Welcoming the class of 2009!

By Sadaf Haque TMM3

Hi there, all of you! This article is for all those out there who are scared or excited on their first day at TIP. The gist of the article is a brief intro to TIP, its ways, trends and the way stuff works here!

TIP (trust me) is a roller coaster ride. From the day you step in, to the day you leave you’ll be greeted with lots of unexpected as well as expected stuff. At TIP (I just don’t want to start with how the faculty is since it would make the article way too boring, so getting on with the cool stuff here) coolness and insanity (yes insanity) are two adjectives you will see a different view of during the first two weeks. I’ll try and give you a portrayal of my experience to guide you through.

The first day in brief
To begin with, I think coming to TIP was the most insane decision I could have made. This I realized when I entered the campus on my very first day. The thought, however, vanished as time passed and it turned into one of the sanest decisions. Apart from the lush green lawns and the tall tower that lacks the clock, TIP is a dream-resort cum educational institute. A single visit here is enough to mesmerize the student which is an incentive strong enough to get him here.

Anyhow coming to the first day, we were ragged the entire day (only girls, including myself, escaped) and the guys were ragged the entire semester (you should thank the faculty for officially getting rid of ragging). But trust me the seniors who rag you turn out to be the best of helpers in your journey ahead.

Fun at TIP
TIP is not only a place where you have to attend classes like a school and can’t bunk more than 3 classes (damn! I know this aint fair) but it is also fun throughout. We have a forum known as the TISF (Textile Institute Students’Forum) to work for the cause. Don’t worry it is not that hard scoring grades here (yes I am lying, it is, unless your entire batch is dumb), but along with hectic work schedules and assignments and projects to work on from the beginning of the semester, we have carnivals, dance parties, burger parties, barbeques, picnics, drama competitions, sports events, magazines, societies and what not.

The people at TIP
At TIP you will find nerds who are always in the library, computer whizzes in computer labs who would not leave their computers under any circumstances, designers amongst whom, the insane ones consider their studios worship spaces, bunkers that rule the cafeteria, smokers (I don’t need to tell you where you’ll find them), sleepers practically everywhere, cool dudes (studs basically) and insane people like myself and my group mates.

Studies and only studies at TIP will make it hard for you to survive and personally I think one should not waste his precious four years at places like the library or the 2nd floor where the faculty sits. Studies do tend to get you drained very often due to the 3 exam system but once you get used to them, they become part of the norms. All you need to do is be attentive in classes and follow the instructions given by the instructor like a divine code to survival.

Hostels! How can I forget them. I consider them the best place to reside if you want pure pleasure and an all fun trip through you four years. People think of us as the ones kicked out of their homes but I in a way pity those who think that way since they are missing out a lot that they could have enjoyed staying here. From the magnificent sunsets to night parties, barbeques, bonfires, hostel parties etc. and yes it is safe to stay here. And fun too, except Ramadan!!

Okay, trust me you don’t want me to get started on this one. Yuck! The food tastes bad, the place is suffocating, the smell of awful food is the first thing that enters your nose the moment you step in and it’s too hot!
All right I have whined enough I guess (lol), it’s not that bad. Even though the catering service changes every semester, the menu is never according one’s choice, the food always seems to have finished by the 5th class and the ‘rotis‘ never tend to be hot, in contrast the milkshakes, ice-creams and snacks rock and there is always ample space to laze around.

Guys and Gals
For the freshmen who are here for good looking guys or girls I’m sorry to say, you will hardly notice any till a party arrives! You will then suddenly find people transformed into somewhat decent or from way handsome hunks to drop dead gorgeous girls. And hey stop looking for girls after all we are seniors (looking out in your own batch is tolerable)…the girls can continue! 🙂

Moreover guys and gals roaming together is no big deal and you might find couples here and there too. This is not strange and don’t get surprised. People tend to mind their own business and avoid interfering. I suggest you do the same.

Hmm, I don’t want to write much about them since I have two more years to spend here. I would advise you to avoid getting involved in disciplinary matters since they are tough rules here. And please abide by the rules (off the record even if you don’t, try to stay away from teachers pets and teachers roaming in the cafeteria).

You need to take up and tolerate attitudes from all of us for a while after all we are seniors and know better surviving tactics than you do. So you better listen to us, for a while at least. But trust me, once you get to know us or any senior we will be there to solve your problems any time (well not any time) but we are there to guide you.

Try to get hold of lecture rooms as much as you can since only the first years get the most out of it and the rest of the years you have to wait for them to be empty, the auditorium is the most awesome place for classes but you can’t sleep there. If you want to sleep choose lecture room one where the last bench is the best place to doze off!

The first floor and the discussion rooms are the places to be and the rest, to avoid.

We have badminton, squash, throw ball, volleyball, basketball, football, cricket, table tennis and also board game tournaments.

Join them as quickly as possible. From drama and entertainment to magazine Etc. Trust me life gets boring if you have too many free classes, and yes you do! And you don’t want to be labeled as a sleeper.

1. If you want to leave a good impression on the teachers. Pretend you are listening to them!
2. Avoid any ‘phaddas’. The disciplinary committee is not at all kind when it comes to such matters.
3. Look out for people who can help you (ways I won’t tell).
4. Don’t spend too much time in the library (hazardous to health).
5. Smoke only in the area near the rear door of the café. No, this does not include the area inside the cafeteria, nor does it refer to the rear door the cafeteria staff uses.
6. Stay in the hostel to avoid traveling fatigue.
7. Get used to the food (you’ll get more or less the same stuff for the next four years).
8. Make your self heard. That’s one thing you need to do to survive and be noticed.
9. The term, “survival of the fittest!” Stands. (So study and under no circumstances let your G.P.A. fall below 2.0)

And the list goes on after all I am not leaking out all the secrets to survive here! After all I have to leave out something for you to figure out for yourself. So take care and enjoy the first week to the fullest. Since this is the only time you don’t have to study much just relax, enjoy and not to mention entertain! Adios, and best of luck!

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  1. very interesting, short but realy a mirror image of wht tip is, i must say that ur not one of all those who are scaring new commers from the atmosphere,

    i hope ull keep writing interesting articles liek this too

  2. sadaf in ur helpful article…u forot to mention something in the couples part:

    Moreover guys and gals roaming together is no big deal and you might find couples here and there too. This is not strange and don’t get surprised.

    Don’t get surprised if you see guys n guys roaming together either. Or even holdign hands when crossing the lake. YES it is the norm here….more than Guys n Gals roaming about…so GUYS WATCH OUT! 😉

  3. must say that this article is a brief intro of tip for all freshmen….aur haan yahan cattering service k sath sath har semester mein DEAN aur PRESIDENT bhi change hotey ;)….i have spended 2 semester here…aur abhi tak 2 dean aur 1 president change ho chukey hein….but wateVa…T.I.P RoX

  4. well thanku Ms Sadaf..u…your article is a very helpful guide for all the juniors joining TIP tommorrow.

    Nice to know that you are from TMM too

  5. Nice article by the young lady. made me remember my gud old days at TIP. i regret such days wont ever come back again! I wud advise all of you to enjoy at your best cuz wat waits ahead is entirely opposite to wat you spent 4 yrs in!

    Humaray zamany main to larkiyan nahi theen (jo theen unn per bhi mujhay shak tha ki woh actually larka hain disgusing to be gals!!)..so i must say Uzma is right..haathoon main haath liye..hum bhi lake cross kerte they !


  6. hi
    new commers
    best of luck for ur nest four years at TIP.

    as per the artical is concerned i think sadaf has lots of time for the new commers and she spend most of the time in thinking for TIP and new commers . she have a great job.
    so kids read this

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