAST-NUCES by 2 goals to 1.

In an interview with key player and senior star futsaller Muhammed Mangel (AMM4), our Quack! correspondent gathered that the team is in high spirits and playing some good Futsal.

“I’m beginning to realize the importance of previously playing together as a team and losing,” he said.

He also stated that if the team hadn’t participated in those earlier tournaments and lost, it wouldn’t have managed to win today. Also, today after four years Mangel felt like he was part of a university team when TIP’s representatives walked onto the pitch in uniforms instead of vests purchased off a donkey cart.

TIP played her next match against PAF-KIET on Friday March, 13 ’08 and lost in a penalty shootout after no goals were scored during the allotted playing time.

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  1. congratz…to the footsol team on performing soo gud…and abt the point steppin down on the field wit proper tip kit shows things are goin in rite direction and hope it continues in other sports too….and not the same kit for all the sports…like we use to wear in our time same thing for volley ball, basketball, soccer u name it…..

    my best wishes to the footsol team and soul of football at tip….

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