Why this Silence?

There was a time in the history of this campus when the grass was greener, the birds more melodious, and the students livelier.

The management wasn’t responsible for that. The students were.

Bring it back.

This public service message was brought to you by The People Who C.A.R.E.

6 Replies to “Why this Silence?”

  1. Why not paint that ‘bari si’ dinosaur jaise wall in front of the cafeteria entrance? or lets play chalk-chalk and draw something at different locations in the campus.. something that bring us back to life, something.

  2. Oh yes……even I felt this when I came to TIP a few days back 🙁 do some fun events like the one we did in the last couple of years, like the cooking competition and the art contests……MOHISN, roll over your sleeves and get into ACTION 🙂

  3. More than Fun .. TIP needs students!

    I am not sure how many of you will agree to this, but it is the fact. I remember my days at TIP when we used to have fun and also were worried when it comes to the exams. Only fun has never let any institute to grow, it is the alumni who needs to be responsible in making image of the institute. Unfortunately we do not see much activities where alumni can interact with the students at any forum. I recognize the texperts who are even 6-7 years senior to me but tell me any one of you who recognizes the seniors of even 1 batch that passed out when they joined?

    TIP needs some serious attention and efforts in order to bring back career oriented individuals who can bring back the name of TIP in the industry which is the actual life of the institute. I did not have any intention to cause an offense to any of the students and if i did so, please consider my appologies.

    Batch 2006

  4. Yes Batch 06, you are right. But managements isn’t responsible for it. ultimately its the students who can organize such events that attract the texperts .. and its for their own good if they are in touch with the texperts of older batches.
    BTW, no event this sem?? 🙁

  5. Bring life back to TIP….. Mohsin do something ….events is the way texperts can connect with the current students and that’s how we continue the chain … …:)

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