Life at the Hostel

By Sadaf Haque (TMM2)

Tip�after 4.00 p.m all right make it more like 4.20 p.m when actually all the buses, yes they are buses and not points, leave the premises of tip. For all those people out there who consider resident scholars boring people (the ones who have actually been thrown out or kicked out of their houses) here is a picture of what actually makes them stay.
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TIP Top 5 “Ins and Outs”

Time is running fast, my second year has passed in TIP and it feels like just six months. People change, things change and so do we. Each semester brings new changes in our lives. During each and every semester our thinking evolves into new dimensions of ideas and innovations, making us more mature. As time passes here, you will realize that some of your best friends change into your nastiest foes by the time you reach next year. Trends change quite drastically here some times positively and at times negatively, but then this is TIP. Continue reading “TIP Top 5 “Ins and Outs””

First TIP band in the making!

A handful of students, with ample support from seniors, are striving to make this venture a successful one. The band already has a couple of keyboardists, a guitarist and perhaps over 300 prospective singers. Anyway jokes aside, all those interested in joining us can contact either of the following people:

* Shalim Ruben (TMM2)
* Khalid Khan (TS1A)
* Aasim Ahmed (TSIB)

New Classrooms Eat Science Labs!

The growing student population has made the TIP administration finally realize the lack of classrooms. Steps are being taken for the development of new classrooms. These new classrooms are being built inside the Wet Processing Lab, hence shrinking the already small area shared by our Prayer Area.

In other news, there are more extensions in the campus lab equipment.

Update: The Prayer Area has been shifted to the hostel cafetaria. That should accommodate our larger student body.

The four classrooms being built on the side of the Wet Processing Lab are nearing completion.