Why the duck?


There is a legend, call it a campus legend or hostel myth, that once upon a time TIP was a fair place. The grass was greener, the tower taller, the blackboards green. Around campus everywhere there were foxes and squirrels and geese, oh my! The lake brimmed with fresh clear water, and in that water roosted many geese, cackling and crowing all day and all night. The students were, of course, smitten by this captivating environment, this enchanting campus, and spent many a listless hour by the lake, listening to the geese cackle and crow, while cackling and crowing, and dare I say, quacking, amongst themselves. The geese depended on the students to be fed. The students would procure bread specially from the canteen, making sure the geese only got the highest quality. They would then sit on the bridge and by the lake and the geese would come to them and get their daily bread while the students were captivated by the lights of UFO’s landing nearby and blazing red sunsets.

One day, in the midst of this serenity, disaster struck! The much loved caretaker — call him Haggard — left, and in came a new man, half man, half monster, and zero humanity! With him ushered in a new era, the grass went grey, the tower shrank, the blackboards turned white! And the water in the lake was changed, and with that the birds were politely asked to leave.

However, one thing survived. A tiny voice, a small presence, in yellow, red and blue. Usually neon, usually on the notice boards, and always ever-present. Through good times and bad, this tiny presence remained one constant. One constant to remind us of what has been. One constant that tells us what can be. One name captures its spirit, its essence. One name that harks back the time voices of the past, the potential of the future, to the sounds of the birds. That name is Quack!

And yes, there were also some ducks amongst those geese. Rabia Shah started the student newsletter along her class fellow Hassan and they called it Quack. The name has stayed. For more, see the About page on quackonline.net.