Colours + Art + Creativity = Design

People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.

– Paola Antonelli

Hats off!! To the wonderful work done by 3rd year Design, enhancing campus beauty with their wonderful assignments by redefining Zain Mustafa’s idea of TIP’s new look.

The stunning stone work catches the eye on TIP’s entrance, by Anum Sabir.

Edges of the Eqbal Ahmed Walkway Wall, by Sana Mirza. Continue reading “Colours + Art + Creativity = Design”

And the sessions begin…

If you have glanced over the new timetable for the current semester, you might have noticed the introduction of a new slot, labelled Guest Speaker Session.

And it was only fit enough to kick off these sessions by inviting TIP’s chancellor, Mr. Arif Hasan. He spoke on the topic, Evolution of the City, the city being our own city of Karachi.

The session turned out to be extremely informative, somewhat refreshing and at times, humorous. His lecture was delivered through a PowerPoint presentation and verbal communication. Some of the pictures he shared with us showed glimpses of what the City of Lights used to look when the concept of light had not become so common. The audience gasped when they saw what Shahra-e-Faisal used to look like, and what has become of the bridge near which we now have the popular eat out venue, Port Grand. Continue reading “And the sessions begin…”

Saving the Sinking Ship, Former President Returns

After heavy opposition by the student body, against laying off employees at TIP just before EID UL AZHA. Tariq Ikram has resigned, giving security reasons that he won’t be able to attend office.

At this point when TIP is facing extreme crisis Dr Zubair Bandukda has stepped in again and joined TIP. Yet nobody knows, what his plans are but it seems like he is already in action. He’s been meeting every single student individually, to discuss and ask their opinions on how to make things better at TIP and also had a meeting with the alumni at city campus today.

A recent report by ‘The Express Tribune’ has all in it explaining the current situation. Textile Institute Brings Back Former President

Drama Entertainment and Appreciation Ceremony

It has been 3 weeks since the start of semester and finally something started happening in student activity sessions on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday dramatics society arranged two plays in coordination with Zahrsss Production. Surkhaab ka makan, a funny love story and madya not media, describing what how media broke news is publicized and what impact does it have on our society. Hats off for Zahrsss and TIP dramatics. Continue reading “Drama Entertainment and Appreciation Ceremony”

Short Courses; big ideas….

Textile Institute of Pakistan has just introduced short courses which will be taught at city campus. There are 20 courses which cover textiles, business and communication. I personally find stress management and Communication skill courses very promising and beneficial for us students. It means that no more burden of studies and no more hesitation while giving presentation, we can certainly improve our skills and manage ourselves better. For more information about courses and fees, please visit

New and Improved Cafeteria

I have been thinking to write about the new improvements to the cafeteria by the newly formed cafeteria committee comprising of two of our most devoted faculty members Ms Rakhshanda Shah and Mr Mazhar Jamil, who I must say have devoted their lives whole-heartedly that student should get a better and healthy food to eat at Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Cafeteria also know as Eqbal Ahmed Student Center (for those who don’t know). Continue reading “New and Improved Cafeteria”