Dear Fellow Tipians

Abdul Saboor’s introductory email as this year’s TISF President.

Dear Fellow Tipians,

It is again the time to start the great campus life. These days the TISF is working to plan and arrange different things to make your next year at campus as enjoyable as possible.

Orientation for Freshers

We are also planning for an effective & fun orientation day at TIP on 1st September 2003. For the event TISF needs Volunteers, which will work with TISF for various planned things on the orientation day (for example campus tour, etc). All students who are interested can register through email. All Volunteers who will perform their jobs efficiently will automatically become Event Managers for TISF.

TISF will properly acknowledge the services of all volunteers.

Societies & Clubs

In the first meeting of the TISF, we have decided to launch various societies & Clubs to make TISF open for students so that students can participate in things in which they otherwise not have the chance to enjoy. TISF will fully support these societies and will help them in physical and financial resources. Students interested in registering their society must do so before the orientation day (1st September, 2003) as TISF will make stall arrangements for the registered societies on the orientation day. There will be more than 150 freshers coming on the orientation day, so there is a great chance for you to make your society a success. Some of the proposed societies are:

  • Art & Design Society
  • Dramatics Society
  • Literature & Poetic Society
  • Movies Club
  • Textile Science Society
  • Textile Management society
  • Hostel Students’ Society
  • Music Society
  • Islamic Society
  • Sports Societies (e.g Chess Club)
  • Adventure Club
  • Computer & Internet Club

You can register for any of the above – registration of any new Society requires has some pre-requisites. Interested students can contact for more information.

TISF members will be available at main campus from Monday 25th August 2003. Students who are interested in any of the above things can meet TISF at campus. If you have any plan or idea for orientation day or any activity please feel free to discuss it with us.

Lets make our TIP colorful like this email.

Yours sincerely,

Abdul Saboor
President TISF 2003-04

Forward this message to as many TIPIANS as possible.