TIP Campus Trashed?

I don’t know the details, but TIP has been attacked and a large portion of its equipment has been destroyed. Anybody who can provide more information, please do put it up on Quack! We need to know what actually happened.

TIP is located at Ghahgar Phatack on the National Highway, an area affected by the riots that followed the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Metroblogging Karachi is reporting the same.


The hostel students were moved to the city campus earlier today (Saturday, December 29 ’07) from where they went to their homes or to stay with friends/relatives. The only people on campus now are the staff and guards that reside there.

The campus has suffered damage in the lab area and design studios. Machines and equipment in that area have also been damaged. The Eqbal Ahmad student’s centre has also been ransacked. It has been reported, however, that the mob did not enter the administrative block. The vehicles on campus have also been damaged. Some of the guards were hurt as they tried to resist the mob from breaking in but no other personnel have been injured. Mr. Gamini is also all right and is currently at a friend’s house in Karachi.

All examinations have been postponed till further notice which will be made available on the Textile Institute of Pakistan’s official website.

This update has been posted by Aasim Ahmed after telephonic accounts from Mr. Gamini Hathiringe and some of the students who were present on campus on Friday morning. Mr. Ali Hafeez Azmat has also confirmed the same.

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  1. Salaam, chalo yar jo hua so hua! aur Allah ka lakh shukr hai k koi jaani nuqsan nhi hua!!

    TIP management’s carelessness has reached sky high now! I dont know what fine day, they will b blessed with bravery n courage to take daring steps for the welfare of TIPIANS!!

    I wud like to highlight khalid khan’s suggestion to improve the security of TIP asap! which is breached again n again by the people!! Jab tak security tight nhi hogi kisi internal improvement ka koi faida nahi!! khuda nakhwasta dubara koi masla hua to phir sab barbaad ho jaye ga!! Professional guards shud b appointed not the typical chowkidars!! Akhir kab tak hamari mgmt aankh band kar k baithi rahay gi?? aur delayed decisions leti rahay gi instead of on-time decisions?? May Allah bless them?? (Ameen)

    Lets pray to ALLAH to protect us and our country n let us be united as a nation under the flag of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN!! (AMEEN)

  2. Since this post is getting numerous receiving numerous comments regarding security concerns I have a few points to share.

    As far as the recent security breach on campus is concerned, there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it. It wouldn’t have mattered if there were trained guards at the gate with arsenal and what not. A mob such as the one that entered could not have been stopped, especially under the circumstances that prevailed throughout the country at that point in time. In fact, I’m glad that the guards did not have guns for any sort of intimidation could have led to far worse consequences.

    It is pointless to base arguments for improving security on the basis of this recent breach.

    As far as occurrences in the past are concerned, appropriate steps have been taken to improve vigilance and measures have always been taken by the management to deal with any problems that have occurred.

    It’s good to point out areas which can be improved but any decent argument should be based on facts, coupled with sensible logic. Without which all that’s left is a bunch of people pointing fingers at each other.

  3. why this mishap was not reported in international or local media…this could have brought concerened authorities into play and we could claim for the compensation of our material loss atleast…as i got to know that Uster Terster 4 has been thrashed…this has cost TIP alot if its true!…

  4. @ Aasim bhai…

    jus wud like to add 1 thing here…
    i wuz also staying at da hostel… wot i’ve observed regarding the security point of view is…. there shud be trained and armed security guards… now regarding the incident that occured recently, u r right that there was noting which cud haf been done at dat time whether the guards were 10 or maybe they wud haf been even upto 20… but such an incident occurs merely in 20-30 years… if u take a general view of the city… it was our luck aswell as Ghani chacha’s bravey which saved the campus being set on fire or some odar huge loss dat day… however, if u remember… a few ppl had entered inside TIP by climbing the walls (which are also not too high, which is yet another thing which cud be considered upon)abt 2 months back around 9-10pm…. so… wot i want to say is… the security concerns are important regarding not the recent incident only, but for the normal days aswell… and as for that day… i think, if some steps would have been taken immediately after the news showed up dat of the assassination of B.Bhutto, maybe some arrangements cud have been made, like 20-30 ppl from the armed forces cud haf been appointed on special permission by the concerned govt. authorities… and as u can see… 150-200 sounds a huge figure… but u know wot… immediately after the Asr prayers on the very same day, 2 men were killed of those protesters at Ghaghar by the rangers and since then we were hearing that now those ppl have suddenly vanished…. Asim bhai of TS-3 had also cum frm Gulshan Hadeed to the TIP campus by foot… nearly at the same time, he also said he dint see much of those protesters at that time… so if those losers cud run away by getting only 2 of their men killed…. wot do u think… maybe 20-30 guards(fully armed) cudnt haf done that, (suppose if TIP had such num of guards) but this aint any argument frm me… am jus leavin it as a question… as a possibility which cud haf been done…??!!


  5. well done zain…
    this is the right way of TIPIANS to protest to bring out some valueable steps by the present SO-CALLED management of TIP!!!

    and wot i think atleast awl of the hostilites should talk to Dr.Zubair, about this ISSUE… because talking to our coordinator… is the synonym of NO RESULT!!! if i m not wrong???

  6. Dear awl, security oh
    please think more than of management
    please think of the students
    please if God forbidden, something bad
    happened to the student than who take
    the responsibility, ZB or US or Mohsin
    or ………
    please tell me and please do not delete
    this reply who ever is responsible for
    this website

  7. I understand your concerns but to be very honest still don’t feel that the presence of armed guards could have made any difference whatsoever. Some distance down on the national highway, a number of factories have also been burnt down. I believe a cement factory and a recently built cooking oil plant are part of this list. I think I’d like to stick to my argument here that the absence of ammunition prevented an escalation into a much more serious loss.

    There can be two types of threats. One planned, which is what we recently faced. And the other an unplanned random occurrence. Such as the robber who is believed to have entered while on the run.

    I’ve already stated that the former was unavoidable. As far as increasing the security on campus to avoid the latter is concerned, the solution really isn’t as simple as hiring a bunch of armed guards. Do you know that strong security is only possible when each and every component of an organization works in tandem to enforce the adapted measures. Which means that aside from having trained guards we would also need cooperative staff and students who know how to act in crisis, moreover everyday. It could mean that every student has to carry an ID card without which one could be treated as an outsider. It would mean that we would have to be extra careful about bringing in any outsider to the campus without an ID card. And do you have any idea what the consequences could be if God forbid something goes wrong when the TIP ‘point’ is parked on the roadside for a snack. We would all have to drastically change our ways. And all this would come at a cost.

    It’s really not as simple as that. And as far as the threat from the nearby community is concerned. I recall that Rotaract TIP tried to initiate some sort of community service program for these people, but nothing became of it. Anyway, that’s another issue.

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