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Raghib Ali Khan (Textile Science Class of 2005) gives valuable advice on starting a new job, and on switching jobs.

One thing which is very common in fresh graduates is job switching. There are as many reasons as there the grains of sand in this universe or the stars in the sky. Some times after a few days and some times after a couple of months one switches to another job.

Although switching is not a good thing to do but if it is necessary one should not delay that and do as soon as they have reason enough.

There are few things that a fresh graduate must consider before starting a new job:

  1. Your field of interest
  2. There are many options open to one like spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, planning, quality control, garments production, merchandizing, marketing, buying houses, textile sourcing, consultancy etc. Select one that suits you best.
  3. When you select a job, stick to it.
  4. Is the job related to your studies?
  5. Will the job give you opportunities to learn and grow?
  6. Whether you are fit for that particular environment
  7. Is the job fulfilling your monetary requirements?
  8. How are senior members doing at that company?
  9. Where will you be in a couple of years in that job?

If you are switching jobs early in your career, think about:

  1. Reasons for switching?
  2. Wrong field or wrong company? Then change as soon as possible.
  3. Try and find a place most suited for your aptitude.
  4. Don’t resign until you actually find a new job!
  5. Submit a proper resignation – you must give your employers good reason on your resignation.
  6. You may have to sit at home for some time in-between jobs. Don’t loose heart!
  7. You might find lower salary but good growth opportunities. You may find a better job with a higher salary, or you may not. Think about it!

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