Keachar Feature IV – Industrial Sludge Makes Keachar Couture

Ahhh it feels good to be back after D!’s D!sgraceful D!ownfall and a prolonged voluntary sabbatical!

A job hunt can sometimes be quite a dirty experience. Who might have ever though that even the oooh so sacred textile and fashion industry is full of gossip-able idiots as well! It just doesn’t stop getting better does it?

The first handful of them came along right after I graduated back in June. I was called in for an interview at the well-renowned [Ed: Company name removed]. Now for those of you who don’t know this, a designer whenever called for an interview is supposed to take along with him or herself one’s portfolio. Of course if you’re a guy it is a must because that’s the only way the saiths of our textile industry would actually consider hiring you! For the women, the criteria differ. I being smart and tech-savvy, I took visuals of my work in a flash drive rather than carrying the entire pile of workload that weighed more than a dead cow. Continue reading “Keachar Feature IV – Industrial Sludge Makes Keachar Couture”

The chocolate days…

I cannot sit on the library floor anymore. If I wasn’t penniless I would have said “screw the Rs.500 fine, I’m sitting right where I want to!” but I can’t afford rebellion. Damn.

I’ve started work on my print, my first weaving sample is complete and I think I can manage to pass in CAD/CAM. I’m not going to drive myself crazy like I did last year. It’s good to be work-conscious but you shouldn’t make it your top-priority, because in the end you won’t remember the crazy amount of effort you put in, you’ll remember the fun you had. And I didn’t have fun last year at all. Even in first year, I remember the sheer excitement and joy of our newborn freedom, of having friends, of being a part of this vibrant, beautiful place with a lake and a walkway and a Continue reading “The chocolate days…”

Some remedies for the new rules

Rule: Did you know the new TIP student’s handbook says that you cannot use your iron in your hostel room without prior written permission from the warden?
Workaround: Make a point of asking everytime you see the warden. Even if you are not going to use it, just ask, just in case you do use it. Send an email to him, and CC it to a few of the faculty members too. Send an email every day, ask all the time, ask the guards to ask him. Ask him in writing, ask him over the phone, ask him now and always, for you never know, when you need to iron. Continue reading “Some remedies for the new rules”

Oww, oww, you’re hurting me, oww: A tribute

This is not the real hurt, this is only a tribute.

This is a tribute to the current graduating class of TIP, a tribute to my friends. A tribute to the People Who C.A.R.E., a tribute to the Red Devils, a tribute to the A.S Club.

A tribute to “when one window opens…”, a tribute to The Tower, a tribute to the Windmill of TIP, a tribute to Saleem. O Saleem! Kidhar ho yaar?!

This is not the real thing, because, for me the real thing is over. The real thing is the real times we had; the time when we climbed the Windmill of TIP, the time when we went offroading and got totally covered with sand and came back looking like ghosts. The numerous times when we went out for doodh patti chai to Abdullah Khan’s Namkeen Hotel. The times that we imagined the Schallim Meetha Hotel — we imagined it just across the road from TIP, and we imagined it being constructed in front of our eyes.

We imagined our lives after TIP, and today, I imagine that your lives too will become as you have been imagining these past four years. Continue reading “Oww, oww, you’re hurting me, oww: A tribute”

Featuring Sajjad!

daveme.gifSo this kid wanted his name in Quack! He asked for it. Yes he did. So that’s what we’re doing. The kid wants to be famous. He thinks having his name on Quack!, will make him famous. Yes yes Sajjad from TS1-something. We don’t know the section Why would we know the section he never told us. All he wanted was his name. These new kids. They’re not even new anymore! Damn, it’s been almost two decades.

Come on man! There are better things to write about. There’s so much happening. But no! No one’s going to come up and write anything. Instead, this kid! He has the GLOBEs (to explain the magnitude) to come up and ask me to write his name on Quack!

Ok there’s not much more I can write here. I think two paragraphs of Quack! Are enough to make someone reasonably famous.

Writers usually get more fame. You hear that Sajjad! Anyone else wants their name on Quack!? Huh? Continue reading “Featuring Sajjad!”

Segregated Weddings and… Lunch Rooms???

Coming from a community in which every gathering is segregated, one might find it surprising that I personally dislike the whole idea of ‘segregation’. There might be some who would see this as a psychological rebound… you know the kind that happens with children… tell them not to do somethings and the little buggers still do it! But honestly, how will one be able to find a suitable mate otherwise?

And being the spoilt brat that I am, I eventually do find myself in the ‘forbidden territory’ on any segregated wedding. And to tell you the truth, it’s quite an experience. Pretty clothes, pretty colors, pretty girls, a bride who’s almost about to wet her pants… oh i mean her gharara! Have I ever told you that the sound of girls laughing is a major turn on for me?dsc00188-large.JPG

Anyway, that’s besides the point. So what’s up with converting the bottom half of the students centre into a faculty and staff lunch room? Segregating the dining area I say? And the purpose of this ‘discriminatory’ act may I ask?

Okay… now I’m not being harsh over here with the term I have used – discriminatory. I honestly do find it quite alienating. Do we students eat our food in a manner distinct from the faculty and staff? Are we any less human than them? They had been dining amidst us ever since so why the sudden change of attitude? What… we make too much noise??? Oh puh-lease! As if you all eat your food silently…! So what is it you talk about – who’s getting a 4.0 GPA, who MUST get a 4.0, and who’s the best at the art of seducing ………. oh I meant being polite!

Alright… fine… that’s obviously quite a lot to be discussed and that too not in front of the students… so there you go… ‘I grant you a private dining area’. But ……………….. what is up with the blinds??? Itni zyada privacy… hawe haye!!! I mean….. how different is your mode of eating that you do not even wish to be seen while dining…? Not even the library lovebirds on the upper floor get that much of it! So why the extra expense on making the ‘segregation’ more obvious and unpleasant?

I mean… I feel that there’s a lot more that can be catered to instead of an exclusive dining area… like for instance … how about improving on-campus security so that whatever happened with Sumiya Durrani doesn’t happen with anyone else again…! By the way… what’s this i hear… Hiras’ cellphone had been stolen again…? For the third time…? Oh well………. have a nice lunch…!