Are we going towards a failed State?

I know this question will raise many hands and will be regarded controversial among majority of readers. I have been thinking on this topic quite a long time and I went through some of the factors responsible for declaring any nation a failed state. With an ever-increasing load on economy, continuous penetration of militants into Pakistan from Afghanistan, increasing Islamic extremism, failure to provide “basic” necessities to the public, increasing protest from citizens on basic things like electricity, water and security, increasing level of violence during protest which needs to be peaceful, use of armed forces for the inner stability of country, increasing number of Internally displaced people (IDP’s), incidents of group of people declaring “state within a state” and last but no the least; failure of an “elected democratic” government in maintaining law and order situation.

Pakistan is being listed as 10th among the list of failed states or states which are close to be called failed nations. Three very important factors are being considered while judging a country’s condition. It includes social, economical and political indicators. I would like to briefly discuss every factor here; Continue reading “Are we going towards a failed State?”

Judges Restored. Now what?

People people!!

Judges have been restored. Chief Justice Ifktikhar Chaudary is back!! Will this be the change? Is this judiciary the real/honest one? Is this what we all have wanted. Were our judiciary right before their deposition? Who is at fault and who is right?

Here; I would like to post a song written by Aitezaz Ahsan and sung by “Laal Band” which is hugely marketed and promoted by Geo TV.

I forward my questions to the youth of today!! Help me out here…I just don’t know whom to follow!! I just don’t know who is right and who is wrong!! This song is abviously sung by a young singer. Is this really the youth perspective?

Sindh Ji Ajrak at KOEL Art Gallery

KOEL is a three decade old a masterpiece of Noorjehan Bilgrami, textile historian and founding member of IVSAA. It is known for it’s commitment towards preserving and restoring centuries old crafts & techniques practiced by local craftsmen in making everyday use and ornamental products from home furnishing to apparel and accessories. These include woodcraft, naturally extracted textile dyes and hand spun yarns and fabrics to touch the crust of KOEL’s offerings.

Blogger Jamash writes about the Sindhi Ajrak at KOEL Art Gallery on Karachi Metblogs:


Sindh Ji Ajrak at KOEL

By Jamash

KOEL, The recently opened Art gallery in the city brings the color of our traditions into the world of art with a stunning display of hand painted Ajraks in an exhibition in collaboration with AHAN.

Centuries old tradition of making Ajrak, a hand printer and dyed fabric, goes through 21 stage Continue reading “Sindh Ji Ajrak at KOEL Art Gallery”

Demonstrating Democracy

Pakistanis are, without exaggeration, the only people in the world to have misused the term democracy in every possible way. The latest definition of it (and one you can see on the rear windows of many cars in Clifton) is “democracy… is the best revenge”. Inane as this sentence is; it has become a slogan of the civil society of this country. It has also become the reason I fear for the future.

You see, when the most ‘democratic’ party of Pakistan does not believe in holding fair elections within the party itself; and leadership is actually passed on via wills, then you begin to think whether anybody even knows what democracy is. It’s not a slogan. It’s not a device to get the top chair. And for crying out loud, it is NOT the best revenge (against whom? For what?! ) It’s a lot simpler, and yet a bit more complex then what we’ve been taught by the media channels.

Democracy can be divided into two categories: Direct Democracy, and Representative democracy. To understand Direct Democracy, imagine having all 170 million people of Pakistan as members of the National Assembly. Now imagine, trying to come to a decision. Direct Democracy is rarely used in any political institution since it’s impractical, and inefficient and probably very noisy.

The second category is Representative Democracy. This is what TIP (and Pakistan) claims to be. Instead of including every individual in state decisions, the individuals elect people who will represent them in the assembly. This also means that if the guy you elect screws up, he’s accountable (as you are too, after all, why’d you vote for a nut?). This accountability is the very essence of democracy; though as Pakistanis, we probably don’t believe in it. Continue reading “Demonstrating Democracy”

The Lollypop Culture!

dsc00097.JPGWhen some grown ups start behaving like babies, we without any hesitation can call them ‘semi-civilized’. Every grown up university graduation student is expected to behave like an adult and to exhibit characteristics that presents his/her maturity and developed state of mind. But unfortunately, TIP crowd, in addition to their frustrated behavior in the university, is now being observed with a Lollypop in hand. Shame! It seems that either we did not enjoy our lollies during our childhood or perhaps we do not have any decent activity other than this childish engagement. Continue reading “The Lollypop Culture!”

Eqbal Ahmad update

The annual Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Lecture will be held at 05:30 p.m., May 18, at the Aga Khan University Auditorium. The lecture is organized by the Eqbal Ahmad Foundation and the Textile Institute of Pakistan. Jamia Milli Islamia, New Delhi VC, Prof. Mushirul Hasan, will speak on ‘Tolerance, Interfaith Dialogue and living plurally in South Asia.

Note: Due to security concerns the Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Lecture has been cancelled.