The Water situation.

Have you ever seen those huge lizard looking creatures in TIP? They’re a prominent part of TIPs wildlife which btw also includes snakes,scorpions, atleast a dozen types of weird looking bees and the list goes on.


Anyways the point was, the aforementioned giant lizard creatures *called a goo or something in urdu* well one of them was found dead in a water tanker according to our sources.


And co incidentally at the same time, a lot of students, mostly the ones from hostel but some day scholars as well have been facing SEVERE diarrhea and everyone,aware of the situation aren’t even thinking about drinking water from the water coolers these days. Everyone is either bringing their own water or buying mineral water bottles from cafe a Continue reading “The Water situation.”

Colours + Art + Creativity = Design

People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.

– Paola Antonelli

Hats off!! To the wonderful work done by 3rd year Design, enhancing campus beauty with their wonderful assignments by redefining Zain Mustafa’s idea of TIP’s new look.

The stunning stone work catches the eye on TIP’s entrance, by Anum Sabir.

Edges of the Eqbal Ahmed Walkway Wall, by Sana Mirza. Continue reading “Colours + Art + Creativity = Design”

Is that “Eqbal Ahmed” visible now???

Back to the campus this semester, the students noticed Eqbal Ahmed and his remarkable campus that he started a bit clearer than before. A moderate buzz seemed to spread around as to notice the reason of such open and free view of the brown textured walls of the campus especially outside the student center that weren’t quite visible before. It wasn’t hard to mark the differences as some of the Trees went missing.

Selling our Mascot Team to Buy Liquid Soap Dispensers?

An uneven Cricket ground full of weeds, free water for which you probably need to go 400 feet underground and still isn’t fit for humans or plantation at TIP, unrealistic targets of bringing in 500 students (just to let you know they are invisible :p), free advertisements in in Thal Times (a newspaper in Bhakkar, I guess) without any prior approval from the management, here comes another one from our legendary Mr. Mazhar Jamil.


Continue reading “Selling our Mascot Team to Buy Liquid Soap Dispensers?”

New and Improved Cafeteria

I have been thinking to write about the new improvements to the cafeteria by the newly formed cafeteria committee comprising of two of our most devoted faculty members Ms Rakhshanda Shah and Mr Mazhar Jamil, who I must say have devoted their lives whole-heartedly that student should get a better and healthy food to eat at Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Cafeteria also know as Eqbal Ahmed Student Center (for those who don’t know). Continue reading “New and Improved Cafeteria”

Picture board spells nostalgia among TIPians

In another attempt to liven up the otherwise dull entrance of Ekbal Ahmed student center, the TISF has recently installed a picture showcase full of moments from the current academic year’s events!

It’s still not complete..logh pictures he nahi la ke dey rahe, and then they’ll complain humari tasveer nahi lagayee!“, remarks the campus development secretary.